Mitel 3300 to AsteriskNow

The following document provides a basic instruction for programming a SIP Trunk between a Mitel 3300 and an AsteriskNow Server. This allows intercommunication between the two systems, which has the additional benefit of allowing you to use the AsteriskNow Server as a SIP proxy for the 3300 or as a way of cheaply adding extra functionality to your telephony estate.


Network Element Assignment

Create an entry in the Network Element Assignment Form for the AsteriskNow Server


Trunk Service Assignment

Create an entry in the Trunk Service Assignment form for your SIP Trunk


System IP Port Assignment

Set the ports used by the SIP Trunk This would normally be 5060 and 5061 as shown – however be aware that this is not always the case!!


SIP Peer Profile

Create an entry in the SIP Peer Profile form for the AsteriskNow Server


SIP Peer Profile Assignment by Incoming DID

Inbound calls can be routed by either having a fixed answer point – all calls go to extension XXX or calls can be routed by the Incoming DDI Number. Any DDI Range would then be added into this form.


URI/Number Translation

This form allows you to import a .csv file containing directory numbers and Microsoft Office Communicator sign-in names (SIP URIs) into the 3300 ICP. Directory numbers of Office Communicator users need to be translated into Name URI-based addresses for both incoming and outgoing SIP calls. For example, this translation allows a call to be sent to instead of


Digit Modification Assignment Generally we would not do much to the outbound call


Rout Assignment

Create a route between the systems to carry the calls and don’t forget to apply Class Of Restriction programming as required.


ARS Digits Dialled Assignment Send the appropriate digits down the route you created in the previous form


ARS Leading Digits Assignment Do you want a secondary dial tone to be played?


User Extensions

You will need somewhere on the AsteriskNow to direct your calls to extensions, trunks, or facilities.


Service Providers You will need to create a ‘Service Provider’ for the Mitel 3300


Calling Rules You will need to create a ‘Dialling Plan’ to handle the outbound call

In this case if the number begins with the digit ‘2’ and is followed by at least two more digits send it down the ‘Service Provider’ called 3300

This rule states that if the dialled digits begin with a ‘9’ plus seven other digits send it to the ‘Service Provider’ called 3300. In other words, route outbound local calls via the Mitel 3300.


Incoming Call Rules

Finally we need to decide how we will route the calls coming into the AsteriskNow Server.

In this case all incoming unmatched calls from the ‘Service Provider’ called 3300 will route to extension 6000. Any inbound calls which match extension numbers, facilities etc will route to the appropriate numbers.