Listening to read aloud. Listen to dramatized readings by actors. Listen to readings by authors. Individual silent reading. Expressive reading aloud. Dramatization of various types of texts and various authors. Reading and dramatization of texts. Meeting with the author. Meeting with the actor Comparing the popularity of books read. Competition-exhibition of expressive reading among pupils in primary and secondary schools in the area. Verification - Evaluation The review will consider: The optimization and use of human resources, financial and professional placed in the field.

comparison of different methodological approaches used by schools in the implementation of laboratory activities, with emphasis on the interdisciplinary and educational continuity. professional development for teachers. the progressive increase awareness of children, teenagers, parents, in a word the entire citizenship, the importance of education, cultural and social dimensions of reading. the establishment of important interdisciplinary connections, which promotes the coordinated use of other laboratories in schools. the full inclusion of the development of taste and pleasure to read between the educational objectives and teaching basic the availability of appropriate tools for achieving this Presentation and advertising of texts read and heard: Product Reviews, slogans, comments, discussions,

newspaper articles, hypertexts, , press conference, drawings and posters, murals, billboards in the classroom or the school atrium, with short comments on readings that are liked more. etc.. Stages of The Listening Phase stimulating Meeting with the narrator (November) Actors read, with music, texts chosen by teachers for classes for first, second and third.

Phase II Reading in class (all year) Students prepare by reading Each teacher chooses courses and teaching strategies appropriate to the class

Phase III in Expressive Reading Contest (April) Pupils participate in a contest of expressive reading and are selected by a competent jury. Each class can select some pupils for the competition. The competition is open then out to other schools.

Final prize: Travel to Spain