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BUS 2020

Business Communication
Strategic Communications Plan

Strategic Planning
Team Members
Jackie Simpson, Pranita Chawda, Than Min, Zen Sayer, Brett Milecam
Team Project
Workplace Equality
Create a Facebook page to help others become informed about the different equalities
that need to be recognized in the workplace.
Pamphlet with personal experiences and key points (bullet points or quotes)
People in power: CEOs, Managers
Anyone entering the workplace
Someone with a voice
Anyone already in the workplace
Messaging Goals what do we need, project goals,
Think: Get more people informed, Why its important, Convince them that equality is a
good thing.
Feel: Show that we have an emotional connection to the project.
Do: Interview people who have experienced diversity in the workplace.

Key Messages slogans catch phrases

The soul has no gender, Strength lies in differences not similarities.
Facebook page (Completed 12/7/15)
Pamphlets (Completed 12/10/15)
Hand out pamphlets at E bay

Tactical Planning
Everyone is to interview themselves and two other people. For each subject, try to come up with
generic set of questions for interviewing, post ideas on discussion board. Overall we will have
similar questions to ask for each subject to try to keep the same feel and theme overall. Although
each subject might have a few different questions depending on what the subject is. Also each
person that is interviewed will be photographed to be then posted on Facebook and on the
A few example of questions that we can ask
Whats your name? Tell me a little about yourself.
Tell me a little about your experience in the work place as a
your overall experience positive or negative?


Can you describe a situation where race/age/gender/religion played a factor

at your
If you could change one thing about discrimination in the workplace, what
would it be?
1. Prantia is going to interview ages: 18-30, 30-50, 50+.
2. Jackie is going to interview a positive example a negative example as well as both a male
and female.
3. Than is going to interview 3 different experiences, different countries of origin
4. Zen is going to interview people with gender identity, same sex, and both.
5. Brett is going to interview 3 different working people with different races.
All material will be emailed to Jackie to be incorporated into the pamphlet and Facebook



Brett Milecam

Differences in the treatment

of races within the

November 8th- Create list

of questions for my
interviews. (Completed
November 13th- Have a list
of potential candidates to
interview about race in the
workplace. (Completed, took
till 11/20/15 to find a 3rd
Nov 20th- Interview 2-4
candidates and write a 1-2
page story on each
November 27th- Contribute
to the Facebook page and
help group with Facebook
page (Completed 12/03/15).
December 3rd- Start
developing pamphlet.
Consolidate information
into bullet points
(Complete 12/06/2015).
December 10th- Final
touches on entire
December 11th- Project
due (Completed

Jackie Simpson

Treatment of Men vs
Women in the workplace,
pay gap, sexism

November 8th: Create list

of candidates to interview
and a list of questions to
ask them.
November 13th: Do self
interview, writing down
answers and getting a
formal feel for what we
will be doing. Start setting
up Facebook page
November 20th: Create
outline for pamphlet, with
guides and filler text to
give idea of what final
product will look like.
November 27th: Start to
incorporate other group
members material into both
Facebook page and
December 3rd: Finalize
December 10th-11th:
Finalize and publish
Facebook page

Pranita Chawda

Differences in the young,

middle-aged, and old in the

November 11th - Finalizing

the questions for Interview.
November 13th- List of
candidates to interview
about their experiences
faced by different age
group in workplace.
November 22h - Interview
2-3- candidates and write
their stories.
November 27th - Combine
all the team mate-stories
on our Facebook page
December 3rd - Collect
ideas and Key points for
December 10th - Final
Touches on entire project.
December 11th - Project

November 8th- Interview

the first person who work
in meat factory; record the
voice as possible
November 13th- Done all of
my interview with the
persons who came from
different countries.
November 20th- write
about one or two pages
story of each person who I
have interview.
November 27th- Contribute
to my group and help if
December 3rd- Develop
December 10th- work with
the group
December 11th- Project

Than Min

Treatment of different
nationalities in the workplace

Zen Sayer

11/8 - Finalize interview

Discrimination towards
Gender Identity and Sexuality 11/9-11/12 - Work on my
own story. Complete it and
perfect it.
11/14 - Interview first
person about their
experience being gay/
bisexual in the work
environment and how
people at work have
treated them.
11/15-11/19 - Work on first
interviewee's story.
Complete and perfect it.
11/21 - Interview second
person about being
transgender in the
workplace and how people
at work treated them.
11/22-11/26 - Work on
second interviewee's story.
Complete and perfect it.
12/3 - Work on pamphlet.
12/10 - Finalize all project
12/11 - Project due.

We were able to complete our project on time and I personally stuck to my time line
throughout the six week process. Finding a 3rd person to interview was a little challenging but I was
able to interview a great candidate and it only put me a few days behind. Overall I think we met
your original objective. We had a somewhat broad audience but thats exactly why we chose
Facebook as one of our formats. We were also able to set up a date where we could hand out
pamphlets at E bay which was a great opportunity.
I think we did a good job at connecting with our audience through our stories, some of them
were very touching and being able to raise awareness about discrimination in the workplace was
important to all of us. I think when it comes to diversity in the work place the core issue is love and
acceptance and working as a team. I think this whole process embodied our message. Our group
was comprised of people from different cultures and backgrounds, yet we were able to all come
together and create this fantastic project. We can accomplish much more together than we could
alone and thats exactly what we did!