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Erin Gibbs

Lesson 7-Critical Literacy
December 3, 2015
Grade Level:
Comprehension Strategy:

Erin Gibbs
First Grade
Read Aloud


The purpose of this lesson is to expose
the student to special topics not
typically addressed in everyday content
for young learners. It is also to get him
thinking about the world around him
with a critical lens by asking hard


questions regarding race, class, etc.

Freedom on the Menu by Carole Boston
2 half and half sheets
Cards with letters on them
Dragons Love Tacos by Adam Rubin
Under the Quilt of Night by Deborah


He will be writing a letter to the owners
of the lunch shop from the story about
his feelings toward their actions along

Brief Outline of Activities:

with any questions he has for them.

To begin todays lesson, I will be asking
him questions about his Thanksgiving
and asking if his sister had her baby

Erin Gibbs
Lesson 7-Critical Literacy
December 3, 2015
(how exciting if she did!) before moving
into word work.

1. Word Work:
For word work, I want to focus on
words with long vowel sounds. To
begin, we will come up with 5
examples of words with long
vowel sounds together and talk
about what makes them long.
Next, he will be given alphabet
letter cards and I will ask him to
create as many words as he can
and then identify which ones
contain the long vowel sounds.
2. Independent reading:
He will be given the option of two
books that he will read to himself
(aloud or in his head). When he
finishes, I will have him answer
questions about the book.

At this point, we will stop for a brain

break so that the read aloud starts
fresh. During this time, we can play
Simon Says or come up with our own

Erin Gibbs
Lesson 7-Critical Literacy
December 3, 2015
I will preface the read aloud by
asking what he knows about
slavery in United States history.
After hearing what he knows, I
can explain that the book we will
read is about slavery. Before
reading, I will ask him to make
inferences about the book as well
as ask any questions he has
based on the cover and the short
introduction I gave.
During the story, I will stop to ask
what new questions he has.
When the book is finished, I will
ask if there are any questions he
had that the book answered.
Then I will ask my own questions:
Who is strong in this book?
What do the strong people

Who is weak?
What do the weak people

4. Writing:
Now that we have talked about

Erin Gibbs
Lesson 7-Critical Literacy
December 3, 2015
this book and some of the issues
in it, I will have him write a letter
to someone in the book and ask
them questions about their
motives in the story. He can also
tell them how he felt about their
**Mini-lesson on letter-writing**
He has requested to keep one of
the half and half sheets, so I will
allow him to write and draw
whatever he wants when he
I will finish the time by giving him
his gift and saying goodbyes.