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09/33/15 © TOPIC IT WANT To ACQUIRE INFO: | «Did gender play a role im chance of survival during the Holocaust Jat Auschwitz? | + Conditions “at concentrahon Camps & why Auschwitz was the worst. @® WHy THIS Topic 2 [ei aaron inked gender studies learning [community , but we primarily focus on lwomen’s suffrage in the US- I think | the women %& children are somehmes loverlooked in the study of the Holocaust: @ | BACKGRouND KNOWLEDGE? _ : = LI know at many concentration camps _ | fhe women & children or young & elderly lwere killed off upon arrival a @) Didwe QUESTIONS: a /@Did women have equal_rights as_man lip Poland&Germany in this hme? —__ ‘© Propoganda tactics used. How 10sing_ WWIZ played a role in Germanys vulnera bility? ii es ae : | did not have equal rights = ‘© IF women cd ime, if they could have stood __ fat the hme, i would. that have maces sam inst men. UP dSfecene._ in Hitler's takeover? a TwO PERSPECTIVES FOR TOAC Ce ll A in © Punishments ce #6, conditions = fae es (opurishmenls: what types. behaves er prisoners “punished for? Were They ———— = Re Hews ui amiliated in. Wane pe isishment usu usually death? a @ Labor/Work' Focusi => 5 labor and d how th is. heir Mich) oh — feos _established. _* [INQUrRy QUESTION: WHAT MaDe AUSCHWITZ ESPECIALLY BAD FoR FEMALES V5. MALES.