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Learning Activity Plan for Infants and Toddlers

Teacher Candidate: Katheryne Rodriguez

Date of Scheduled Visit:
Name/Address of School: CAS East Harlem Learning Center
Age Group: 4s
Cooperating Teacher: Ms. Janet
Room Number: The Blue Room
Title of the Lesson:
Where The Wild Things Are By: Maurice Sendak (ReadAloud)
Brief Description of the lesson: Students will be able to make a plate puppet
Developmental Focus
Character empathy and emotions
Through this reading children should practice identifying how the characters are
feeling and why. The teacher will also use the pictures to support predictions and
emotions. They will also learn new vocabulary.
Connection to Standards (if applicable) (Be sure to specify which set of standards
you are working with to construct your learning activity) Teaching Strategies Gold:
Literacy: 18) Comprehends and responds to books and other texts. A)
Interacts during read alouds and book conversations. C) Retells stories
o 11) Demonstrates positive approaches to learning. A) Attends and
o 12) Remembers and connects experiences. A) Recognizes and recalls.
B) Makes connections
Social Emotional: 2) Establishes and sustains positive relationships. B)
Responds to emotional cues
o 8) Listens to and understands increasingly complex language. A)
Comprehends language
o 9) Uses language to express thoughts and needs. B) Speaks clearly.
Expanding and defining new vocabulary will help them to better understand the
text. Furthermore, these vocabulary words will also allow the students to get a good
understanding of emotions throughout the story.
Time Needed: The read aloud should not be more than 15 minutes including
Instructional Context:
This reading will happen during circle time. The teacher will go over rules for

Learning Activity Plan for Infants and Toddlers

sitting during readings. Looking eyes at the teacher, quit hands if we want to speak,
criss cross apple sauce, hands on our own bodies.
Procedure: (step by step)
1. Introducing the title the teacher will also define what an author and
illustrator is with students.
2. Vocabulary words to define will be:
a. Mischief
b. Gnash
c. Tame
d. Rompus
e. Frighten
Attention Grabbers (if needed):
Open Shut Them
Resources/Materials Needed:
Book: Where The Wild Things by Maurice Sendak
Room modifications:
Teachers will put down poly spots for students. This will help avoid some of them
who talk to each other a lot when they sit together.
Plan for differentiated instruction/Instructional modifications:
An additional teacher will wit on the carpet next to the ones that have the most
difficulty concentrating.
Method of assessing childrens growth and learning:
The additional teacher may take notes and pictures of students responses to
the answers and texts, as well as who was engaging during the reading.
Follow-up/Extension Activities
After the reading, children will create their own monsters in small groups.
Any additional information that would be helpful for the observer to know:
This lesson will help children practice identifying emotions through pictures and
through learning new words.

Observer feedback on the lesson plan, including commendations and

recommendations for improving aspects of the learning activity