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Published by Jana SV
get rid of what bothers you and move on, for god´s sake!
get rid of what bothers you and move on, for god´s sake!

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Published by: Jana SV on Apr 01, 2010
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By brazdolph

One of the worst traits a human being can have is stubbornness There´s nothing more annoying than a beast-like will Not changing an attitude, a thought, a perception Unfortunately, we can all relate to this since every so often, we are as stubborn as a bloody old mule ourselves. One of the best traits a human being can have is resilience Being able to overcome difficulties and waking up every new day to greet it as a day where things can actually turn out to be better than the day before, is a gift Most of the time, thousands of miserable souls complain endlessly about petty problems that may occur in their lives, or even in other people´s lives If there´s something bothering you, well... Try to look at it from a different view, perspective, optic, angle If it still bothers you, then get rid of the damned thing and move on! This world is so vast and full of different opportunities that cater to every taste Don´t just stand still and try to take this world in Shake it off your weary shoulders and kick it around like a football You might , then..score a goal!

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