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Harsh Khoont

Curriculum Vitae


Third Year Undergraduate

Mechanical Engineering Department
Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur
Kanpur, UP, India
Mobile: +91-8953356542

Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur
B. Tech in Mechanical Engineering

Cumulative Performance Index (CPI) of 8.6* (on a scale of 10)

* After 4 semesters


St John's School, Kota

India Higher Secondary Certificate Examination(HSC) 2013 : CBSE Board

Scored 95.2% marks in HSC Examination


TGES S. N. Kansagra School, Rajkot

India Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) 2011

Scored 90.9% marks in ICSE Examination


Major Scholastic Achievements

Achieved 2nd position for startup pitching at Google Startup Weekend held during Techkriti
2015, Indias biggest university technical festival
Recipient of prestigious Summer Undergraduate Research Grant for Excellence (SURGE) given
by IIT Kanpur, for summer research at end of 2nd year, given to top 70 students in India
Selective Laser Melting simulation model proposed under SURGE program was adopted in
curriculum of ME670A: Additive Manufacturing course
Secured All India Rank 680 in IIT-JEE(Advance) 2013, with percentile of 99.95
Secured All India Rank 999 in JEE(Mains) 2013 among pool of 1.4 million students
Granted Merit-cum-Means Scholarship for good academic performance at IIT Kanpur
Awarded Albert Einstein Award for Honour Roll and Academic Excellence
Awarded Amartya Sen Award for Academic Excellence
Received Certificate of Merit for The Green Olympiad 2009, conducted by Ministry of
Environment and Forests (MoEF), Government of India
Awarded Merit Certificate for achieving All India Rank of 458 in Nationwide Interactive
Science Olympiad, conducted by EduHeal Foundation.

Research Interests
Additive Manufacturing; SLM, SLS, LENS, 3D Printing: Simulation of processes, study on process
parameters, grain structure of end product, Machine construction and working
Manufacturing: Casting, Welding, ECM, EDM
Thermodynamics, Fluid Dynamics, IC Engine & Machine elements designing


Summer Research Internship

(May-July 15)
Solidification Lab, IIT Kanpur
SURGE(Summer Undergraduate Research Grant for Excellence)
Dr. Arvind Kumar, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering
Computational modeling of Laser Based Additive Manufacturing Process(Selective Laser Melting)

Accomplished FEM model of melt pool formed during laser irradiated SLM, coupling heat transfer and
fluid dynamics multiphysics using COMSOl Multiphysics 5.0 software
Analyzed melt pool characteristics with multiphysics including coupled radiation, convection; natural,
conduction and thermal diffusion
Incorporated Marangoni effect, volume shrinkage due to melting of powder (porosity=0.35) to denser
liquid and volume force (using source term method in NS equation) for the melt flow formulation.
Concluding from melt pool depth and width dimensions, proposed optimum hatching space and
powder layer thickness in a single layer profile
Implemented parametric study(parameters- laser profile, laser power, laser focus, scan speed,
hatching space, positive-negative gradient of surface tension) for melt pool dimensions
Material: Ti6Al4V alloy having all physical & mechanical properties dynamic function of temperature

Key Academic Projects

Metal Casting: Design and Performance, Solidification Technology
Guide: Dr. Arvind Kumar, Department of Mechanical Engineering, IIT Kanpur

(Feb July 14)

Examined different types of casting and defects in metal casting processes, conceptualized design of
mold structure including pouring cup, sprue basin, runners, gating system and mold cavity
Simulated metal fluid flow in the mold (sand casting) using ANSYS Fluent software; implemented
parametric study for flow characteristics & pattern of molten metal through mold structure
Analyzed solidification process comprising grain geometry, solute partitioning, nucleation and dendritic

Concrete Mixer: Design and fabrication modelling (TA201A)

(Aug-Dec 14)
Guide: Dr. Shashank Shekhar, Department of Material Science and Engineering, IIT Kanpur

Fabricated a model containing concrete drums, lifting trolley along with replicated motions: using lathe,
drilling, milling and shaping machines; used processes like welding, brazing, casting and grinding
Accomplished model of 4 Stroke Engine with replicated motions, using piston, connecting rod, piston
valves and crankshaft
Adjudged as Best Staff Picked Project, among 50 projects, lauded for its uniqueness, innovation and
intricate engineering

Selective Laser Melting: Term Paper (ME670A)

(May-July 15)
Guide: Dr. Arvind Kumar & Dr. N. Sinha , Department of Mechanical Engineering, IIT Kanpur

Analyzed generic additive manufacturing process & concept of Design for Additive Manufacturing
Discussed various type of Additive Manufacturing(AM) including photopolmerization,
stereolithography, powder bed fusion, extrusion based systems
Analyzed CAD file format convert to STL(Standard Tessellation Language) file convert and general
structure of AM machine

Rice Transplanter: Design and fabrication of working model

Guide: Dr. V.K.Jain, Department of Mechanical Engineering, IIT Kanpur

(Jan-April 15)

Worked in a team of 6 students to conceptualize, design & fabricate a mechanical setup of rice
transplanter machine; using lathe, drilling, milling and CNCs machines
Accomplished model applying gear, chain & socket, cam mechanism incorporated with flywheel motion
control; consisted of seedling tray, pickup forks, teeth wheel

Relevant Courses
Fluid Mechanics
Additive Manufacturing
Advance Mechanics of Solid*
Theory of Mechanisms*
Mechanical Manufacturing Processes
Advance Mechanics of Solid*
Introduction to Electronics

Mechanics of Solid
Nature and Properties of Material
Introduction to Electrical Engineering
Manufacturing Science & Technology*
Internal Combustion Engine*
Complex Variables
Partial Differential Equations
Engineering Drawing and Graphics

Humanities Courses

Introduction to Philosophy
Life Science
*current courses

Technical Skills
Programing: C, C++, Matlab, Arduino platform
CAD modelling: Autodesk Inventor, AutoCAD Autodesk Mechanical, Dassualt SolidWorks
Stimulation: COMSOL Multiphysics, ANSYS Static Structural, Thermal and FLUENT modules
Positions of Responsibility
Placement Manager, Student Placement Office(SPO)

(July 14-March 15)

Worked with a 3 tier team of 30 students for securing placements and internships for 1500+ students.

Facilitated the smooth conduction of Company-Student interaction, assisted in the hospitality of officials
Maintaining past relationships with the companies and building new ones, for healthy placements in the

future. Acted as a link between students, administration and companies during placement session
Ensured smooth conduction of 30+ Pre-Placement Talks, Group Discussions and Interviews conducted by

companies. Liaisons with Corporate Recruitment Team to invite companies and startups

Finance Executive, Antarangni 14(North Indias largest university cultural fest) (July 14-March 15)
Monitored a budget of INR 10 million in a team of 5 executives maintaining transparency, accuracy of the

finances, ensuring proper money distribution among different events

Marketed merchandise worth INR 1 million by creatively associating with social campaigns targeting 20k+

eyeballs like promoting paper bags, blood donation etc

Negotiated and coordinated with vendors for services of tenting, sound, light systems and bedding for 10k

people. Garnered INR 50,000 from various food chains & restaurants for the food court during the festival

Student Guide, Counselling Service, IIT Kanpur

(July 14- present)

Guided and mentored a group of 6 freshmen and helped them in their induction into the institute
Supervised registration of more than 800 students, aided by other student guides, assisted them to

acclimatize to the campus, helped them in academic related issues

Extra-Curricular Activities/Achievement
Stood 3rd in District Level Swimming competition held at Rajkot in year 2008
Represented school in District level badminton competition held at Rajkot
Member of Badminton Compulsory Physical Activity (CPA) group, IIT Kanpur for year 13-14
Actively took part in a survey and awareness program for garbage disposal and community
hygiene promoted by the corporator of my locality/ward circle at Rajkot, Gujarat
Successfully completed 40 days extensive Sports Camp in Squash at IIT Kanpur during
Summers 2014