Valentino Stoll Professor Nielson ENGL-102-041 February 17, 2004 Journal Entry #2 TV Censorship The decision for

censorship on television simply lies within the good old subject of ethics. For centuries we, the “civilized” creatures inhabited on this relatively small planet “earth,” have struggled to grasp the true aesthetics of our bodies. It all comes down to our need and want for lust. It is this very idea that has restrained our bodies the true attention they were made for. Nonetheless, as “civilized” individuals interlocked in a “civilized” society, we have come to a common agreement, so-to-speak, that certain parts of our body are not meant to be shown and such visualizations are not only indecent but uncivilized and illegal. Through this idea of our natural bodies as an indecency, we have developed the idea of “censorship,” mainly for its purpose on television. Now what is censorship? It is the legal regulations the government presses the television networks for in order to keep every one at peace. Unfortunately, most American’s have been raised and cultured wrapped in this ludicrous idea. We have been programmed essentially, by society, that we should be ashamed of our bodies. The whole idea of “appropriateness” has been demolishing our morals and well being for too long. The television has been, and will always be, the largest source of information and entertainment. Its non-stop broadcast to almost every location in our country has spread relentlessly to each and every home. Because of the vast use of this technology amongst the nation, the current view of ethics for the U.S. has stripped its citizens of its rights in the process. Take, for example, the views of many other nations. In all of Europe, the idea of censorship simply doesn’t exist. The inhabitants of this continent have evolved to a point of individualistic freedom that has set them apart from the world, mainly the US, for many years. We must learn as a society the true beauty of the human body. We must learn that clothing is merely a means of protection for our sensitive skin. However, until society has become aware of these facts, censorship on television is a must to keep society under control.

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