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My philosophy on learning is that it should be fun and interactive. Every student should have the
opportunity to come into a safe environment where they feel welcomed. I believe that learning is
successful when everyone is respectful and participates in the activities.

The class will have a plan with a breakdown of procedures to follow in order for the class to have a
successful learning environment. If these procedures cannot be followed, there are consequences to
their actions.

Classroom Behavior

The teacher and students are to respect others. Bullying will not be tolerated and will be handled
according to the school handbook. We are all family during the 8 hours we are together each day and
we will treat each other as we would want to be treated. We will use kind words at all times, even if you
are frustrated. I will have a behavior chart where all students will start in the middle, and depending on
how they are in the class depends on how their clip will move. If movement is down, planner could be
signed and upward movement a student will be given a WOW sticker.

Seating Arrangements

Desks will be arranged in groups of 4 desk that will resemble a table. The teacher will assign students to
their seats. Students will rotate seats every six weeks and will be assigned each six weeks by the teacher.
The teachers desk will be at the back of the room for observation.


Students will have the opportunity to earn WOW tickets through good behavior and good work habits
that are observed by the teacher. The reward chart determines the prize. Students can save their tickets
to get bigger prizes.
If for some reason a class rule is broken, the following consequences will be enforced:
1st warning- verbal

2nd warning- planner will be signed (conduct or work habits will be affected)
3rd warning- note home to parents

Each day is a new start. Student will start the day with a clean slate.

Beginning of Class

I will great each student each morning with a smile and share at least 1 positive thing about them that
day. Students will be asked to follow their morning routine when entering the room.

Student Morning Routine

Students are to arrive and immediately put their belongings away. They should do this in a quiet, but
quick manner. The students should get out all required material for their first class (refer to the board).
Pencils should be sharpened during this time. All homework should be placed in the designated bin at
the teachers desk. Make lunch choices by putting your colored stick in the appropriate box. The
students should then begin their morning work and writing their daily objectives in their planners and

begin working on any assignments that are listed on the board. We will listen to morning
announcements at this time.
Classroom Jobs

Each student will have a job for the 6 weeks. The jobs will be listed for the students to refer back to. Jobs
are as follow:
Teacher Assistants - My teacher assistants will be asked to help me with various tasks throughout the
week. This can include handing out papers, collecting papers, checking homework, etc.
Secretary - My secretary is going to organize my papers (put them in number order), make sure to that
pencils are sharpened, clean the sharpener, and organize our table bins (make sure our glue sticks,
rulers, markers, pencils, scissors are in the correct bin). This person will also be responsible for rotating
the jobs so that everyone has a chance to have every job throughout the school year.
Librarian - My librarian will make sure that the classroom library is clean and organized. That books are
facing the correct way and will inform me of any books that are coming in ripped or torn.
Geek Squad - My geek squad is in charge of turning off the computers, projector, and iPads each day.
Board Inspector - This person is in charge of erasing, washing, and cleaning up the board area.
Classroom Inspectors - This group will be responsible for making sure that all desks are lined up, all
trash is cleaned up from the floor, and that all windows are closed. This job has saved me hours of
cleaning and straightening up my room.
Postal Express This is going to be my office runner. They will run all the things that I collected to the
office or send notes to other teachers in the school.

Tardy Students

Any student who is late to class will need to provide a slip from the office for late check-in. Place the slip
in the folder on my desk. Come in quietly and respectful of others who are trying to learn. Put your
things away and follow your morning routine procedures. Ask your buddy what you missed and
borrow their notes.

Classroom Materials

There will be a designated area for free use material that will be available to students at all times, such
as pencils, erasers, and rulers. All other materials will be kept in separate bins designated for each table
group and will be used on a needed basis. Any other items the teacher deems dangers or harmful to
students will be kept in the teachers desk.

Working in Groups

Students will work respectfully with their peers. Students will listen to ideas and give appropriate
feedback. All students will stay on task and work quietly. When in doubt refer to the Show me the
LOVE poster. I will use the noise app to control noise level. If it gets too loud, the activity will come to a

Changing Classes

Students will gather their things quietly for their next class. Students will be mindful of other classes that
are in progress and make sure not to disturb. Students will move with a purpose.

Sharpening Pencils

If for some reason your pencil breaks or becomes too dull to write with, please quietly get up and go to
the containers where sharpened and not sharpened pencils are located. Put your pencil into the not
sharpened container and grab a sharpened pencil. The secretary will be responsible for keeping the
not sharpened pencils, sharpened and moving them to the appropriate container.

Quiet Centers

When a student is done with their classwork, they can go sit in the class library and read or work on a
quiet center.

Classroom Discussion

When we have the opportunity to have an open discussion on a lesson, everyone will listen to the
speakers opinion with respect and let them finish their thought. The next speaker will then have the
opportunity to give their view. We will have a friendly debates, and will do this with respect of others
opinions and beliefs.

Test Taking

Cheating will not be tolerated. Please refer to the district student handbook as to how a student will be
punished if caught cheating. All students will work quietly and keep your eyes on your own papers.
When you are complete with the test, please turn it in at the teachers desk in the designated bin, face


All homework is due at the beginning of class. If a student does not have their homework complete, they
will have to complete a pink slip. These slips will affect their conduct. After 3 pink slips, a students
conduct will drop from an E to S and so on until the conduct becomes a N, at which time a call will be
made to the parents and appropriate actions will be taken.
Homework will be posted daily in the appropriate subject pane for the students to reference. This is just
for reference, they will also have this information in their folders and copied into their planners.

Absent/Makeup Work

Everyone will be assigned a buddy that they will go to if they are late or miss a day of school. Their
buddy is responsible for making sure that handouts are placed in the absent bin. The student missing
class is responsible for asking their buddy to borrow their notes from the day before for copying. All
work will be due the next day. If the student misses more than one day, the teacher will work with the
student on a makeup schedule.

Lunchroom Behavior

Talking will be allowed, but at a level 1. Make sure to eat and allow others around you to eat and finish
their food. There will be no horseplay in the lunchroom. When you are finished eating, clean up after
yourself and wait patiently to leave.

Bathroom Routine
Use. Flush. Wash.

Simple 3 words to follow. There should be no horseplay or talking. Do your business and get out.


Enter the library quietly. Go to the designated area and await instruction from the librarian. Put return
books in their appropriate location. When instructed, choose a book wisely and within your reading
level. Sit quietly and read your book until others are finished picking their books.

Walking in the halls

There should be no talking in the halls at any time. You should walk with a purpose and get to your
location without disruption. Be courteous of others.


We will follow the school district guidelines on use of cellphones and tablets. Use of these items will
only be used in the class for education purposes and only when the teacher allows.

Emergency Procedure

Please refer to the school district handbook on guidelines for emergency procedures. We will review the
procedures to make sure everyone understands what our expectations are.

End of Day Routine

At the end of each day, the students will quietly gather their materials needed. Be sure to take home all
reference materials needed to complete homework assignments. Students will need to complete survey
or exit ticket prior to leaving each day. They can drop these items in the box at the door.