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Grade News!
Edition 4; December, 2015

On the calendar:
December 10: HV Winter Concert (7:15pm)
December 23 January 1: No School-Winter Break
January 4: Welcome Back!

Our multiplication focus continues this month, as we
work on developing methods for two digit by one digit
multiplication, two digit by two digit, one digit by four
digit, and beyond. Students will also be learning about
exponents and powers of 10 and rounding large
numbers (into the millions). We will also continue to
develop our understanding of fractions while using our
fraction kit strips. Last week we made and compared
fractions greater than 1. Here is an example of our
fraction language, five-thirds is the same as five equal
parts of the size one-third or one whole and two-thirds.

Science/Soc. St.:
Future Business Leaders here in fourth grade! We began
the month with a brand new unit: JA Biztown! The
students are super excited to learn all about what it takes
to apply and run a business. They will also learn financial
responsibilities. In eight weeks, everything we learn will
take us to the real JA Biz-town, where students will have
the opportunity to operate a bank, restaurant, city hall,
newspaper, retail store and 10 other businesses! Please
help children at home with exposing them to checkbooks,
transactions at the bank, as well as helping them
remember important life information like their address
and phone number!

The study of Personal and Persuasive Essays we began
last month continues. We will determine our thesis
statements of what we will assert in our essay, outlining
our reasoning using boxes and bullets. To support our
theses, we will draft mini-stories and search for other
reasons to convince our readers.

Contact Mrs. Bayer:

Email -
Phone - 414-423-2750 ext. 2211

Even though it has been unseasonably warm, it
is December in Wisconsinand that means
time to break out the winter wear. Please make
sure that your child is properly attired,
including hats & mittens. Also, if he/she wants
to play in the snow, snowpants and boots are
required. Thanks!

Our continued study of nonfiction begins with a
similar feel to our writing, as we use boxes and
bullets to demonstrate our understanding of
main idea and important details as we read.
We will turn those into written summaries. Next,
well study the different text structures often
used in nonfiction texts, and think about how that
affects our reading of those texts. Later, well
focus on determining meaning of unfamiliar
words in nonfiction texts, implementing
strategies were already familiar with in a new
way to solve the technical terms we often
encounter in nonfiction.

Word Study:
New Word Study groups this week! Your child
may, or may not, be with a new teacher for word
study. Also, for the second trimester students will
have a few new activities to complete each week
as part of their word study practice. Please check
in with your child about the completion of word
study activities at home.

Dont forget the 5 High Frequency words added
to your childs weekly spelling list he/she is
responsible for knowing. Those should also be
practiced each night.

Contact Mrs. Wycklendt:

Phone - 414-423-2750 ext. 2210

Contact Mr. Rivera:

Email -
Phone - 414-423-2750 ext. 2209