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Primed for Numbers

The Math III Newsletter for Imaginary High School

21 September 2015

Our First Test Approaches

Our class will have its first
exam this Friday, 25 September.
Students have prepared so far with
two quizzes and a series of notebook assignments.

How to Review?

The exam will include all of

the material covered so far this

year, with a greater focus on the
types of problems seen on the second quiz. Students should be confident with factoring, multiplying
polynomials, and combining like

Students should go over their

notebooks and quizzes to see
which topics they are struggling

Tutoring is available for all

students after school on
Tuesdays and Thursdays in
Room 111.

The students have corrected

their quizzes. Have your child
go over a quiz with you. How
did they approach each problem? What difficulties did they
have the first time, and what
were they able to improve on?

The students would never let us
forget that Homecoming is right around
the corner. Stay safe! Communicate with
your child and plan the evening so that it
can be as fun and safe as possible! Tickets can still be purchased from the
front office.

Mr. B is excited for Homecoming. Are you?


Math Activity: Pizza Prices

Heres a fun activity to help pizza at different locations. What
your child practice some math skills places offer the most pizza per dolthe next time you order out:
lar? Which sizes are the most cost
effective? What about frozen pizBefore you place your order, look at the prices and sizes for zas? Let your child help you make
an order thats delicious and thrifty.
different items. Have your child
find the area of different sizes of

Whats coming up? Exponential Change

In the upcoming weeks,
our class will begin to look into
exponential change, functions
that do not just increase in a line,
but increase more or decrease
more over time.
How does a bank account
change over time if money is deposited and left to gather interest?
How does a soccer ball behave
when its kicked into the air, or
what happens when a penny is
thrown off a tall building?

Think about where you

see exponential change in the
world, on an everyday basis: a
car hitting the brakes, rain falling. Be ready to talk about
these kinds of things with your
child as we start to delve into
these topics. How can we represent and model these types
of behavior?

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