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Nadia Williams

ITEC 7500: Capstone & Portfolio

Fall 2015
Standard 4.3
Standard 4.3: Diversity, Cultural Understanding, and Global Awareness
Candidates model and facilitate the use of digital tools and resources to support diverse
student needs, enhance cultural understanding, and increase global awareness. (PSC
4.3/ISTE 5c)
I created this artifact, the Genius Hour Overview Screencast, as an assignment for my
ITEC 7430: Internet Tools course in the Fall Semester of 2014. This screencast takes
the viewer through an explanation of the development, implementation, and result of the
Genius Hour project I conducted with my students.
In order to make this screencast, I chose to use a product called Screencast-O-Matic
which is free to use and is easily accessible online. As a result, I modeled and
facilitated how one would use this type of digital tool, in this case a screencasting
software, as a presentation medium. Throughout the recording, I show what resources
and support I had in place to support diverse students needs. In going through
some of the students submissions, I was able to illustrate how the project inspired my
students to research a variety of topics in which they became experts. This in-depth
authentic research worked to enhance their cultural understanding and increase
their global awareness. Some of the student topics that serve as examples of this
include The History of Gangs in the U.S.A., Proper Riding Etiquette, and What if the
Confederacy Won the Civil War?
The creation of this artifact enabled me to continue developing my video recording skills
through the use of Screencast-O-Matic. In fact, I have used these skills to create many
more screencasts in my professional work. My current level of experience now allows
me to look upon my previous work with a fresh lens. With this newer perspective I can
see ways in which I would choose to improve this screencast by making the transitions
between internet windows a little smoother by using the pause feature that now exists
with Screencast-O-Matic. This would also work to help decrease the run time of the
video. I would also work to make this appear more professional by using some
PowerPoint slides to provide and display the main points and basis for Genius Hour.
Furthermore, I would have prepared and practiced a script more often prior to recording
so that my voiceover portion was more seamless.
Presenting information on Genius Hour had a direct impact upon professional
development. This could be assessed in looking at the increase of educators who have
since reached out to me for consultation and help in conducting Genius Hour projects
within their own schools and classrooms. This video overview of Genius Hour helped
build a case for encouraging other teachers to try the project for themselves which was
informally assessed in our collaborative planning conversations.