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Writing SOL Rubric


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Block: _____

Composing/Written Expression Domain

4 Consistent Control

3 Reasonable Control

Fat Albert

Slim Jim

The writer does not have to maintain perfect control.

The writer may control some features more than others.

Examples, anecdotes, illustrations, details

Clear, logical organizational plan
Few digressions, effective transitions that
connect ideas within and across paragraphs
Consistent point of view, effective lead/closure
Sentences of various lengths and structures
create a rhythmic flow
Highly specific word choice, purposefully selected
information, descriptive and/or figurative
language creates tone and enhances the writers

Possible thinness, unevenness in elaboration

Evidence of an organizational plan, although
some lapses may occur
Few minor digressions/shifts in point of view,
Purposeful use of some transitions, the presence
of a lead/closure
Sentences of various lengths/structures, but a
lack of sentence complexity may diminish rhythm
Specific word choice, descriptive language, and
selective information; some general statements
may be present flattening the tone/voice.

2 Inconsistent Control

1 Little/No Control



The writing indicates significant weakness.

The writing indicates little understanding.

Lists general, underdeveloped statements

Organizes ideas with limited evidence of the
relationship between ideas/events
Little unity due to the Inconsistent use of
transitions, major digressions, competing central
ideas, occasional shifts in point of view, weak
Little sentence variety lack of rhythmic flow
Mostly imprecise, bland language (although
some specificity and word choice could allow the
writers voice/tone to emerge on occasion)

Little/No purposeful elaboration

Little/No organizational plan; fails to develop
relationships between ideas/events; typically
jumps from one thought to the next
Little/No unity due to major digressions, shifts in
point of view, lack of transitions, limited
Lacks sentence variety monotonous
General, vague, and/or repetitious vocabulary;
little/no selected information; fails to create tone
or develop the writers voice

Usage & Mechanics

Topics include:
Sentence Formation fragments, run-ons,
comma splices, beginning sentences with
coordinating conjunctions
Usage subject/verb agreement, pronoun
agreement, pronoun case, adjectives & adverbs,
verb tenses, plurals and possessives, double
negatives, homophones
Mechanics punctuation, capitalization,
formatting, spelling

4 Consistent Control
Does not have to be

3 Reasonable Control
The writing outweighs
occasional errors

2 Inconsistent Control
The density/variety of
errors outweigh the

1 Little/No Control
errors overwhelm the

This rubric is intended for holistic scoring.