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Intermediate Concept Attainment Lesson

Topic: Bullying and How to React to Bullying * (Check out bully books in Capp


Overhead: What is a Bully?

T Chart (Use chart paper or the chalkboard)

T Chart heading cards: How to React to a Bully, How Not to React to a Bully
T Chart cards
Blank cards for studentsʼ contributions to T Chart (please make your own)
Masking tape, markers

Bullying scenario strips

Studentsʼ Social Responsibilities booklets


1. Introduce / review “What is a Bully?” using the overhead.

2. T Chart Portion of Lesson: (Modify to suit your teaching style and class needs.)

a) Hand out T Chart cards to individuals.

b) Choose a student to place his/her card on the T Chart.

c) Choose a second student to do the same and explain his/her choice.

d) Continue until several cards are on the T Chart.

e) Have students suggest headings for the T Chart, discuss, and place the Heading
Cards on the T Chart.

f) Discuss and make changes to correct the T Chart.

g) Continue placing the cards on the T Chart until they are all used.

h) Have students think/pair/share to generate more cards for the T Chart.

3. Students demonstrate their knowledge:

a) Divide the class into 10 small groups.

b) Give each group a bullying scenario strip.

c) Have the groups decide on appropriate reactions to the bullying and present these to
the class. (These strips can also be used for role playing.)

4. Have children record “How to React to Bullying” in their Social

Responsibilities booklets.
Bullying Scenarios

Every time Sally makes a mistake, George makes fun of


Mary is afraid to take out her lunch each day because she
knows Burt will tell her it stinks.

Whenever Jim is on the Vomet Comet, Ricky grabs hold

and pushes until Jim is upset.

Susie breaks Tomʼs pencils and tells him that if he taddles,

heʼs a loser.

Helen always looks at Carolʼs test papers and tells

everyone her marks.

Whenever there is a group activity, Jane tells Paul he canʼt

join because the group is full. She then lets others join.

Marilyn is nervous about walking home because Laurie

often walks behind and taunts her.
Angela has just learned that Dave sent a text message to
all of their classmates. The text message has a lie about

Joan makes fun of Lisaʼs clothes because they have no

designer labels.

Pete tells a classmate not to invite Johnny to his party.

Johnny hears him do this and knows he has done this