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Abdulaziz Alshatti
Professor: Eric Barnhart
English 113B
December 14th, 2015
Fear into Anger and in turn leads to Action
Fear is an emotion that a human experiences when facing another person, whom he/she
sees as a threat. In the book, The Road, the author had described how fear has helped the father
save himself and his child in search for a better life. The book The Road brings a situation of a
post-apocalyptic world where the Man and his child are facing disasters on them. This fear of
man had made him to decide to move out with his child in order to search a better place for
living. In this book, the fear of the father had changed into action and thus he is trying to save
himself and his child in such a way that they can able to find a better place for living. In order to
survive in this world, we have to make sure that ethical and moral values should contain love
peace and the un-ethical values such as fear anger and depression.
God had made people with complex in nature. This complexity can be defined in a
sense that when fear is troubling the life, people keep thinking about how to overcome this fear.
Also, when something bad happens to a person, the feeling of revenge or an action comes into
the persons mind. If the person is more powerful than the other person, the emotion against that
person turns into fear. This fear when it goes out of control from the persons consciousness,
turns into anger and then ultimately turns into the action against that opponent (Osborne, 81).

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In order to completely describe the ethical and moral values, it is much important to
describe the effect of these values. For instance, when we start describing about fear, the
consequences of fears should be described. These consequences are defined in the context of an
anger stating that Fear destroys harmony (Snowden, 14). This can be said with the devastating
effects of fear. Fear leads to breakage of the human bond in the human society. Psychologically,
it had been proved that fear leads to mental tension and this mental tension leads to an
unacceptable state of the mind called Depression (Snowden, 21). Depression is the state of the
mind where a person loses all his contacts from the world and goes into another world, which
destroys himself from his roots of the body. Also, the other times, fear leads to the state of
violence and anger in the state of human body such that violence can only be stopped when the
person see the blood of the other person.
In the 21st Century, a third face of fear can be defined. This state is called a Spy (Davis,
23). In this modern technology world where if a person even slaps another person, he is
subjected to criminal offences, the birth of detectives came into existence. Detectives are those
people who are being paid off to keep an eye on another person and his lifestyle such that if there
is any threat or fear that exists from that person. This technique is used by the multinational cocorporates or very important persons (VIPs) to look after them by keeping an eye on their so
called enemies from which they tend that they have a problem against them. Also, these people
are ready to invest their huge amounts into their enemies such that they can keep their eyes on
them (Davis, 43). This can be related with the book The Road as the man carries a pistol with a
couple of bullets with him. He keeps this for his safety because he knows that anytime, disaster
can occur. This context form the book can be related to the development of Spy where people
want to predict about future and save them. Even today in the modern world, many superpower

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countries have their bases in the potential fear countries like the United States Army has their
bases in Iraq and Saudi Arabia to look after the potential threat from them and keep an eye on
them because they fear that someone somewhere is planning against them. This turns out to be
true sometimes when the enemy is planning an attack against you, you will have an ample time
to go through your decisions and act accordingly (Davis, 52).
In this essay, we are going to analyze all the three aspects of fear and how the fear gives
birth to unethical ways in the society that leads to difficulty of peace and agreement from the
society. As we all know fear is a state of mind, and the mind cannot handle fear for a long time,
the mind changes fear into anger, depression or action. From the research and from the history, it
can be said that fear had always turned into anger and then into action.
Starting from the story that can be found in 1981 Book by Snowden Rosie Fear into
Anger into Action that discusses about the how women were observed as sex symbol and
treated as inferior counterparts of men. Fear of being lower and underneath the men authority
eventually turn that fright into anger. This anger was the greatest part of anger that made women
to shout and show the people that their fear had turned into anger (Snowden, 53). From the
psychological observations, it is seen that when a person mental state is turned into anger, the
opposite person is either turns into a state of fear or anger. Fear of first person and fear of second
person turns into anger as a whole and anger of first and second person turns to much more anger
as a whole. For example anger of two different countries leads to war between them. Sometimes,
anger of the first person leads to fear in the second when he realizes that opposite person had
become far more superior to him. In this story, the same thing happened and this had anger
sparked actions from women such as asking for gender equality, amendments in law for the
betterment of women, better jobs, respect which slowly become part of our society and modified

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the thinking of our men dominated culture (Snowden, 56). This context is related to the book
The Road where the man and the boy passes through the burnt man but the man ignores the
burnt man saying that he had got nothing to give him. This instance shows that the man could
have able to help him but he didnt because in the war of cannibalism, the person who saves
himself had won the war.
Thorough analysis of the book The Road reveals an aspect that touches how fear turns
into anger and eventually into action. The novel discusses the impact of that period where all the
wrong doing were happening in the world, and the superiors were destroying the world. The
father and his son were the victims of the anger society. The father and son were the victims of
the cannibalistic society. Although they sense anger towards those cannibalistic creatures, this
anger cannot help them to survive in until they take action for themselves. Therefore, they chose
to leave that area and moved on in a search for a better place. The father and his son were the
victims of human hunger (cannibalism) and total end of civilization which forces them to migrate
and leave most of their possessions. Also the novel shows despite fathers ever losing health he
still protects his son, but they constantly moves to find some safer and a better place to live
(McCarthy 52). This portion gives us a great aspect of how fear can be succeeded by love.
Despite about the health conditions of father, he takes down his son to a safer place in order for
him to have a better life. This is called the love and respect. Fear and Anger can also be fought
with love. If a person loves another person so much, he can able to give up himself for him and
turn the world upside down for him.
Talking about the fear, fear had been called as a mental behavior when a person cannot
think beyond the limits. This makes the person to restrict his mind to a level where further
thinking can only be worse by anger. Sometimes, people think calm and composed but many

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times, the thinking goes up to the level of anger (Snowden 61). This is the psychological state of
mind when the person is in fear; his thinking is being limited to as he thinks that every way for
him to get out of the fear is in danger.
This state of mind brings him to a situation where he finds himself helpless and this
helplessness turns into his anger. In the state of anger, a person never thinks that he is doing
right for himself or not. The only thing, he believes that every action taken by him is right.
Therefore, in our modern day society, we especially require a person state of mind during
judgment and trials that whether he is in the calm and composed state. Also, in most of the
government situations, decision which are taken in the state of anger or fear are considered as
worthless. A persons should in controlled state of mind in order to take a decision for him or the
society accordingly.
There is a little hope of God when comes in terms of Fear and Anger. In the book by
Snowden about fear into anger into action, the author had clarified about how fear and anger are
closely related to each other and about how fear is controlled by the emotion of God (Snowden,
44). When thinking psychology, a child may have a fear from his parent that if he does anything
wrong or anything unacceptable in front of his parents, that leads anger in parents. But the
question here is why? Why only fear is leading to anger? The answer lies in the psychological
aspect of the theory. The brain is treated in such a fashion that fear always triggers out anger
when not controlled.
According to the Psychology Today, the guileless efforts deceit is sufficiently common
in youngsters to make them seem almost innocent Also, from the other point, it can be said that
distressing of emotions such as anger is generally motivated by a request and the guilt inside.

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Also, when talking beyond this situation, it can be seen that hurt, fear are being generally agreed
by fear (Psychology Today, 12).
There are also many other relationships to fear, fear leads to anger and sometimes part
way to depression. Depression is the mental state of the person when that fear is so controlled on
the person that he realizes that fear is the ultimate reason for his living and turns into a state
where he considers himself to be responsible for all the state that is happening to him.
Depression also triggers suicidal tendencies.
In the book, the Road the fear of the men that world is coming into the near end had led
them to break all the social rules and made them to be like animals. The men started becoming
cannibal, which in turn resulted in the worst fashion of the world. The world in the book had
stated itself as nearing end which led people to lose all ethical and moral values and become as
the traitors. But still, the hope of love came as the rescue to the child from the father and this led
him to save his child from all the harsh possibilities of the people. In the book, it is also being
described that even the father was nearing to die due to several injuries; he had managed to save
up his child (McCarthy, 59).
For instance, about the recent situation of the world where Syrian refugees are planning
to move out of Syria due to ongoing tensions in their country, all the other neighboring countries
had opened the gates for the Syrian refugees in order to show the love for the people. This had
bought a peace of mind in the world that Syrian refugees are being taken in the world.
Also, when talking about the series of the Prison Break, the love of the brother to the
brother had shown him the respect and made his brother to take him out of the prison under any
circumstances when the world had turned against the man due to his actions of murder to the

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brother of the vice president. The brother had shown him the love which the elder brother had
imparted on him when he was young. Form these series, it can be seen that ultimately it is the
Love that keeps together and refrain us from having these psychological behaviors called fear
and action.
Love is Above All. This is not only discussed in social books, but also in religious
books. In the bible, Jesus had asked all the people to show love to each other in order to maintain
peace and harmony in the world. Respect to the people is only shown by the love. Love is the
only thing in the people that is making the people bonded and live for each other. Someone had
rightly said Make people remember when you Die! this means that love should be spread in
such a way that people should always remember you for your goodness.

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