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Jaewoo Kim

Elizabeth Park


Energy Classification of Biomass

Biomass: an energy source derived
from organic matter
Renewable resource
Carbon can be restored through the
carbon cycle.
Plants re-grow

Biomass Production
Thermal Conversion
Combustion: Burning directly for energy
Gasification: Gas production
Pyrolysis: Biochar and Bio-oil production
Chemical Conversion
Anaerobic Digestion: Anaerobic decomposition
Fermentation: Ethanol Production
Composition: Aerobic decomposition

Costs of Biomass
Biomass = organic matter
Must be grown and harvested, or taken from the environment

Biomass must be harvested and processed

Transportation and storage
Processing and treatment

Special Transportation Needs

Truck - most commonly used
Pipeline - biofuel
Transmission line - electricity

Biomass Coverage
5% of energy used in US
46% wood
44% biofuels
10% trash
Renewable energy: 7% of
Worlds Energy Consumption
53% Biomass

Emerging Biomass Technologies

Two main goals: Practicality and efficiency
Improved gasification systems lowering prices to
5 cents per kWh
Combustion engines capable of handling more biofuel
Also aviation fuels
GMOs designed for biomass production

Environmental Issues
Improper production or harvesting
Air pollution: Net CO2 output greater than input
Soil exhaustion: Overuse of soil and loss of nutrients
Water demands: Large amounts of water needed
Indirect damage to environment


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