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Colette Monod

SIOP: Making Content Comprehensible for ELLs
The Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol( SIOP) was developed to make
content material comprehensible to English Language Learners.
Teachers clearly define:
- Content objectives
- Language objectives
- Concepts must be developmentally appropriate
- Supplementary materials must be used, “ manipulatives
- Content adapted to ELL’s needs; pictures, charts, study guides, phighlighted
- Meaningful activities integrate lesson concepts w/ language practicing
opportunities for listening speaking reading and writing.
Building Background
- appropriate speech
- step-by-step explination
- variety of techniques
-provide ample opportunities for interaction about lesson concepts which
encourage higher level thinking ZPD
- grouping which supports language and content objectives ,, cooperating groups,
buddies, pairs
-ample wait time for response
- opportunities for clarification in native language if possible
- hands-on materials or manipulatives for student practice
- activities for students to apply content and language knowledge in classroom
- activities that intergrate all language skills : listening , speaking reading, and
Lesson delivery
- content objectives supported by lesson delivery
- language objective supported by lesson delivery
- students engaged 90% to 100% if the period
- Pacing of the lesson appropriate to students’ ability level
The sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol(SIOP) model is a research0based and
validated instructional model that has proven effective in addressing the academic needs
of English learners throughout the United States
SIOP model consists of 8 interrelated components:
- Lesson Preparation
- Building Background
- Comprehensible Input
- Strategies
- Interaction
- Practice/ Application
- Lesson Delivery
- Review & Assessment

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