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SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE, BUILDING & DESIGN Research Unit for Modern Architecture Studies in Southeast Asia Foundation


Research Unit for Modern Architecture Studies in Southeast Asia

Foundation of Natural Build Environment (FNBE)


Prerequisite: None Lecturers: Noorul Iffa Mohd Nayan, Shazreene Nurjanna Shamsuddin

Project 1 Graphic Journal (20% Individual) Submission: 11 th September 2015 (Week 6)


Landscape architecture is designated to integrate people with the outdoor environment in a way to make people appreciate nature. It involves all aspects of the outdoor environment from the design of intimate gardens to the planning and management of land areas. People use this space most of the time; when they leave a building, they will have to pass by an open space to reach next destination.

Visual communication for landscape architecture demonstrates not only how and where a range of visual communication skills are needed, but also the knowledge of translating the observation on field on to a presentation paper. It tests the designer competency to make everyone familiar with what is illustrated and the meaning behind it.

By having a field trip, students will have platform to apply the visual thinking skills and map it out by using travel sketch journal techniques. It is a medium where they can learn how to translate their experience and speak their expression on sketch journal.

Objectives of Project

The objectives of this project:

  • To demonstrate knowledge of the fundamentals of landscape graphic communication and landscape design process.

  • To develop visual communication thinking skills through sketching exercises and on field observations.

  • To equip students with graphic media knowledge and critical exploration on coloring techniques.

Learning Outcomes of this Project

On successful completion of this subject, students will be able to demonstrate the following:

1. Understanding of basic graphic communication skill in landscape architecture such as softscape, hardscape and natural elements through field observation. 2. Illustrate the visual thinking skills via travel sketch journal which emphasizes on landscape features at site.


Tasks - Methodology

This is an integrated project with ENBE Individual Photo Journal Scrapbook.

You are required to produce a travel sketch journal of your trip to Taman Negara which will is scheduled on 21 st to 23 rd August 2015. The travel sketch journal is a graphic journal comprises of an illustrative visual map of the site and a series of landscape elements. The components of graphic journal are as follows;

  • 1. Visual Map of Taman Negara You have to produce a visual map that illustrates your journey in Taman Negara. The map should start from where you enter to the site (apparently not from the school) and end before you depart. You are to record the journey and places only regardless of how many days you are at site, the map should only be in ONE page. Sketch the map (not in scale) and select 5 places of interests that contain such elements needed as stated below. The map should be understandable with legends (if necessary), information or descriptions, and labels. You are free to sketch, doodle, and draw based on your creativity to incorporate in the ENBE Photo Journal Scrapbook. The travel sketch journal is part of The ENBE Photo Journal Scrapbook, not a new set apart.

Tasks - Methodology This is an integrated project with ENBE Individual Photo Journal Scrapbook. You are
Tasks - Methodology This is an integrated project with ENBE Individual Photo Journal Scrapbook. You are
Tasks - Methodology This is an integrated project with ENBE Individual Photo Journal Scrapbook. You are
Tasks - Methodology This is an integrated project with ENBE Individual Photo Journal Scrapbook. You are

Example of visual map

  • 2. The 5 Places of Interests Based on your experience in Taman Negara, you are to choose 5 places of interests that attract you the most. You have to record and document the following information;

    • i. Softscape Elements Draw out minimum 3 plants (1 tree/palm, 1 shrub & 1 groundcover/fern) in plan (how it looks on top, elevation (how it looks in front of you) and the shape of leaves. Each place should have different types of plants.


Hardscape Elements

Among 5 places, you are to select only 2 places that have hardscape elements such as

shelter/gazebo/pavilion, pavement, bridge/canopy walkway etc. Take pictures of each element and its details and trace it out.


iii. Natural Elements

Among 5 places, you are only to select 1 place that has natural element which is stream, waterfall or river/canal. You are to illustrate the natural element and produce the plan and

elevation of it. You can take picture as your own future reference.

iv. View of the Site

Of all places that you have been visited in Taman Negara, choose 1 place that attract you the most and take picture of it. Find the best view to represent the uniqueness of the site. Based on the picture taken, imagine how the site looks on plan and elevation.

** Example of all tasks will be showing in class. A lecture on Landscape Graphic Communication will be given together with exercises in class to aid students in completing this assignment.

Submission Requirement

As it is an integration project with ENBE Photo Journal Scrapbook, you are required to fulfil ALL requirements for both modules.

This is a trip-based assignment. To those who are unable to attend, you have to arrange your own trip (as what you should do in ENBE) and do consult with your respective tutor regarding that. All students have to fulfil all requirements as following;

  • 1. The CL graphic journal should be part of the ENBE Photo Journal Scrapbook. You are free to compose the CL components to be incorporated in the ENBE journal to look as ONE journal. The front cover should be highlighting the trip to Taman Negara, not reflecting any modules. However, you have to depict clearly your name and student ID and small Taylor’s logo on the cover page.

  • 2. You are to insert both assessment sheets (CL & ENBE) at the end of the journal and fill up with complete information. Based on the assessment sheet, we are then can identify which group that you are belong to.

  • 3. Please label all components such as visual map, softscape elements up until view of the site to ease the assessment and marking.

  • 4. The graphic journal should be manually done, for both drawing and lettering except for printed photos. All drawings should be all coloured, partially coloured or black and white depending on your creativity, but it must be done properly.

  • 5. You can use any medium of colouring at your convenience and can be a combination of mixed media, water colour, pencil or marker. Please plan carefully as not all medium suits with all types of paper.

  • 6. The submission will be on the same day as ENBE,

11 th September 2015, FRIDAY

. You are

advised to scan your work before submission for uploading purposed in e-portfolio.

*Gentle reminder; Any work submitted late will yield 10% mark deduction. For works submitted later than 2 days, no assessment will be done. If you are sick on the submission day, you have to provide MC with an official letter signed by parents/guardian explaining about your health condition. A formal email should be written to the module coordinator a day before/or before submission time.


Assessment Criteria

The assessment criteria for this assignment will be based on:

Demonstrated understanding of brief

Relevance, appropriateness and depth of research exhibited in the assignment

Creative application of graphic communication skills, originality and quality of the work

Individual documentation

Marking Criteria

Demonstrated understanding and meeting the requirements

In-depth exploration on the instructions, critical observation to site and adequate content in

meeting the requirements


Clarity of content and appropriateness of the structure

The clear and well-structured of the content, appropriateness and accuracy of the information



Originality, creativity and workmanship

Good graphic communication exhibited in the assignment, creative illustration and has

originality as well the quality of work in every single artwork.


TOTAL: 100%

Suggested References

** Refer to slides presentation on project briefing.


PROJECT 2 Design Process: Graphic Journal

NAME: ________________________________________________________________________

Student ID: __________________________________

TUTOR NAME: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________








Demonstrated understanding of brief and the effectiveness of carrying out the tasks

Total 5%



  • 1. Illustrate adequate knowledge and understanding on requirement


  • 2. Evidence of extensive study on choosing the right elements and adequate exercises








Originality, creativity and quality of work

Total 15%

  • 1. Illustrate good and quality of graphic communication skills in the work


  • 2. Creativity and originality of the works, and exploration of various material used


  • 3. Quality of workmanship executed on every single artwork.