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HP/LP Bypass System

Quick starting of the turbine is possible through

fast raising of parameters.
Capacity = 60 % of total capacity of the unit.
These valve are operated with oil pressure from oil
supply unit.
There will be two oil supply units for HP bypass
and two Oil supply units for LP bypass.

HP Bypass system
HP Bypass:
It consists of a pressure reducing and desuperheating valves
BFP discharge water is used for temperature control
Parameters raising
Divert the flow at the time of turbine tripping
Maintain parameters suitable for rolling
LP Bypass:
CEP discharge is used as spray water
Controls steam pressure at the reheater
Flow through reheater

Hydraulic system

Piston oil pumps will be used

Pump on 120 bar
Pump off 160 ksc
Normal pressure 140 ksc

Aux steam System

This is common for entire station
There will be unit header and station header

Tracing steam
Seal Steam
APH soot blowing
Turbine prewarming
Atomising steam
TDBFPs in case of stage II units