Question 1

In what ways does your media product use, develop, or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

Our film complies with many typical horror conventions throughout, the most obvious being that the victim is a young, blonde female and the killers are all male. A lot of films do this because women are traditionally seen as the weaker sex and more vulnerable, in need of protecting, and so the audience will feel more fear is a girl is being stalked than if a boy was. Also, the girl is alone in her house when the stalker is stood behind her door, another typical convention which is also seen in Scream (1996) . Because they are alone, the audience instantly is aware that the protagonist is unlikely to survive and fears for their safety right from the start.

Our title sequence is similar to that of The Strangers (2008) because of the panicky, female voiceover whilst he credits are coming up. Our actress worked loosely from a basic script and then improvised to keep it sounding spontaneous, which was actually very effective in our film, and added a sense of credibility to it in my eyes. However, it differs from a lot of horror titles because it scrolled over a series of photographs, which the names of the directors, editors and cast members scribbled in marker pen underneath like captions. A lot of films use just a black screen with the names fading in, with backing music creating the atmosphere.

Our film challenges certain conventions typical of that of a horror film, one of them being that our film is shot in the afternoon/early evening. A lot of horror films are shot at the dead of night, because traditionally this is when bad things happen, because the night makes it easy for people to hide and obscures peoples vision. We wanted to give the impression that things can happen to anyone and at any time of day, to instil a lasting fear in the audience, because the thrill will encourage them to watch the film again and again.

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