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Sammi Updegraf

English 111
The Adventures of a Single Parent
Throughout the years, the rates of parenthood in the younger generations
have steadily risen. Society in itself has dramatically changed. Women are now a
prominent feature within the workforce, not just in the kitchen and rearing children.
The world is changing, and with that comes not only new expectations, but new
obstacles as well.
As an adult, I realize that I am juggling three full-time jobs. I am a single
mother, a college student, and a full-time employee working a minimum of 35 hours
a week. Thats definitely a sizable workload for one just one person. It has proven to
be an extremely challenging task, trying to balance these three jobs. Although I
realize that I am not the first person to climb this mountain, to endure this struggle,
it undeniably has its highs and lows. Although these three jobs seem to be
completely unrelated, Im finding that they are, fundamentally, the same. Each has
its own list of tasks, goals, milestones, etc.

Sammi Updegraf
English 111
Complicating the lack of alternatives is the lack of information about what, exactly,
were consuming.
David Zinczenko: Dont Blame the Eater
If I am right, then schools and colleges are missing an opportunity when they do
not encourage students to take their nonacademic interests as objects of academic
Gerald Graf: Hidden Intellectualism
They earned higher degrees, often setting aside their youthful passion for
philosophy or music to sufer through dull practical majors like management or
finance. In some cases, they were high achievers who ran into trouble precisely
because they had risen far enough in the company for their salaries to look like a
tempting cost cut.
Barbara Ehrenreich: The (Futile) Pursuit of the American Dream
What she meant when she said she had won was that she had brought him up
successfully and had sent him to college and that he had turned out so wellgood
looking (her teeth had gone unfilled so that his could be straightened), intelligent
(he realized he was too intelligent to be a success), and with a future ahead of him
(there was of course no future ahead of him).
Flannery OConnor: Everything That Rises Must Converge
critical literacy grows out of the experiences of those who develop and express it,
and, like all things authentic and meaningful, it is well worth the mess and
Barry Alford: Freirean Voices, Student Choices

Sammi Updegraf
English 111
The learners immediate objectives may be described in terms of subject matter
mastery, attainment of specific competencies, or other job-related objectives, but
his or her goal is to become a socially responsible autonomous thinker.
Jack Mezirow: Transformative Learning: Theory to practice
One certainly doesnt learn these things merely from lectures and textbooks
Theodore Sizer: What High School Is
(Alford) (Mezirow) (Sizer) (Zinczenko) (Graf) (Ehrenreich) (O'Connor)