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Foot tapping, soft sighs, and a boring drawl going on in the background, church really
does take forever. Tick tick tick the second hand on my watch taunts me, how can an I hour go
by so slow? (Description used here, visually and auditoriarly describes the area) Each long
second puts me closer to sleep. My mother's sharp sense of sight watches over my family and I
making sure we pay attention. God, communion, the bible, it's really not my idea of a great
time. Being there and learning isn't the issue, it's the fact that I was forced to go.
Growing up in a Catholic school, surrounded by nuns and other children who have no
better idea than I did of why we were there.(more visual description, also applies how I felt
at the time) Days of learning about the bible and coming home and facing the same speeches
I heard all day at school. The same reminder not to forget who I should be grateful too. I wasn't
tired from hearing these things, I appreciated their caring words and how they wanted me to
succeed in their beliefs. But that was the problem. It was their beliefs. I dreamed of being an
individual, I longed for the day I could find what I had a passion for(All of this is narrating my
Living life under the pressure of the church, while painful, shaped my individuality. It
taught me everything I didn't want to be. I didn't want to be the parent that imposes my beliefs
onto my children, I didn't want to be a opinion less follower, I didn't want to be just another
forgotten son, I needed more. The fear of losing myself to my parents, friends, and authority
didn't sit well. I wanted to be equal and have no fear of being judge by the people that were
supporting me. I know it was in their best interests, but I didn't desire theirs I desired my own.
(Narration here, shows more of my own feelings)
I still wait till this day for the time I can be an individual. I'm exhausted by this Catholics
brand. The desire to be my own person is never greater than when I am in the church. I hope
one day I fulfill this desire to be who I need to be, and now who I want to be. Until then I'll keep
my mouth shut and ideas going because I am my own person and no one, not even a priest,
can reach my thoughts.
There is not a reason why you'd choose to live with the enormous responsibility, squinty
eyes, and the awful driving of being Asian. However, if your culture isn't suitable for you, or
maybe a little too banal, prepare to throw your social life out the window and to hit the books
(and some trees with your car along the way).
Being Asian seems so fun! Perfect skin, silky black hair, naturally smart, and looking 25
until you're 50. Maybe you're in desperate needs for perfect grades, or maybe you'd want to be
blind half the time. Whichever the reasoning, is be ready for the tiger moms, drunk uncles, and a
lot of speeding tickets, because you're going on a 120mph journey to China Town.
Step 1: Listen to Your Parents ((lists all of the steps, these are all in order

Remember, bring honor to your family.
Face your foreseen future as a doctor or lawyer. Your parents will not endure any other career
choice no matter how much you plead. Open the books and get ready for the most anti social
four years of your life because you sure aren't leaving your room until that calculus homework is
done!(used to casual anaylize the step given) It won't all be that bad though...right? Even if
they censure you, your Asian parents are just looking out for you! So deal with the all nighters
and caffeine addiction that comes with the countless hours of studying and bitter nights. It's all
worth it after all.
The parent is always right. Over time the lecture process will be a breeze! Nod your head and
say yes in your native language. You won't appreciate your parents nagging, (This is the
process analysis of the paper) but it's required to smile and remind your parent that your glad
to do anything they want, because of your privileged growing up in America. Don't forget to do
extra chores and theirs the slight chance they'll leave you alone for the day.
Step 2: Live in the Asian Party Scene

Via ttps://
Studying comes so naturally to you, but driving unfortunately doesn't. Your squinty eyes may
impair your vision ergo your peripheral vision it isn't normal due to your undersized eyes.
Fortunately you have the gift of innocence when it comes to police officers. Don't worry they are
some easy steps to driving well as an Asian. Don't speed especially. The tokoyo drift inside of
you may be tempting, but it isn't worth it. Swerving is how you naturally drive always be cautious

of this.(Analysis of the step) Make sure you can see, wear your glasses so none of the
obstacles in front of you are hit. (Process Anaylsis giving specific steps)
There it is! How to be Asian. Collect your pokemon trading cards, play all the nerdy
video games you'd like, and eat all the rice you want. The goal here is to make it big so follow
your parents dream and make them proud. There is no easier thing to be a rich doctor! When
it's all worth it and you're a wealthy Asian you can look back on it and thank them. Being Asian
is about bringing honor! Make them and yourself proud, and forget your fading past culture

What is the reason people seek out the presences of a God? Is it motivation for
goodness, or is it the sense of comfort we feel, or is it to imagine that there is a God to redeem
you?(Comparison and Contrast the two ideas) Is that all we do as humans, find something to
blame our mistakes on, but face it, the reality is the mistakes we make are our responsibility.
Wether or not you believe, there is no predestined path, the choices made are yours. The desire
for redemption is extremely important to us when we recognize our own mistake. The guilt and
insecurity that comes with it leaves us with the desire for forgiveness. The hundreds of religions
prove that humans desire redemption.(Classification of Religon by observing a common
Everyone has their own belief and their own way of finding it, but many religion's goals
are to forgive mistakes that are made or to minimize them.Often times leaving people chasing
some oasis in or at the end of life. I don't know really where I stand. There is the fear that I'll be
condemned due to the choices I make. Fear that there is no puppet string and I'm on my
own,fear the chance of failing "God" but I find my self questioning these religious people
shouting and persuading people to believe in their god despite of my fear.(Analysis of the
claims made above) I find myself wondering how a single god can be true when there are
hundreds of other repeating the same theme under a different name. I want to believe there is
support from a high power, but at the end of the day all you really really have is yourself. It's
necessary to understand how to live independently, if you can't forgive yourself how can you
expect a god too? It's not logical, to plead guilty, to comfort yourself. The idea of impurity is up to
the individual. How can one have the audacity to ask for forgiveness when they don't approve of
their own actions? ( Why is it easier to follow a set of rules from a religion than our own morals.
Be the personal god to your life and you won't live life seeking for forgiveness. Pure, or not,
make yourself happy and follow your own moral code, because that is what makes a good
person.(Answers the solution to the quote, therefore answering the essay question) Your
own actions should be the reason for your happiness. Being a good person should be up the
There is to much doubt and chance that everything is insignificant to not enjoy life on
the other hand. There are plenty of tools for entertainment that many religions wouldn't approve
of. Tools for entertainment, because the isolation we feel inside our own heads is lonely. Tools
family, friends, and even I wouldn't approve of. Entertainment is short, it occupies the time
anyway. The person that will always be there to pick you up is yourself. Depend on no one else
to make you happy. Plenty of people judge the choices I make, and I may not be making the
right choice. St. Augustine said O lord, help me to be pure, but not yet. So wherever you are
God, I definitely need purity, but you haven't stopped me yet.

America's media has been going down a slippery slope for several years now. TV shows
are so similar to old shows that it's all they get compared to, movies have resorted to milking
dead cows with mediocre spin offs of classic movies, and music has narrowed down it's creative
field to a formula of writing that seems present in most modern songs. What's even worse is this
bad media has heavily influenced America's pop culture scene, meaning that you can find a
less than stellar show, movie, or song pretty much anywhere you go. The radio is full of
mainstream pop songs that are all similar to each other. Television is all re-runs of actually good
shows that are no longer in production, or you'll find yourself in a sea of new series's with similar
stories and twists to your old favorite show that got canceled 2 seasons in. (Comparing new
television vs old television) Our theaters are full of bad spin offs, and silly comedies that
seem to have already been done by another director. The lack of creativity in today's media is
disgusting, and it's filling our eyes, ears, and brains with garbages. Shmedia is an ever growing
form of bad modern media that becomes progressively more inescapable based on the type of
media, including Movies, TV, and Music.(essay response in the thesis, also lays out the
The modern day movie scene has turned to some mega lame methods of profiting from
new flicks.(Classifies the new movie scene, then the next sentances divides into the topic)
There's always yet another remake, sequel, or book movie nothing more than beating a dead
horse. The movies are mediocre, full of over casted actors, and nobody's ideas seem original
anymore. Beyond these awful remakes, the original movies that are produced and shoved into
theaters don't feel genuine anymore. Adam Sandler comedies are based on the same story
formula, and most other comedies just seem to recast the same actors together over and over.
It gets old. These remake comedies and series like Everything feels so predictable whenever I
walk into a movie theater. The same basic plots, twists, and conclusions play over and over
again to the point where someone could vaguely guess the events of a movie and get it right
without ever watching the actual flick. These remake movies get old as the same actor plays the
same kind of character in every genre.(Anaylsis of the paper right here. Also exemplifies
what type of movies new movies are) Directors keep following the same predictable formula
in what might as well be a get rich quick scheme. Why can't we go back to the days of
unpredictable character deaths and heart-destroying endings? Why does it seem like there isn't
a single director who can show the world something unexpected? Creativity requires the
courage to let go of certainties. (Fromm)(Exemplfieis with a viable quote) Movies used to be
fun, now it's just a boring money waster with zero uncertainties and plenty of cliches. The
money that is wasted goes into the same idea over and over. Iron man 3 made 1.2 billion dollar
which was way over the 750 million dollar profit line (Pliskin). This sequel is a complete waste
of time and energy as it is the same garbage superhero movie played over and over. The movie
industry has become a economy based franchise and releases movie that follow the flow for
guaranteed profit. This creates countless of the same formula movies which creat horrible
TV shows have become nothing but, reality TV shows, sitcoms, and dramas.
(Classifciation/Division) Shows like Keeping up with the Kardashians, and The Real
Housewives poison the air waves and leave viewers watching endlessly craving more
information about a glorified life style. (Exemplifies what kind of shows are bad in the media,
also responds to the essay question) These shows show of plastic surgeons working on
celebrities much younger than them. Constant exposure to flawless edited celebrities living a
glorified lifestyle (How Mass Media Is Slowly Ruining Society). Sitcoms with their corny jokes
and laughtrack make anyone cringe. Their attempted humor ruins what used to be a amazing
style of show. That 70's show and the Office cannot be beat, but the new recycled jokes and
ideas are becoming a repetition of what everyone has seen.(Compares these two specific
good examples, to prove the argument further) How can anyone forget the drama? Greys

Anatomy and One Tree Hill may have the teenage girls going wild, but the rest of the population
sighs. With bad acting and gag worthy quotes will always have a fan base. Although it's not
going anywhere, it definitely fits the idea of shemdia. All these categories have been re run over
and over, "A few years ago, network television became dominated by cheaply made reality TV
shows...sitcoms with hyper maniac characters, and socially repetitive themes" (Alexander).
Plenty of viewers have recognized this era of Shmedia and have cut their television stations due
to the lack of originality on the air.
Everywhere you go you cannot hide from the inescapable garbage that is the worst form
of bad media, music. Terrible music is everywhere. At the coffee shop, the school bus, the hair
salon and even the privacy of your own home is filled with bland noise. Kids are poisoned with
rap, pop, and indie music. Of course what makes music ignoble is largely subjective.
(Classifies and divides the types of music defined as garbage) However there is scientific
proof that modern incapable pop garbage music is at the very least inferior to older pop hits.
Modern music is victim to dynamic compression, auto tuned timber and tones, and a decrease
in harmonic variation and variety, all impairing quality found in hip hop. It all sounds the same
(Rose Eveleth). (exemplifies with a viable quote) In fact, Rose Eveleth went so far to say that
the study confirmed "your parents are right, music just isnt what it used to be". So we're all in
agreement, modern pop sucks. However it's the absolutely inescapable quality of music, and
crappy modern pop in particular, that makes it the worst form of artistically lacking media. The
same progressions and beats all meld into one puddle. The indie genre consists of similar
voices and also lacks the originality artists used to be. The media completely disregards taste
for profit. All the popular types of music in the modern era consists of very similar things.
As you can see, bad media is very prevalent in day to day life. One solid dose of it and
you'll be lucky to make it to the end of the day without that one awful song stuck in your head.
While Earth and it's people mature, our pop culture continues to decline in taste, creativity, and
just about everything else too. Originality is impossible to come by and in these modern times
everything is the same. You'd think after so many years of great TV, movies and music like the
60s to the 90s, we'd be able to create more great content. Instead we've resorted to cliches and
overused stories and inserting explosions and above-average looking actors wherever we can.
Our bad media is all quantity, but no quality. The media has become a rush for money instead of
America has been in a war on drugs state of mind ever since the 1960's. Unfortunately
this has created a stigma against many practical use of drugs. To reduce this stigma, especially
on marijuana, and legalization of marijuana will only isolate two opinionated sides on the
subject. There will be always be push to legalize or abolish marijuana either way. Primarily,
marijuana has potential medically as an anti-anxiety/insomnia treatment. Obviously taxing it will
bring in revenue and benefit for the government as well. The possibility that the legalization of
marijuana could benefit the general health sheds a different light on this substance. With more
research it could have immense medical purposes, and the research that was put into this
already has shown immense benefits. Marijuana's legalization medically in California since
1969 and the growth of the medical marijuana in the state ever since implied the benefits of
marijuana. Colorados's abundance of income implies benefit in other areas as well. (Uses
statstics to argue the point further, example) This economic progression has most definitely
benefit the state and the people living there. It is agreeable that marijuana has potential in
business as well.
However, a majority of marijuana smokers do not smoke marijuana for medical
purposes, but for recreational purposes. Recreationally there is not much benefit,(Compare
and Contrast the types of users) "Marijuana is currently the leading cause of substance
dependence other than alcohol in than U.S. in 2008, marijuana use accounted for 4.2 million of

the 7 million people aged 12 or older classified with dependence or abuse of an illicit drugs"
(Why We Should Not Legalize Marijuana).(More stastics/logos to win the audience over)
This is the statistic for a drug that is illegal, imagine the consequences that recreational users
would face with the legalization of this substance. The legalization of marijuana would be
devastating to the general health of people impaired driving would increase and drugs would
become normalized.
Most importantly, marijuana has an enormous list of negative effects on the human body.
The most dangerous one is dependence. According to the National Institute of Drug Abuse,
many people become dependent on the drug contrary to popular belief. Their research reveals
9 percent of people, 11 percent of teenagers who use, and 25 percent of daily users become
dependent. With 21.4 percent of seniors already using this illegally, most likely the recreational
use would increase immensely after legalization.(Statistic and Logos to prove a point) A
nation of people dependent on a substance is detrimental to general health everywhere,
especially with adolescence starting younger and younger every day. It is common knowledge
that the adolescent brain does not mature until the mid twenties of most adults. Having them
hooked on this hendoism for a better high will devastate their brains health. It is necessary to
keep these neurological pathways natural and safe during their growth and creation.
Overloading these pathways with THC and other chemicals from marijuana could damage this
critical process in adolescence. As people find purer and purer forms of this chemical, like wax,
the health effects worsen. The legalization of marijuana would only push for stronger doses of
marijuana. Medical dispensaries have already created purer forms, therefore the legalization
would most likely push for higher dose.(Casual Anaylsis through inductive reasoning)
Furthermore, impaired driving under the influence of marijuana is another huge issue
that the population faces. Marijuana has already endangered the health of a portion of the
population, 12.6 percent of drivers related to accidents on the weekends had THC in their
system. Marijuana is becoming the most related drug too driving under the influence other than
alcohol (Drugged Driving). (More logos to win over the hostile audience)As accidents
increase general health goes down, because safety in cars is going down. Users find driving a
task that is permitted when smoking, but fail to realize the effects on their driving. Drivers under
these effects often stop abruptly, or miss red lights. This reckless behavior endangers the health
of themselves, and drivers around them. What makes these symptoms so dangerous is, unlike
alcohol, drivers under the influence of marijuana retain their basic motor functions. (More facts
top prove the point)The denouement is law enforcement having a hard time catching these
drivers. Society has not been normalized to marijuana, in result there is no funding to educate
on marijuana safety. The amount of funding to educate people on marijuana to make it
nationally safe would be costly for sure, but otherwise people will continue to risk driving and
other inappropriate behavior while driving. They endanger the general health of the public and
To rationalize, the legalization of marijuana would not effect the lives of smokers
tremendously. Many people smoke in the comfort of their home and if not people find away.
Many states have decriminalized this drug all together. Over twenty states have decriminalized
marijuana which usually means no prison time or statement on one's criminal record. Most of
these states have just made carrying marijuana a peccadillo (States That Have
Decriminalized). Of course a misdemeanor is still a crime, but eventually the normalization of
this substance will still benefit smokers.(Disproves the other argument using logos)
However, the normalization that result with the legalization of the drug would not only effect the
smokers, but effect everyone. Marijuana brands would officially be able to be advertised , and
children everywhere would see this. No body wants callow 12 year old jimmy smoking pot.
(Exemplifies what could happen if the other argument win negatively) Of course there will
be age laws restricting the use, but the exposure to the drug could spark interest in many
children that otherwise wouldn't. This effects the general health especially when children are

unsigned marijuana. The damage to their brains, lungs, and mental state in their critical period
of growth would devastate general health for children.
Overall, the effects on driving and normalization of this drug that would result in much
more devastating effects on general health than legalization would. The little public knowledge
and stigma has high risk of resulting in dependency, and the usage would most likely increase
causing more problems. As the push for more pure use of marijuana came about, it seems as if
this would gateway to even more drugs being legalized. Including the health benefits that
marijuana could have isn't viable. The research and promotion of safe use must be announced
before legalization. Otherwise the risk for unsafe drivers, and child abuse of the substance could
occur. Marijuana definitely had huge medical potential, but the culturally stigma just makes it too
much a risk to legalize.