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Stephanie Kim
Professor Batty
English 113A
27 October 2015

16.9% of U.S. consumers prefer to shop in-store instead of online because of privacy
concerns. Everyone wants privacy; especially when its online because it has personal
information that we dont want others to see, such as an email. Its important to be aware what is
done online. The government has access to all of our privacy information, such as emails, text
messages, phone calls, social media posts, etc. Privacy is one of the messages mentioned in the
book Every Day. Every Day, by David Levithan, is about a character named A, who has no
gender or race and wakes up every morning in a new body. He meets a girl named Rhiannon, the
main female character, and falls in love with her while he is in her boyfriends body, Justin. A
confesses his love for her, but she is aware that she cannot have a regular relationship with him.
Her love for him grows as she is with him more often.
Every time A has free time and access to a computer, he always emails Rhiannon, and ask
if they can meet up. I find a computer and email my location to Rhiannon. (Levithan, 216).
When he sends emails to Rhiannon, he had to make sure that no one was watching him while he
was writing to her. A doesnt want anyone else to know his secret and overhear what he is
discussing with Rhiannon. We wait until the librarian is distracted, then sneak out the door.
Im worried theres some law about reporting homeschooled kids when they go AWOL.
(Levithan, 218). A should be aware of his surroundings and be aware of what he is saying when

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he is in public because he never knows if anyone could be overhearing his conversations. If
someone overheard their conversation, then people who knew the body of the person would
misunderstand something and A would be in trouble. A wasnt following any of the rules and
didnt respect the persons body, instead he did everything his own way.
He made up and gave away false information. For example, he gave Rhiannon a fake
email address when he was in Nathans body. I want her to say more, but then shes giving me
her email address, and in response Im giving her a fake email address that Ill have to set up as
soon as I get home. (Levithan, 75). He knew he had to forward all of his old emails to himself,
but he had limited time. Rogers mother calls me and I know I have to go. But clearing the
history and turning off the computer cant stop my thoughts. I think about Nathan waking up on
the side of the road. I try to imagine what he must have felt. (Levithan, 81). It was not a good
idea in the first place when A gave Rhiannon his fake email address. He should have followed
instructions and been more careful with his actions. He continues to make more trouble as he
leaves Nathans body.
A made a major mistake by forgetting to log off from his email and delete his history on
Nathan Daldrys computer. Nathan woke up the next morning, and he thought he was possessed
by the devil. There was a local website that was about Nathans demonic possession. But still,
Im worried. In all my years, Ive never had someone do this to me before. (Levithan 83). A
was not only afraid of being caught, but also felt guilty for doing this to Nathan. With the access
to As email, he emails him and commands for answers. I read: I dont know who you are or
what you are or what you did to me yesterday, but I want you to know you wont get away with
it. I will not let you possess me or destroy my life. I will not remain quite. I know what
happened and I know you must be in some way responsible. Leave me alone. I am not your

Kim 3
host. (Levithan, 80). When A read this email, he was probably concerned that Nathan is trying
to figure out who A is and afraid to have a conversation with him.
Eventually, A tells the truth and Nathan asks Reverend Pool for advice. Reverend Pool
wants to meet others like A. When A meet Reverend Pool, he realizes that he is also in the same
situation as him, but Reverend Pool is in only one single body. He explains to A that in order to
stay in one body, he must kill a person. There are better ways to live your life, he continues, I
can show you. (Levithan, 290). A was afraid of him because he saw evil in his eyes and
escaped away from him. I dont want to believe in him. I want to think hes an actor, a
charlatan, a fake. But when I looked closely at him I saw someone else inside. I recognized him
in the same way that Rhiannon recognized me. Only, I saw danger there. I saw someone who
does not play by the same set of rules. (Levithan, 291). When A said he saw Revered Pool in
the same way Rhiannon saw him, he meant they were almost similar to each other.
A and Rhiannon emailed each other back and forth with updated information and specific
places to meet up to talk and hang out. Their conversations were private and they didnt want to
get caught. The government can see everything we send, post, and receive. There is nothing we
can hide from because they can have access to read our emails, text messages, listen to
conversations on the phone, and even social media posts. Sometimes we hide something and we
think or hope no one is watching from a distance. Its an advantage that the government is
watching over our privacy because they can tell what is going on in our society, and also we can
prevent ourselves from sending or posting unnecessary or displeasing information to others since
we know that they are watching us every time we are online. We should always be aware of
what were doing online or on our phones, such as sending an email or text message, or a social
media post to others.

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