Bruce Wayne

Aka Not Batman
1007 Mountain Drive Gotham City Preferred Method of Contact: Bat Signal

To obtain the position of Youth Care Worker, which will offer a variety of challenges and responsibilities where my abilities and skills can be fully utilized for the citizens of Gotham to protect them from deranged cliental.

QUALIFICATIONS · Excellent personal motivation driven from a deep resentment over the murder of my parents which will allow me to relate
easily with clients who have experienced traumatic events. · Adaptable skill set related to the multi-functioning nature of my customized utility belt. · Expert in hand-to-hand combat and any variety of submission and restraint techniques designed to immobilize but not injure. · Excellent analytical skills with the ability to analyze situations accurately and effectively – almost detective-like in my approach to handling troublesome situations. · Strong technological skills and inventive in the face of crisis situations. · Long history of dealing with individuals with severe mental health issues and working to correct these impairments in a productive manner for society. · Worked closely with other mental health facilities such as Arkham Asylum – very familiar with protocols for dealing with the criminally insane. · History of dealing with ineptitude and corruption from the Gotham Police Force makes me prepared for management. · Experienced in individual and team-work including low staff ratios (only Robin to assist) or large team efforts (Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Superman, The Martian Manhunter, etc.) · Able to hide personal emotions and identity from others effectively. (Does not use phone booth or nerd glasses) · Adept at training novices to the field as demonstrated by only one of four side-kick Robins having been killed. EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND • Member of the League of Shadows and Justice League of America Major: Hand-to-Hand Combat, Minors: Chemistry, Art of Invisibility, Wall-Scaling, Throwing Projectiles, Non-Lethal Combat, Mentoring of Circus Boys Foreign Languages: Expert in over 100 languages including Kryptonian and Amazonian WORK EXPERIENCE CEO – WAYNE ENTERPRISES – 1974-Present • Responsible for all aspects of Wayne Enterprises – overseeing all departments and functions. • Duties include: Oversight of multi-billion dollar international business and all responsibilities including charity work, finances, departmental structuring, deal brokering, and Alfred. CHINESE THIEF/PRISONER

• Gained valuable experience combating multiple assailants at any given time. • Time spent as a prisoner will allow me to anticipate escape attempts. • Knowledge and experience in criminal behavior and the mindset disturbed individuals must have in order to break the law. JUSTICE LEAGUE MEMBER (Part-time) • Maintained order in the universe when major events called for teamwork among my colleagues. • Experience dealing with near impossible odds to complete tasks in a time-dependent manner. Helpful with paper work. • Ability to ask for assistance when a task is too daunting. (Superman: Darkseid) • Cooperation with beings of a different race, gender, or species. • Intricate knowledge of evil will assist in dealing with entrenched members of your organization. COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT VIGILANTE 1975 – Present 2008 • Assisted and led an all-out assault on crime in Gotham City • Foiled the plots of mental health patients/super-geniuses The Joker, The Penguin, Riddler Scarecrow, Mr. Freeze, Catwoman, and Poison Ivy. • Close relationship with local police department including experience in round the clock on-call services by way of flood light