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Name: Tyler Miechiel Mayer

Phone: 269-214-0602
Hometown: Belding, Michigan
Major: Secondary Special Education w/ Emphasis in Learning

Autobiographical Information
My name is Tyler Miechiel Mayer and I am a 24 year old junior at Hope College, in Holland, Michigan.
I graduated from Hope College in the spring of 2014 with a degree in Business Management and
Communications. I have recently decided to follow my true passion of teaching at the secondary level with
special needs kids and to be a football coach as well. My father is a General Manager at Trevor Merren Auto
and my mother is a stay at home mom. I have one younger brother who is twenty-one years old and going into
the Air Force.
My main interest outside of school is coaching football. I am currently the Defensive Coordinator at
Sparta High School. This is my second year coaching. I also enjoy relaxing at the beach or the lake with friends.
I also have a passion for writing poetry and do that in my free time. I love to travel and I plan to teach overseas
for a year or two after graduation.
Over the course of high school and college I have worked with students who have special needs. When I
was a senior in high school one of my football coaches was the special needs teacher. I would go into his room
during my free period and hang with the students and help them with their work. I also volunteered at the Ready
4 Life program here at Hope College for my first two years and worked with Emily Perton. I love working with
the students and helping them to succeed and grow in the areas they are struggling in. To see these students
reach accomplishments that they struggle in, is the best feeling in the world.
Below are a list of the placements and experiences I have already had, along with extracurricular
activities that I have been involved in over the last 5 years.

Experience/ Extra




Belding High School

Aug. 09- May 10

Mr. Meyers

Helped in Resor. Room

Holland West Elementary

Sept. 15-Dec.15

Mrs. Panse

L.D. Placement

West Ottawa Elem.

Aug. 10- Dec 10


Helped in Gen Ed Room

Sparta High School Football

Aug 2014- Pres.

Mike Rivers

High School Coach

Aug 2010-Aug 14

Coach Kreps

4 Year Varsity Player

Jul. 2014- Jul. 15

Larry Bos Jr.

Sept. 11- Dec. 11

Mrs. Perton


Hope College
Ready for Life

Except. Child Placement