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Kaitlyn Purcell

Wise Wanderings & Position Evaluation

November 11, 2015

My wise wandering map:

Job 1:
Broadcast Weekend Meteorologist for KY3, Ozarks CW
-Ability to forecast correctly & convey forecast to viewers on air
-Use graphics to explain weather
-Has viewer safety as top priority
-Possesses excellent communication skills through writing, speaking, and listening
-Be able to communicate critical weather information, especially during severe weather
-Able to remain calm and collective to concisely communicate breaking news and
dangerous weather events while on and off air
-Can work well with team
-1-3 years of on-air experience as a meteorologist is preferred
-Can work with weather and computer systems

-Has a flexible schedule, can work morning/night shifts and holidays upon request
-Works well under pressure
-Knowledgeable in the field of meteorology, prior internships and/or storm chasing
experiences are a plus
-Able to maintain image of the station when in public, meeting viewers, not at station
I believe my communication skills are spot on for this job. I enjoy interacting with real
people and sharing my passion for weather with many other people. Teaching is another hidden
aspect of this job that I find particularly enjoyable; I will be able to break down meteorological
events and phenomena to the general public. As of now, I will need to complete my college
bachelors degree in meteorology and itd be beneficial to pick up a minor in communications. I
should work on expanding my knowledge in the field and spend a lot of time on the basic
principles of meteorology, working up to the complicated processes which are responsible for
our daily weather. I would be very committed to this job because it would allow me to meld my
love for weather and being on television. Although no salary is listed on the website, I would
infer that my starting pay would not be very large. However, the longer I stayed at this station, I
assume Id climb the ranks and my pay would increase. The location of this station is in
Missouri, so it isnt ideal in this aspect since its a great distance from home, my family and
friends. Depending on where I end up after graduation, this could be a plausible job for me.

Job 2:
Summer Intern for CNN Weather
-Junior level in meteorology or atmospheric sciences at an accredited university
-Looking to pursue a career in broadcast meteorology
-Provide research/information to on-air talents
-Able to create online content for CNN
-Can take part in breaking news/weather events
-Learn graphics software and other on-air elements
This would be a great opportunity for me in another two years to gain experience in the
field I plan on entering. There are minimal qualifications, as it is an internship provided for
undergrad students. I believe my passion for weather and broadcast meteorology would really
shine through my work at CNN. I find severe weather and breaking weather events particularly
interesting, so being at a station such as this is ideal. This would provide a gateway of
opportunities and connections that will be useful after graduation. Interns are paid minimum
wage, which is fair considering the experience Im gaining. This station is located in Atlanta,
Georgia, not too far of a distance from home, so it is very doable.