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Art Integration Lesson Plan Template

Art Integration Lesson Plan Template

LTC 4240: Art for Children
Erin Hanson

Lesson Title & Big Idea*: The Underground Railroad & Acceptance
Lesson Overview/Summary*: (This is like an abstract of the structure and procedures section)
Over the course of 2 class periods, students will learn about the significance of the underground
railroad in our history, be able to visualize what it was like, and have a chance to think critically
about freedom.
Key Concepts for each area (1-2 each): What you want the
students to know.*
1. Visual Art: Visual representations of the underground
2. Literacy: have a deeper understanding of freedom
3. Social Studies: What was the underground railroad, dates,
important figures.

Grade Level*:
Class Periods Required:
(please circle)

Essential Questions (1-2)*:

What was the underground railroad?
When was slavery abolished and how?

Lesson Objectives/Goals: (Excellent resource at What

you want the students to do. *
1. Visual Art: The students will be able to . . . Visually represent the underground railroad experience
2. Literacy: The students will be able to . . . Writing illustrations conveying the definition of freedom
3. Social Studies: The students will be able to. . . Identify important dates and figures pertaining to the underground RR
Grade Level Expectations (GLEs)


1. Visual Art: DOK: Level 4 Build individual work habits and

study skills that apply to a variety of learning situations.
2. Literacy: DOK: Level 2 Express a variety of feelings
3. Social Studies: DOK: Level 2 Identify similarities and
differences among families and their traditions
Content Areas Integrated*:
1. Visual Art (Inspiration Artist: Joseph Holston)
2. Literacy

Instructional Strategies (Teachers approach to helping students

achieve learning)
Share ideas and opinions
Take notes
Work together
Compare and contrast ideas
Monitor progress
Lesson Structure & Procedure(s) Sequence of events of the lesson
elements. (The before, during, and after the lesson, e.g.
Engagement/Opening, Procedures, Guided Practice, Conclusion ,please be

Art Integration Lesson Plan Template

3. Social Studies

Opening (Gaining Attention, what will you show, or demonstrate)*:

I will gain their attention by showing them a video about the
Underground Railroad.

very specific, walk me through step by step of the What of what is

happening with a rationale as to WHY you are doing this):

1. I will introduce the topic with a video about the

underground RR
2. I will begin by giving the students a KWL chart to assess
their prior knowledge about the underground railroad
2. I will give the students some background knowledge about
the underground railroad
3. I will introduce the book Henrys Freedom Box and read it
aloud to the class so they can see a slaves perspective
4. I will have students start a classroom discussion so they
can share their thought and ask questions
4. We will go over important vocabulary
5. I will have students write an illustration about their
definition of freedom and what it means to them
6. I will have them share in small groups so they can hear
other classmates perspectives
7. I will do a short lesson about Harriett tubman to give them
another perspective to the underground railroad times
8. I will have them draw pictures that represent freedom,
slavery, the underground railroad, or anything we learned.
9. I will have the students do a gallery walk to see others
10. We will fill out the KWL chart so I can assess what they
have learned
11. We will have a classroom discussion about acceptance
and how there will always be diverse students in the
classroom but we cannot discriminate against them or treat
them differently.
Closure (Reflecting Anticipatory Set, how will student share what they

Students share what they learned when we discuss, get in

groups, do a gallery walk, and complete the KWL chart.

Art Integration Lesson Plan Template

Formative Assessment strategy: (how will you assess while the
learning is happening?)

By listening in on discussions, making sure they are

participating and doing the projects correctly. Is student work

Summative Assessment strategy*:

KWL Chart
Final projects

What student prior knowledge will this lesson require/draw upon? (what do they need to already know)
This lesson will require students to know about slavery and freedom
Technology Instructional and/or assistive technology incorporated into the lesson to enhance instruction and student learning
Smartboard to lecture, computers for students to research. For AT, students can use reading guides to keep up with notes,
they can use writing supports if they struggle with gripping a pencil, or graphic organizers to keep their thoughts and ideas
How will this lesson allow for/encourage students to solve problems in divergent ways?
This lesson allows students to brainstorm and work together to solve problems and think critically when they work in groups.
They work together to share
Ideas and concepts and to complete the project.
How will you engage students in routinely reflecting on their learning? (How will the students know they have learned something?)
I will have class discussions and opportunities to respond so that students are engaged and interested. Students will be able to participate and show their
knowledge during this time and also when we do the gallery walk and they show the hard work they completed.
Differentiated/Accommodations/Modifications/Increase in Rigor To help meet the needs of all learners, learning differences,
cultural and language differences, etc.

Modifications and accommodations: The AT I listed earlier can be used to help students who need a little extra push.
Differentiated: Specific per child, students can work in a quiet space by themselves if they get distracted, can use AT, or
anything else that will help them complete the projects and lessons.
Increase in rigor: If a student is flying through the projects and lessons, I will ask them to reflect more in their papers and add
more detail to the art project. If they still have extra time, they could do a graphic organizer or worksheet.
Lesson Resources/References (please be very specific by providing links, authors, titles, etc.):

Art Integration Lesson Plan Template

* Include this information during the Padlet/prezi/ppt presentation.
Silverstein, L. B. & Layne, S. (n.d.). Defining arts integration. Retrieved from