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STEP 2 - Lesson Plan Rough Draft

Submitted Lesson Plan should include the following:

Names of UALRTeach Students
: Amber Butte and Amber Mitchell
Name of Mentor Teacher
Terri Phillips
Pulaski Heights Middle School
Teaching Date:
Friday, March 6th
4th Period (11:14-11:59)
Source of the Lesson
: (Name of kit and title/page number of activity.)
Loosely based off of
Thinking Inside the Box: Designing Plant Packages
State Standards Addressed
NS. 1. 8. 1. Justify conclusions based on appropriate and unbiased observations.
NS. 1. 7. 5. Communicate results and conclusions from scientific inquiry.
NS. 1. 8. 7. Communicate results and conclusions from scientific inquiry following peer review.
Specific Objectives
: The Students will be able to effectively brainstorm a redesign for a product which will reduce
excess packaging using the materials provided.
Materials List

Powerpoint (for class demonstration/discussion)

Redesign Worksheet (one per student)
Each group will get a package to redesign printed on their handout (1 for each group of 2 students)
Pencils (one per student)
Example of an over packaged product
Safety Considerations
Students will leave their product package samples on the desk at all times.

Lesson Plan

What I Will Do

What Student Will Do

Questions To Ask


Show the students

several examples of

Students will listen to

introduction and
packaging types as a
class discussion

Does this product have

excess packaging?

Time: 5 Minutes
Introduce key terms to
students via power

What are some ways

we could reduce the
Are there other
materials we could use
that would be more

Time: 10 Minutes

Walk around class and

answer/ask questions
as students begin their

Redesign a product
with the goal of
reducing the amount
of packaging.

Why did you do ____?

How do your changes
affect the product?
If so, How?

Brainstorm ways to
redesign a package.

Time: 10


Go around to groups
and listen/observe as
the students share
their redesigns with
other groups.

Students will swap

groups and share their

Ask questions of
students as they
rework their design.

Students will continue

their redesign of
product using
information from their
group discussion.

Time: 10 Minutes

Time: 0

Redesign worksheets
will be collected from
students for review.

Does your redesign

reduce waste?
Does your redesign
have any impact on

Students will turn in

their worksheet filled
in with their redesign
and explanation.

Did your peers have

any helpful hints?
Did your peers and
yourself make similar