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Elijah Bun
UWRT 1103
Dr. Blair
14 December 2015
Final Reflection Essay
Writing is the most unique and interesting subject and form of expression that
someone can do. In the essay I wrote in the beginning of the year I said that writing
was one of my worst subjects. As we approach the end of this semester, it is clear
that my writing has not exponentially improved. It would be fair, however, to say
that my writing has improved in general that my technique and style of writing is
clearly better than before.
Throughout the course I have completed countless inquiry projects, rough
drafts, and final drafts that were meant to emulate the writing process that
professional writers preform. I like this process because I feel it helps me develop
many different ideas about how I can and write my paper rather than just starting
from a generic baseplate. My writing has improved because I use this style which
help me organize and explain my ideas more thoroughly, a feat which was once one
of my greatest challenges. For instance, in my second essay, I follow my sub claims
and back them up with in-text examples and analysis. In this essay I noted the
failure of the mother to try and force interaction between her and her daughter. I
used specific quotes and analysis to prove this point and then advanced to the next
sub claim which was a smooth transition which provides the organizational structure
that my paper needs.
It is clear to see how my composition skills have improved throughout my
work as my grades have improved as I practiced my writing more and more. As I
practiced my writing I began to use more examples to support my claims and follow
a better organizational structure. I feel that my writing is much more powerful than

Bun 2
Elijah Bun
UWRT 1103
Dr. Blair
14 December 2015
my previous writings and I feel this was due to all the practice in writing that I have
performed this semester. The homework journals, assignments, and in class essays
all helped to give me more practice with writing composition, which believe is one of
the most sure fire ways to improve ones writing.
Since the beginning of the semester I feel that my writing has improved in
subtle ways which makes my work much easier to read. My goals from this course
were to get the credit, of course, but in the process improve my technical writing
and find a more efficient way to express my ideas through text. As a writer now I
feel that my work gets to the point and is well supported and thoroughly analyzed
as I have practiced both supporting my work and analyzing my work. I also make
sure to use all parts of an argument, even the new parts of the argument such as
warrants and rebuttals which I have learned exclusively from this class. All in all this
class lived up to my expectations in which I wrote and practiced honing my writing
style, improving my overall compositions and by extension improving myself.