Continuous Infinity by Valentino Ulysses Stoll I must take you through a journey of segmented time A journey of love through

the force of attraction A colorless wheel of magnetic incision Through scalar wave electrostatic potential And geometric fallacies of perplexed proportions Where calculus has been created to stupify the people And hexagonal matrices form through the steeple And dominatrix priests heard the poor little sheep Through eyes sought dim in blinding light And heads shaken deep from the blinding sight The world needs love not hatred and races It needs to be stripped of all ill seeded “natures” Replaced by antithisizing synonyms and pure bred rhythms Of vibrating waves of time manifesting thoughts divine As kindred spirits consume the vast of the lost past And the found future of forgotten fate Brings humanity together for the final frontier For hope is not a delusion but the last remaining tool The final days are always churning for the nearest present moment To create the movement to abyss and end the universes' struggle For the life of a 'verse is as short lived as humanity's curse. Conquer yourself from within as without Consume all perspectives as they come about Reject all assumptions and accusations Forget me not for my clairvoyant thought Regret not for all done distraught Refuse control of intolerant power (mongering tyrants) Replenish this 'verse with fluids unearthed Recreate all souls lost or forgot Relive all those that thought were not Become all with all to come Truth means truth Love is all Continuous Infinity

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