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Lesson Plan Template

Content Area:
Brandon Burgess
Central Focus: Artistic skills: Create rhythmic
Grade Level:
melodies Knowledge: Note Values
Contextual Understandings: Note values are
important for student to become familiar with
musical notation.
Pre-instructional Planning: Students understand self-space.
Students can demonstrate a steady beat. Students understand rhythm
and note values.
Standards: MU:Cr1.1.3a, MU:Cr1.1.3b, MU:Cr3.1.2a, MU:Pr6.1.3a,
MU:Pr6.1.3b, MU:Cn10.0.4a, MU:Cn10.1.4a, MU:Cn10.2.4a,
MU:Cn10.3.4a, MU:Cn11.0.3a, MU:Re9.1.3a, MU:Re7.2.3a, MU:Pr5.1.3a,
MU:Pr.4.2.3b, MU:Cr2.1.2a, MU:Cr2.1.3b,
Common Core Standards:
Comprehension and Collaboration
3. Ask and answer questions about information from a speaker,
offering appropriate
elaboration and detail.
Integration of Knowledge and Ideas
7. Use information gained from illustrations (e.g., maps,
photographs) and the words
in a text to demonstrate understanding of the text (e.g., where,
when, why, and
how key events occur).
Learning Objectives:
Thestudentswillbeabletodemonstrate I can sing different note values.
I can create rhythmic melodies.
Materials and Resources:
White Boards and Dry Erase Markers
Interwrite Board
Printed Materials/Media:
America PowerPoint Slide
Leaning Environment Preparation: Teacher will set up PowerPoint
with learning goals and America slides. The teacher prepares white
boards and markers.

Internet Resources:
Introduction of Topic
Composer of the week: Vivaldi
Four Seasons
Go over learning goals

Share facts about Vivaldi
Read learning goals

One in the Middle

Singing Games Children Love

On the music rug.

Teacher sings and plays on piano,
students echo the song back.
Sing through with accompaniment
until the song is comfortable.
Teacher demonstrates by acting as
the person in the middle.
Repeat until 8 are in the middle.

Word chain

Raise hands and give examples of

lunch foods
Teacher writes foods on the white
Lead class to speak 4 foods.
Divide class into groups of 6 to create
examples of word chains
Students write out the rhythm of their
foods on a white board.
Each group must incorporate a whole
note, a half note, a quarter note and
an eighth note.

Patriotic song of October

Students stand as a group and

present their rhythm.
Remaining students must think about
the rhythm
Students not in the group must clap
the rhythm as a class, and then speak
the word chain.
-All groups present their work, and
repeat the above

Goodbye song
Line up
Wrap up

Sing with the recording while sitting

Incorporate elements from chorus
(blend, etc.)
Hey goodbye...
My hands are at my side...
Repeat learning goals

Academic Language:
Learning objectives: Student learning outcomes to be achieved by
the end of the lesson or learning segment. Central focus: A
description of the important understandings and core concepts that
you want students to develop within the learning segment. Engaging
students in learning: Using instructional and motivational
strategies that promote students active involvement in learning tasks
that increase their knowledge, skills, and abilities related to specific
learning objectives.
Accommodations for Individual Differences: In order for student
success, the teacher will review rhythms and note values. The
students will demonstrate group work and will work well within a
group setting.
Student Assessment: Students will be informally assessed by his or
her group work. The groups will create word chains, and the rhythms
will show student understanding/lack of understanding of the content.
Evaluation of the Lesson After Teaching: