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Community Essay

As a UTEP student I have to present essays, reports, and group discussions to my

professors, peers, and advisors. These are all prerequisites every student that attends
the University of Texas at El Paso must meet. As striving students we must remember
that these are all small stepping stones that will lead us to success. In order to fulfill the
goals we all have we must follow certain conventions such as, submitting assignments
on time, participating and attending every class. The university has their own set of rules
for the students as well. Miners must have a 2.0 GPA or higher in order for them to be
continuing farther in their education. For community I chose the Texas Music Teachers
Association This organization instructs piano students and prepares them for Sonatina
Festivals. The purpose of this community is to teach discipline, determination and
patience in a way that anyone can enjoy and have a deeper level of appreciation for
music and musicians. It also teaches and or entertains musicians and the general nonmusician community that just enjoys piano music. We get involved with our community
by performing in events that will benefit non-profit organizations. Musicians use music
sheets, piano techniques and music books. Just like school you must attend every class
and it forces you to have a better posture. Performing etiquette is also a convention we
must follow. Piano students read music and use a certain terminology that pertains to
modern and classical music. Professionally my dream is to become a perfusionist or a
physician of some sort. In a hospital environment doctors are communicating with
different hospital staff every shift. Doctors, nurses, interns, and residents even front
desk clerks must have the ability to communicate in an effective way with patients. The
main purpose of a physician is to treat sickness, help other people, save lives and just
make the world a healthier place. Doctors must know how to read and understand
prescriptions, past patient records, chemistry and medicine books or journals. In order
to be successful at their job they must come into work on time, use the appropriate
uniform as in scrubs, have the Hippocrates oath memorized and understand the
seriousness of doctor-patient privacy. My family includes my mother, my father my oldest
brother and the one before me. The purpose of a family is to have someone there for
you all of the time. Honest individuals that you can learn from every day. We can
demonstrate our appreciations by showing them love, affection, and listening to them.
Gifts, letters, poems and playlists are our genres. We show respect for one another and
we must try our best to be understanding towards them at all times. Our words must be
respectful and honest they should include sensitivity and lots of patience. There is no
need for a family to be blood related or have any connection by the law to be considered
a family.