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Student Teaching edTPA Indirect Instruction Lesson Plan Template

Subject: Patterns

Central Focus: Patterns

Common Core/Essential Standard Objective:

Date submitted: November 12, 2015

Date taught:

Daily Lesson Objective: Students will learn what patterns are what the difference between a pattern and a non-

pattern is. Along with making sure students can count to 8 correctly and know how to check their counting.
21st Century Skills:

Academic Language Demand (Language Function and


Prior Knowledge:


1. Engage

2. Explore

3. Explain

4. Elaborate

5. Evaluate
Assessment Methods of
all objectives/skills

Description of Activities and Setting

We will do a small activity that involves me showing the students a

pattern of 2-3 movements ( clap hands, stop feet, and pat legs) and have
the students join in, until all the students are participating in the
movement pattern. Then I will use the smartboard and show patterns
such as 1, 2, 3, 4 or 1, 2, 1, 3, 1, 4 and have the students guess what
comes next. Lastly I will ask the students some questions about what
they know about patterns and how did they know what order to do the
movements in? We will then go over two different sets of cube trains
(one with a pattern and one without, both with 8 cubes) and talk about
what is different and what is the same
I will hand out cubes to each student and have them make their own
cube trains with 8 cubes only. They will make two cube trains, one with
a pattern and one without. I will circulate around and have students
describe to me their arrangements for their cube trains and how they
know they are different.
We will come back together and briefly review what a patterned and
what a non-patterned cube train is. I will have students observe their
classmates cube trains and see if they can tell which train is the
repeating pattern and which is not. I will then ask students if there is a
way to group the cube trains together, what are they and is there more
than one way to group the trains.
After the small group lesson learning about patterns for the first time,
the students will join their classmates and they will go into table
centers. At table centers, they will continue working on building
patterns based on the instructions given with the materials and help
form teachers circulating around the room.
Do they see the difference between patterns and non-patterns? What is
a pattern? Did students use only 8 cubes for their trains, and could they
make trains with and without patterns, and now the difference?


6. Assessment Results of
all objectives/skills
Targeted Students Modifications/Accommodations
ADHD students
-The lesson plan would be quick
-Student will be able to take short breaks
-Child will be close to me
-Lesson plan will involve hands on activity

Student/Small Group Modifications/Accommodations

Materials/Technology: Smart board.

Reflection on lesson:

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