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Teneisa Lincoln
Estefania Duran
Sydnee Taylor
Majra Hindic
Cris Longhurst
English 1010
16 November 2015
Should the 14th Amendment be Repealed?

The United States has been granting citizenship to everyone since the 14th Amendment
was ratified in 1868. This constitutional amendment was intended to permit citizenship to the
children of freed slaves after the war. The amendment allows citizenship all persons born or
naturalized in the United States (U.S. Constitution Amendment 14 Section 1). There are many
views on the matter of whether the amendment should be repealed. The repeal has also been a
hot topic during the presidential debates that are currently taking place in preparation for the
upcoming presidential election in 2016. There are people who are not candidates that have
noticed that this amendment may not be as needed as much as it was when it was ratified. For
this reason, with all gathered research and looking at both sides of the argument, positions have
been taken.
Some of the Republican candidates in the running for the elections feel very strongly
about getting the amendment repealed. However, many people regardless of their political views

agree that it should be repealed. They view this way for several reasons. Many view that people
are now taking advantage of the amendment; specifically those from Mexico and Asia. Whether
certain ethnic groups take advantage of this amendment or not, people think the amendment
should be changed or repealed. There are many who would love to see the amendment repealed.
From the outside looking in, it seems like it is quite doable. Possible yes, but is it really realistic?
In order for the amendment to be repealed there are some things that need to take place.
Some of these things include: efficient number of votes for the repeal, time for the voting and
repeal process, and amending the constitution due to the amendments repeal. Those are just a few
of the many things that need to occur before any change can be done to the Constitution. The
number of votes need for the repeal is quite extensive. Changing the Constitution requires twothirds of Congress to vote in favor of it, and then three-fourths of the states to ratify it (Alicia
Lu. Bustle.). That means nearly forty of our countrys states need to vote in favor of amending
the Constitution. With that being said, there is a lot people who need to want this change.
Its a given that a task as big as amending the Constitution will take a good amount of
time. During this election season Donald Trump says he will be seeking a court review of the
amendment as president because amending the Constitution would take too long (Mia Bush.
Voice of America). There really isnt any easy or quick way to amend the Constitution.
Amending a Constitutional amendment thats been in place for nearly 150 years is a tall order
(Alicia Lu. Bustle.).
Though amending or repealing the Constitution would be a tedious job, it is not
impossible. Times have changed since the ratification of this amendment. We no longer have
slaves or documentation of slavery occurring at this time. Slaves or no slaves the amendment
was intended to allow birthright citizenship and it still fills this purpose. In order for people to

agree to that repealing this amendment they would need to view this amendment as irrelevant.
The irrelevancy of this amendment is almost non-existent. Countless families and people in this
country would be affected by the amending or repeal of this amendment. They could lose jobs, a
chance at education and even health care. It would also affect our country as a whole because
other countries could potentially view it as taking away some of their rights at becoming citizens.
No one can tell someone else how to feel about our decisions as a country. Which means people
can view a Constitutional change as negatively or as positively as they choose.
There are pros and cons of the amendment being repealed. Pros of this amendment
include equality to everyone and granting all persons the same rights. It also allows other a
chance to better their lives. The amendments helps provide access to getting jobs as well as an
education. It ensures a bigger and even brighter for those who otherwise wouldnt be able to have
the opportunity to do so. The amendment can also help with establishing a safe and supporting
environment for a new and or better life. Guaranteeing citizenship to those who are naturalized
here is something more common than having what Trump and many others call Anchor
Babies. Anchor babies is actually viewed as a derogatory term. It is hard to think and even
believe that people would not only think about giving birth on U.S. soil but plan to so their child
could be citizens of this country. By any means this doesnt mean that it doesnt happen because
it does. However, it is because of these so called anchor babies that makes amending the
Constitution seem like the right thing or even best thing to do.
Like there are pros, there are cons. Some cons are it violates governmental laws. There
are over 25 other countries where the practice of birthright citizenship is illegal. Another con
would be we would lose some of the diversity that this country has. Several countries come and
share their culture to their community and it adds diversity to this country. If the amendment was

repealed we would no longer be able to have as many diverse people and cultures in this country.
In addition to that it would also be taking away rights. It isnt right or just to take away someone
elses rights when they are entitled to those rights (
Acknowledging both the pros and cons of this amendment our group has deliberated and
have taken a position. We feel that the amendment does not need to be repealed. Amending and
or repealing this amendment will take time and a lot of people need to agree to it. Its a very
debatable topic; however, we know it would be best left untouched. The amendment has been a
part of our Constitution for over one hundred years. Why change or get rid of it now? Yes, some
people may take advantage of the birthright citizenship. Although, it is something that we dont
have a lot of control over, repeal or not.
We find it hard to understand how a person or family takes advantage of the amendment
when it entitles them to have rights. Why promise rights to only reject access to the rights that
are promised to all persons. We have become a culture that is so inclusive that we are becoming
exclusive. Some people come here to use this right to better their lives or the lives of their family
members. With entitling all people to citizenship when born on U.S. soil it opens many doors to
opportunities that otherwise they would not have. The people who come here to get citizenship
may not be doing it for them but for their family. It does not by any means make things easier for
Even with this amendment part of the Constitution there are immigrants who are here and
arent documented. Things are not any easier for them. The large number of undocumented
immigrants and even those who are documented could be highly affected by the repeal of the
amendment. The repeal would make it very difficult for them to stay here. They would have their
rights taken away from them and it could lead them back to the rough life they did so much to

avoid. Having citizenship helps those who are citizens. If there are noncitizens here they are
affected by just being here. Many of the people who were naturalized here see this as their home.
Why force them out or tell them that this isnt their home. The amendment can create a huge
mess that would take longer to clean up than it did to make it.
Many of those who are here and undocumented or are direct relatives to an
undocumented immigrant have some rights denied to them. For example, undocumented
immigrants cannot receive efficient health care. That is also viewed as unjust and an
understandable struggle. Denying families and people naturalized in the U.S. of their rights
would be unconstitutional. Texas has been trying to deny birthright citizenship. The amendment
is there for a reason. If there is enough people to view the amendment to no longer serve its
purpose or the intent of the amendment is no longer relevant then, the subject of change or
removal would be more acceptable.
If you think about it, voting in favor of the amending or repeal of this specific
amendment, we are voting on the rights given to those we dont even know or that are even in
our country. How is deciding what rights someone else should have just. You are in no way
affected but those outside our countries boarders are being restricted and denied specific rights.
That is far from just. Ignoring the fact that thousands of lives would be affected by this
Constitutional change is impossible.
Think about it like you are a person living in another country like China. How would you
feel if you were able to come to the U.S. and be naturalized here, then be denied the rights you
were entitled to? You have zero say and control of the matter. Its hard not to take things like this
personal. It doesnt matter where you are from or why you chose to come to this country. If you
are here and here to stay then you have rights. You are entitled to rights and no one should lose

their rights by having someone else decide that for them. This Constitutional amendment has
molded this country into what it is today. We are open to all and very diverse. There are people
all over the world who dream of coming or even moving to the U.S. We have given them many
reasons to feel this way. Lets not give them one less reason to help make this country what it is.
Let the 14th Amendment stay in the Constitution and focus on the biggest elephant in the room.

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