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Triple T Team iFixIt Progress Report

Date: October 19, 2015

iFixit Tech Writing Staff
From: Ofelia Cruz, Leader
Annabel Hernandez, Editor-in-Chief
Yuly Flores, Researcher
Yi Ching Lai, Designer and Photographer
Subject: Progress Report for iFixit Project for CSUF-BRUCE-F15S1G3
To inform the iFixit Tech Writing staff and Dr. Bruce on our accomplishments and
current status with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 8.0. Also, to discuss updates to our
proposal and future deadlines that remain.
The Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 is also known as the Samsung SM-T335. The 8-inch
tablet is powered by a 1.2 GHz quad-core processor, has a multi-window functionality,
and a 3 MP resolution. Following extensive research, we composed our proposal and
received approval from the iFixit Tech Writing staff. Our team already completed the
tablets troubleshooting page and device page. We are currently documenting and
photographing the tablets dismantle process. In addition, we will discuss our current
work and future tasks.
Problems Encountered
Since the submission of our proposal, a problem we have encountered was attaining
the correct URL for our troubleshooting page. Though difficulty was experienced, our
work was luckily saved after a Technical Writing staff added the student flag to our
tablets troubleshooting wiki.
After further research, we felt that the proposed troubleshooting topic rebooting was
imprecise. To provide an efficient and salient troubleshooting page, we replaced the
rebooting troubleshooting guide with one focusing on the tablet not turning on.
Completed iFixit Tasks
Getting started: Joined an iFixit team, researched, and created a proposal
Each member obtained an iFixit account using the tag: CSUF-BRUCE-F15S1G3
After thorough research, we collaborated to determine the tablets leading
problems to utilize for the troubleshooting page and the best compartments to
use for the replacement guides.
Approval for our proposal was received on September 28, 2015.
Milestone 1: Troubleshooting page
We included the top five common problems consumers dealt with.
We also included possible causes and solutions to assist users when repairing
their tablet.
Approval for the tablets troubleshooting page was submitted on October 12,

Milestone 2: Device page

We included a clear photo of our tablet, thorough information describing the
device, three helpful links, and three support questions with answers to allow for
easy maneuvering between the guides and the device page.
We provided a link to the troubleshooting page on the device page.
Current Work
We are in the process of dismantling our tablet and taking great quality photos to add to
our first guide. Our first guide focuses on the tablets battery replacement. Given that
our troubleshooting page is finished, we anticipate to link our guides to the
troubleshooting page once they are complete.
Remaining Work
We are scheduled to work on the replacement guides for our device and submit the
completed front facing camera replacement guide by October 29, 2015. We will
continue to dismantle the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 8.0. We will meet every Monday,
Wednesday, and Sunday to finish the guides. The proposed guides for the back facing
camera, the power lock button, and the LCD screen will be complete and ready to be
critiqued on November 9, 2015. After revisions are made to the guides on November
10, 2015 we will link the guides to the appropriate troubleshooting page. Our team will
work on our evaluation memo on November 9 -12 and submit it on November 12, 2015.
Updated Schedule
The completed tasks are represented as the dark blue bars. The uncompleted tasks are
represented by the light blue bars.

Dates of Tasks (exact dates are indicated)

Getting started: Research and proposal

Milestone 1: Troubleshooting page
Milestone 2: Device page
Milestone 3: Guides (one completed guide)
Milestone 4: Peer review & final guide edits
Teams evaluation memo





(Markel, 2013, p. 313)

Given that we have meet previous deadlines, have successfully collaborated as a team,
and are consistent with group meetings, we are confident that we will complete all the
remaining deadlines.

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