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Dale Koller

Dale Koller

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Published by Allan Lewicki
Excerpt from Allan Lewicki’s book; Condemned: Richard E. Rhoades and His Spawn, The Maranatha Bible Society
Excerpt from Allan Lewicki’s book; Condemned: Richard E. Rhoades and His Spawn, The Maranatha Bible Society

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Published by: Allan Lewicki on Apr 02, 2010
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Chapter Fifteen: Dale Koller

I was almost ready to commence the printing of this book when I happened across some new material on the Internet. Let me preface this chapter with the ardor and emotion created by what I came across: I cannot state in words the satisfaction I have in knowing that I really am getting to these people. How do I know that I am getting to them? I found this on the Internet…Dale Koller seeking legal advice…this is Copy and Paste, evidently I hit a nerve big time…thank you Dale Koller for letting me know, thank you-thank you.
Question I am receiving repeated harrassing emails from a person whom I have asked 12 (documented) times now to stop emailing me. This has been going on for nearly a year now. He emails me at work, home, even my children, and has now even hacked into my facebook and sent messages to all my friends. He states that he will not stop and that he is protected under the amendments. What should I do? Dale

The date/time stamp associated with the above only said “10 Days Ago”. I found this on April first, 2010, so 10 days ago would place this query about march 22nd. This was an “Ask a Lawyer” service. Not all of the communication between the Lawyer and Koller is public, the lawyer responds to the above question to which Koller feather replies:


Already Tried I ignored all of his (Allan Lewicki) unsolicited emails at first until they got more vile. He attaches blog sites to his emails. If you google "Maranatha Bible Society" you will find all of the evil things he posts to try to deter others from finding our web site. About 3 months ago I asked him to please no longer send me any emails but he has not complied. I have now begun documenting them (12 documented requests) and he responds by sending me blog posts where he attacks me for asking him to stop emailing him! Hes a nut but I am afraid of him and growing tired and stressful of this. He even emails my children!!! And that is where he crosses the line. He simply will not stop! Any advice would be appreciated. Dale

The next posting from the attorney:
Dear Dale, Thank you for your question and I look forward to working on your answer. Also, it is important to know that I can only respond to your post and the information contained in it, as I do not know what you know, unless you describe it fully. Also, because you are at this site, you are asking me the question because you want the legal facts, as I see them, even if unfavorable to your situation from a legal perspective. Also, due to site tech reasons, oftentimes I am initially only able to see the first part of your post, so I apologize in advance if I ask a redundant question. That being said, if you would like me to work on an answer for you, and in order to better assist you, could you please clarify for me:


Dale Koller

1. Is this all occurring in Ohio? I look forward to getting to work on this for you. Hang in there! Sincerely, (Name Omitted), Legal Expert Please note: I do not provide legal advice, only legal information; I do not legally represent any (Web Site ID) members, visitors or customers. We do not and will not e n jo y a n at to r n e y /c li e nt r el a tio n s hi p. F ur th er communication with me here is an acceptance of this and any information provided by me is with the understanding that you comprehend this and agree. At times there can be a delay of an hour or more in between my answers because I may be helping other customers or taking a break. In addition, if it is late at night, EST, and we are between postings, I may go get some shut eye, but I'll be back the next day, so never fear.

D. Koller responds:
Thank you for your reply. Mr Lewicki lives in Ohio, I live in Florida. He is a disgruntled former member of our Bible group. All of his emails are generated from his home computer. When he discovered our web site about a year ago, he began posting and emailing us with the intent to discourage anyone from wanting to be a part of our fellowship. I have NEVER emailed or spoken with him in the past 5 years only to ask


him to stop emailing me. He primarily emails me with his newest blog sites. Dale

By the appearance of this on the web site there are several more question-answers, but the site says they are “Locked”, there is a stipulation that they may be viewed, but a fee is necessary…whatever was exchanged between D. Koller and the lawyer is not worth knowing. The attorney concludes:
Finally, you can also sue him privately for the above and include a claim for Defamation if he is making false statements that are damaging to your reputation and/or causing financial injury (loss of customers?). I would also consider seeking a restraining order against him, regarding both yourself and your family/children, prohibiting him from communicating to you or your family, nor to pretend to be you, nor to hack into your accounts, etc. This guy is a crackpot, and you may have to make his behavior very uncomfortable for him (or expensive), to get him to stop.

********** Well-well, according to Dale Koller:     I hacked into his FaceBook account I sent messages to all his friends I have stated that I will not stop I proclaim I am protected under the “amendments” 138

Dale Koller

     

I am vile I post evil things about the Maranatha Bible Society I attacked him because he asked me so stop the emails I’m a nut He is afraid of me Based on the communication between Koller and the attorney, the attorney pronounces me a crackpot

Ok Lovey-Dovey Dale, let’s go over this point-by-point. But first, so as not to give your brother the impression that I am ignoring him; as I said at the beginning of this chapter, that my book was almost ready to go to press, however, upon discovering your laments, they need to be included, actually, this involves events that are the most significant…how could I have forgotten about them! As for Dane, he will be the next chapter.

Hey Dale…Romans 8:28
I will not address these in the order they are listed. First: Dale Koller is afraid of me. Say What !? You mean I’m going to crawl through the wires between Ohio and Florida, and when you turn on your computer, I’m going to get you?…Oh! Hey Dale, you’re supposed to be a lovey-dovey member of the lovey-dovey carcass of lovey-dovey Kryst. That means your supposed to be Bibical-bibical-bibical. How about this biblical-biblical: From Paul’s second letter to Timothy, chapter two, verse seven. 2 Tim 1:7 For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. 139

So Dale…that ain’t true! Guess what else Dale…if you have the “spirit of fear”, your “sound mind” is seriously in question. Hey Dale, I’m putting 2 and 2 together, and here is what I am coming up with: Your brother Dane has stated in writing that I attempted to kill Henry Dziczkowski (I will take this up in the next chapter). The conclusions I am coming to are, maybe it isn’t my good old buddy, good old pal Jitch that is lying his guts out…maybe it’s somebody else…who could it be? Hmmm, who is Dane the closest to? Why?… To get a restraining order, one of the requirements is that whomever you want to restrain must have placed you in dire fear…this must needs be proved. Are you going to swear in front of a judge, that since I attempted to kill Henry Dziczkowsi, and since I am sooo vile-evil-mean spirited, you are in dire fear…and all because of my bady-bady emails? After all, the lawyer did say I was a crackpot. So much for your sound mind I suppose I need to recap some whys and wherefores of recent past history that may have lead Dale to make the statement that he is afraid of me. Now that I am scratching my chin over this…(other then for a reason to get a restraining order) he really is. Why is he afraid of me…it’s not because of the emails, it’s something else…and I know what it is. A digression is in order. 140

Dale Koller

There is a plank of doctrine of the Maranatha Bible Society, the doctrine of what they have dubbed “Identification”. This doctrine is true, however, they know Jack Shit about it. Let me be as simple and concise with an explanation of “Identification”. A member of the Body of Christ is TOTALLY identified with Jesus Christ Himself. It’s that simple. What don’t they get about it? They don’t get Total…i.e. some of the implications, other than being a Son therefore being an Heir. Implications such as “Authority”. If (repeat if…that little two letter word) someone in point and in fact is a member of the body of Christ, than he has the same authority of Jesus Christ. Jesus cast out demons; a member of the body of Christ has the same authority. Jesus cursed people, he cured things…Paul cursed people. One in particular, Elymas Bar-jesus. Why did Paul curse Elymas? Read Acts 13:10…I have the same authority. Digression over When I parted company with the Maranatha Bible Society, given the authority as a member of the body of Christ, in addition to writing “Clarification”, and my letter to Ken Brandt (chapter four), I cursed three people:    I cursed Ken Brandt I cursed Henry Dziczkowski And I Cursed Dale Koller

I wrote my curse in a letter and sent it to them via certified U.S. mail, restricted delivery, signature required. My curse: I told them outright I DID NOT want them to die. I want them to live. I want them to live to be an eyewitness 141

to the breaking of the Seven Seals of the Book of Revelation, to be an eyewitness to the Blowing of the Seven Trumpets of the Book of Revelation, and to be an eyewitness to the Pouring Out of the Seven Vials of the Book of Revelation. I made an additional stipulation in my curse…(extra non lovey-dovey) that I bestowed upon them: The Book of Revelation, The Fifth Trumpet…whatever flies out of the Bottomless pit will be on a mission. To say that they will be pissed is an understatement…prior to proceeding with their mission they will practice on Ken Brandt, they will practice on Henry Dziczkowski, and they will practice on Dale Koller. I will concede that the world at large and D. Koller’s attorney in particular will proclaim me to be a crackpot and Dane Koller will proclaim me to be insane. Hey Dale Koller, hey Dane Koller, Hey Ken Brandt, hey Henry Dziczkowski…there is one and only one way to see if I really am a crackpot…to see if I really am insane…

Wait and See!
My Quest, my Jihad, my Crusade against the Maranatha Bible Society started in earnest on New Years Day, 2010. I mailed the following letter to Ken Brandt, to Henry Dziczkowski, and to Dale Koller, this is also on the Internet:
Allan Lewicki 7911 Thornton Dr Parma, Ohio 44129 allanlewicki@gmail.com January 1, 2010


Dale Koller

Dear Farces Just a reminder: the arrangements I have made for you seven years ago are still in full force. The commencement of the fulfillment of The Book of Revelation is very very soon. You will witness the breaking of every Seal. You will witness the blowing of every Trumpet. You will witness the pouring out of every Vile. You will eventually be introduced to the Two Witnesses; they know who and what you are. DO NOT attempt to preach your “gospel” to them (this is not a warning; it is a command). After the above brief encounter (they have just as mush revulsion of you as I do) the Bottomless Pit will be opened. The creatures that fly out also know who and what you are, they also remember the “liberty” I have extended to them. In the mean time I want you to know what I am doing (epically the Jonesville Farce). I am going through the U.S. state by state and seeking email addresses of the facility of “theological seminaries” (among other institutions), when I find them I email one of the articles I have written. The article I send the most is “The Gospel According to the Maranatha Bible Society”. Written by My Hand: Allan Lewicki

PS: In that all three of you are too dull of hearing to comprehend why I am intentionally not using the names given you in this world, I will reveal this: Your names ARE NOT written in the Book of Life, so as far as I am concerned, you have no names.



Chapter Sixteen: Dale Koller #2
I did not realize that my ranting about the koller farce would be so voluminous, and I did say in the last chapter that I would abnegate him point by point. In that I have significant material to write, I shall proceed with my abnegation forthwith: 1. 2. 3. 4. I hacked into his FaceBook account…yea-yea I sent messages to all his friends…yea-yea I am vile…yea-yea I am a nut…yea-yea

5. I post evil things about the Maranatha Bible Society…Oh Hell Yes! (“evil” is a matter of perspective), Hey Dale…is this to you, for you or about you…Ephesians 5:13? 6. I “cross the line” by contacting his kids. I should make an amplification of the fifth point above (then I will come back to his kids)…Dale asked the attorney to Google “Maranatha Bible Society”, don’t just Google them, Google:      Allan Lewicki Ken Brandt Henry Dziczkowski Dale Koller Dane Koller

When you Google me the first hit that comes up is one of my Blogs. I have 4 Blogger Blogs, but only one comes up: “Allan Lewicki vs. the Maranatha Bible Society”, on that Blog is a sub-blog with links to all of them…“All Blog Addresses” 145

Don’t forget my YouTube Channels, I have two of them, my user name on the first is ElmasBarjesus, note that there are no spaces (after serious consideration I chose that name intentionally to piss you off), my user name on the other is allanlewicki1, again, note no spaces (I absolutely do not want anyone to have difficulty finding these). ********** Now for the Koller kids Dale Koller has a son and a daughter; the daughter is now in her late teens. She is now old enough that she can analyze a situation and come to her own conclusions. Both of these kids have YouTube Channels…I found them. Even though Kollers dialog with an attorney was just the last chapter, I need to review a few pertinent statements:
He emails me at work, home, even my children, and has now even hacked into my facebook and sent messages to all my friends. He states that he will not stop and that he is protected under the amendments. What should I do?

Continuation of Koller seeking advice
He even emails my children!!! And that is where he crosses the line. He simply will not stop!

Hey Dale…let’s get a couple of details straight. Let’s review one on my last email messages; here it is, for the appraisal of the whole world:


Dale Koller #2

To: the General Membership of the Farces calling themselves the Maranatha Bible Society From: Allan Lewicki Subject: email Evidently Dale Koller is under the impression that if he sends me an email demanding that I cease and desist my emails to him, that, according to the 66th Amendment of the Constitution that I am required to comply. Me, as a gesture of courtesy (even though I still have no obligation to comply with his request), have informed him that I will do so pending OFFICIAL. LEGAL, REAL, NOTIFICATION. Hey Dale Koller…my email said: Send me a Certified letter via the U.S. Postal Service; i.e. Restricted Delivery/Signature Required, and I will grant your request. Are you too much of a Farce to do that? This also applies to your Farce brother and the Farce President of the Farce Maranatha Bible Society. Now to edify everybody else. Why, prey tell, can’t Farce Dale just block me? I will tell you why…because he knows his kids will find my Blogs anyway, and he doesn’t want to allow them any help from me. Blogs like: http://maranathabiblecult-127.blogspot.com/ And then they might find this: http://mbsfarcebrandt10.blogspot.com/


Why am I so mean that I am doing this to start with? Below is a cut & paste form one of my Blogs, it’s the very last sentence: “Do you people think…do you actually think that I am going to just ignore this…do you?? And than you will get all convicted and pray for unity!? You people make me want to puke!” Ignore what? Just in case anybody forgot; read the Blog. http://maranathabiblecult-5.blogspot.com/ I did say that I have a final email waiting in the wings, and when the appointed time arrives I will send it…then you will be rid of me. The appointed time is March 22nd, 2010, 7:41PM Allan Lewicki

{ For the contents of this “Last email”, contact me in writing, i.e. black letters on real white paper in a real envelope that is deposited into my mailbox } ********** The Blogs that are mentioned from one of my main blogs (this is the 1st hit that comes up by Googling me, Allan Lewicki): Allan Lewicki vs. the Maranatha Bible Society The title of a sub-blog, probably the one that has caused the most angst to Dale Koller:


Dale Koller #2

Dale and Dane Koller; Are Your Kids Asking Questions That You Can’t Answer? Questions Like: Daddy, if the KJV is Perfect, Why Do You Have to Change it? { Here is this Blog…Copy and Paste } Hi Everybody That’s how I always start my emails to the Maranatha Bible Society…I have to use those words “Maranatha Bible Society”. This Blog is what is called SEO; Search Engine Optimized. The Web Crawlers will find this, then when you Google Maranatha Bible Society, this Blog will come up. Well anyway, both Dale and Dane Koller (more SEO words) sent me a very short and to the point email telling me to cease and desist contacting them or their family. Why, oh holy ones, don’t you just have me blocked? Further why, am I not to send messages to your family? All right, I will comply. Dale Koller, and Dane Koller and their offspring shall receive no more contact from me. This whole quest I am on exposing the farcical hypocrisy of their fellowship is coming to a head anyway. I do have just one more message waiting in the wings that I am intending to send, and when the appointed time arrives I will send it. Dale and Dane Koller shall not receive it, however I know for an absolute certainty that they will know about it. Change of subject Why do the Kollers ask me to stop emailing them? I know why. They can’t just block me because they know that their kids will read my message anyway via some other channel…like YouTube. They also know that if they forbid 149

their kids from reading my messages, kids being kids will all the more want to read them… and then they will start asking questions. Hey Dale Koller, your kids are now old enough to want to know WHY…why, if you proclaim with such austere authority that the KJV is Perfect and Inerrant, does it need to be corrected? For everyone’s edification, JUST ONE of the places that Dale Koller corrects the King James Bible is the capitalization of the S in John 6:63…yes-sir-ee…perfect and inerrant! Hey Dale and Dane Koller, I’m looking at all your friends on FaceBook, and one particular verse comes to mind: James 4:4 You will not hear from me again until I return with The Army, Rev 19:14, and when that happens I am going to have NO mercy on you, or on all the members of your LoveyDovey Karkiss-a-Kryst Klub, and especially not on that Animated Pile of Shit from Walton Hills…Guess where you are going, Rev 20:15. Written by My Hand Allan Lewicki


Is this to you, for you, or about you? The Entire Book of Revelation



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