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Enoch David Shin

20302 Amberlight Ln.

Katy, TX 77450
(832) 277-2843 (Best way to contact and schedule an interview)
Educational Background:
Graduated James E. Taylor high school spring of 2011 in the top 25% of the class
Currently enrolled at the University of Texas A&M class of 2015 as an Interdisciplinary Studies
Major with a focus in Special Educationexpected graduation date Dec. 2015
Certification Areas:
Teacher Certification--Generalist EC-6
Special Education EC-12
Pedagogy & Professional Responsibilities EC-12
Experience Related to Teaching:
The Monarch School Student Teaching- Full time internship at The Monarch School. Required
to work directly with students as an aid to the classroom, conduct several assessments and data
collection projects on students, teach lessons consistently throughout the week, and assume full
teacher responsibility for four total weeks (2015-current)
Bryan High School transition services- Meet with an assigned student in need of transition
services once a week. Conduct many assessments, activities, and conversations with the student
to create and build a transition plan for the student. Required to be in contact with the
parent(s)/guardian(s) as well as the student to build the transition plan.
Ben Milam Elementary- Volunteer in the READY room as a classroom aid two days a week.
Required to teach students on the autism spectrum throughout the course of half a semester,
display professionalism, and aid the teacher as needed (2014)
Paid Staff at Camp Barnabas- in the summer of 2012 and 2013. I was placed in charge of an
entire cabin of people with disabilities and had to manage each person and their volunteer, thus all
the responsibilities of a volunteer and more were expected as a member of staff. These
responsibilities included but were not limited to: knowing how to deal with seizures, tube
feeding, aiding the blind, and even participating in breathing aid at times.
Professional Development:
Region XIII Education Service Center: Asperger 101 online- 6 hour online workshop that goes
into teaching someone about Asperger syndrome and what is all entailed from the genetics to the
logistics, aids in raising awareness and how to best cope with a student with Aspergers in the
context of a classroom.
CAST Make & Take Share Time- 6 hour workshop done in person where participants did a show
and tell of various lesson plans and how to go about executing an effective and engaging way to
have students learn a specific topic or concept.
Extra-Curricular Activities and Leadership roles:
Founder and leader of a Bible study at Texas A&M- Group of about 35-40 (and still growing in
number) students that meet every Friday night to study the Bible and enjoy encouragement and
fellowship with each other (2012-current)
Youth Impact- Leader in an organization through Grace Bible Church, care for children of low
income families, mentor 5-6 year old kids who are part of low income families on a weekly basis(2012-2013)
Barnstormer Leader at Camp Barnabas- Required to run the kitchen food production as well as
clean up and organization. Also required to keep the camp running with respect to bath houses,
food service, and kitchen clean-up. Expected to lead a different team of about 40 middle school to
high school aged volunteers each week for 13 weeks, by delegating jobs, roles, and assignments
to run the camp (2015)