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El men

TASK: You have been asked by the Principal of your school to provide a simple breakfast and lunch
menu in SPANISH for your school. Youve been asked to include two options for breakfast and four
options for lunch. You must also include beverages.
Your steps:
1. Prepare! You and your partner need to brainstorm what meal options you will provide for breakfast
(there must be two!) and what meal options you will provide for lunch (there must be four!). Jot down
your ideas on a sheet of loose-leaf paper. Brainstorm as many ideas as you want and then choose
those that you feel are best suited for Picketts cafeteria.
Time allotted for this step? 5 minutes!

2. Sketch a rough draft! Use scrap paper to draw a rough idea of what your menu will look like. You
can include drawings of foods or beverages as well as the text of the menu. Your menu must take up
at least the front of an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper. Make your text BIG ENOUGH TO READ easily. Use
borders if you like.
Time allotted for this step? 5 minutes!

3. FINAL DRAFT! Your final draft will be completed on either plain white paper or on construction
paper (your choice). Ill provide the paper and some markers for you to make your menu stand out.
Time allotted for this step? 10 minutes!

What do you have to turn in? Good question. Your finished product, which you will turn in to me
BEFORE the end of the period, will include all three of the following:
1. brainstorm sheet
2. rough draft / sketch of menu
3. final draft of menu
Please see the back of this sheet for the RUBRIC I will use to grade your menus!

El men This is the rubric I will be using to grade your work.

Since you are working in

partners, the score is the same for both of you.

Completion of task /
Assessment of Effort

Score 1
You have provided one of
the three required
portions. The level of
effort is overall

Score 3
You have provided two of
the three required
portions. The level of
effort is minimal.

Score 5
You have provided all
three of the required
portions. The level of
effort is more than
adequate and is evident in
your work.

Amount of information
you give

You are missing 2 or

more menu options that
are required.

You are missing 1 menu

option that is required.

You provide all required

menu options.

Vocabulary (including
spelling and grammar)

You have more than 5

spelling errors; you have
used several vocabulary
words incorrectly.

You have 2 or more

spelling or grammar
errors; you have used
some vocabulary

You do not make any

mistakes in spelling or
grammar, and you have
used all vocabulary