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Sale - S 54

Rights and liabilities of buyer and seller - S 55

Sellers Duties

Before sale

To disclose material defects in the property or title - S 55(1)(a)

To produce the title-deeds for inspection - S 55(1)(b)

To answer relevant questions as to title - S 55(1)(c)

To execute conveyance - S 55(1)(d)

To take care of the property and title deeds

To pay the outgoings

After sale

To give possession to the buyer - S 55(1)(f)

To covenant for title - S 55(2)

To deliver title deeds on receipt of the price - S 55(3)

Sellers Rights

Before sale

Entitled to all rents, profits or other benefits - S 55(4)(a)

After sale

Charge on property (unpaid vendor's charge) - S 55(4)(b)

Buyers Duties

Before Sale

To disclose facts which materially increases the value of property

To pay the price

After sale

To bear the loss to the property - S 55(5)(c)

To pay the outgoings - S 55(5)(d)

Buyers Rights

Before Sale

Charge on property for price paid - S 55(6)(b)

After sale

Entitled to all benefits - S 55(6)(a)

Marshalling by subsequent purchaser - S 56

Discharge of encumbrances - S 57

Mortgage - S 58(a)
Simple Mortgage - S 58(b)
Mortgage by conditional sale - S 58(c)
Usufructuary Mortgage - S 58(d)
English Mortgage - S 58(e)
Mortgage by deposit of title-deeds - S 58(f)
Anomalous Mortgage - S 58(g)

Right of redemption - S 60
Other rights of mortgagor - S 61-64
Liabilities of mortgagor - S 65 & 66
Right to foreclosure - S 67
Other rights of mortgagee - S 68-73
Liabilities of mortgagee - S 76

Marshalling by subsequent mortgagee - S 81

Contribution - S 82
Redeem up - S 91
Subrogation - S 92
Prohibition of tacking - S 93
Foreclose down - S 94

Charge - S 100

122126 - Gift
122 - Definition
123 - Transfer how effected

124 - Gift of existing and future property

125 - Gift to several of whom one does not accept
126. When gift may be suspended or revoked