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(Test No. 5)
1. Enumerate at least ten (10) Tools of the Trade you use as an Electrical
2. Enumerate at least ten (10) Electrical Testing Equipment.
3. Draw the wiring symbols for the following electrical devices:
a). Grounding Connection
b). Power Generator ( Wye-Delta)
c). Power Transformer (Wye-Delta)
d). Thermal Overload Protection Device
e). Hand-Off-Auto Control Station
f). Variable Speed Drive
g). Current Transformer
h). Voltage Transformer
i). Variable Resistor
j). Motor Starter/Controller Unit
4. Draw the wiring diagram of an across the line 3-Phase Electric Motor that is
being controlled from two(2) separate locations by push button stations.
5. A 440Volts, 3-Phase electrical motor running current was measured at 60
Amperes, what is the power requirement of the electric motor? What is the
minimum size of cable that you are allowed to use for the motor feeder cable?
What is the minimum size/rating of the Circuit Breaker you can use for this
motor feeder circuit?
6. What is the difference between an electrical generator and an electrical
7. For a Current Transformer used in metering system, why is it important to
ensure that the secondary terminals are not left open before current is
introduced on the primary terminals.
8. In Hazardous Areas, why is it important to prevent Electrostatic Discharge
from happening? What is the effective way of preventing Electrostatic
Discharges in Hazardous Areas?
9. For Single Core Cables, used for power circuit feeders, why is it important to
use cable glands made of non-magnetic materials, like aluminum?
10. What do you use to do the following electrical tests:
a). Correct Motor Rotation
b). Earthing Test
c). Light intensity in a room.
d). Insulation resistance of a 25Kv Electric Motor
e). Electric Motor Rotation Speed