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An 11-year boy instituted the following ceremonial before going to bed. He did not sleep until he
has told his mother every last minute detail of the events that occurred that day; there must be
no scraps of paper or other rubbish on the carpet of the bedroom; the bed must be pushed right
to the wall; three chairs must stand by it and the pillows must lie in a particular way. In order to
get to sleep he must first kick out a certain number of time with both legs and then lie on his
Don goes through periods when he feels he just cant lose. He goes on gambling sprees,
launches new get-rich-quick schemes, and engages in promiscuous behavior. At other times, he
feels so down that he cant even get out of bed. Life seems purposeless.
During an interview, the 50-year old female patient expressed beliefs covering almost the entire
range of delusions. She felt that her niece was in on a plot with other relatives to take away the
property she owned in 106 countries which she was planning to use, after training religious
missionaries, to establish missions to convert the heathens. In spite of the fact that her husband
was alive and visited her weekly, she maintained that her husband was dead and the he had
been killed by the FBI. The FBI had six agents assigned to her alone and had killed her
husband. She had learned of their spying and talking about her from the television where they
were portraying her life in several of the continuing series programs. She had learned other
things about the plot from the voices that came between the television programs and the
commercials. She was convinced that the hospital attendants were in on the conspiracy and
that poison was being placed in her food. She was also concerned about the electrical waves
that were messing up her mind.
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Case Study #10
Diagnosis and Explanation
OCD because everything has to be a particular way every time he goes to bed. The fact he has
to have his pillows lie in a particular way and that three chairs must stand by the bed gave away
the fact he has OCD. Also many people with OCD do those little things such as kick out a
certain number of time with both legs and then lie on his side. Some have to turn the lights on
and off a certain amount of times before entering or walking in and out a room.

Behavioral Therapies
The boy could attend behavioral therapies to change self-destructing behaviors. During this
therapy, the boy could learn to cope with difficult situations. He can learn to change his
behavior slightly and maybe get rid of his everyday habits. Breathing exercises can be used
when the boy starts to feel like he has anxiety. They can also use emotional exercises like
fear,anger, and pain. This way he would be less likely to have outbursts and improved emotional

Cognitive Therapies
Cognitive therapies can be used to see inside this boys brain and see how he thinks. Maybe his
thoughts are what provoke him to have these consistent routines. When he reveals how he
thinks, this can be used to make him think differently. With this information the therapist can
select appropriate interventions and identify areas of distress.

Group Therapies
Group therapy will give the boy the opportunity to meet people with the same disease he has.
He can see how the disease looks like through the eyes of other people. He can also learn how
they cope with the disease, and maybe hell find one interesting and learn to use it with his own
issue. In group therapy, hell learn that they are other people dealing with the same problems as
he is and that he is not the only person dealing with it. This might make him feel better and less

Biological Treatments
Although the boys disease isnt serious enough to have medications involved, biological
treatments can help with his symptoms. OCD is still a psychological disorder and psychological
disorders can be caused by biological problems. The boys problem with OCD still relates to his
brain so psychological drugs can be put into play. A good drug that this boy can use would be
anti-anxiety drugs. These drugs are used for people who have panic disorders and phobias.
Maybe he has to kick his bed a certain amount of times because if he doesnt he might not
sleep. Another reason could be that if he doesnt do the certain routines, he might have an
anxiety attack. These drugs will lower his anxiety level which will make it easier to stop his
routines in a safe manner.
Case Study #39
Diagnosis and Explanation

Don is probably experiencing bipolar like symptoms. Whenever he is happy and feeling high, his
confidence is through the roof and he feels like nothing can destroy him. On the other hand,
when he is feeling low, its like his whole life is upside down, in fact, he cant even get out of

bed and feels like his life is worthless. People dealing with bipolar disorders experience extreme
highs and extreme lows much like how Don is probably feeling.
Behavioral Therapies
Dons symptoms might be coming from the way he acts or behaves, a good suggestion for that
is going to behavioral therapies. His thoughts and feelings might be the reason why he has
extreme lows and highs. Emotional exercise can help him deal with his intense feelings and
reduce them. With this therapy, we can look at what behaviors Don has. We can also look at
how the environment affects his behaviors.

Cognitive Therapies
Since thoughts, feelings, and emotions are all connected and are all apart of the brain,
cognitive therapy could be a good treatment for Don. There is something going on in Dons
brain that is causing him to feel completely low or completely happy. If we can figure out how his
brain works, we can identify a couple of reasons on why he has abnormal mood disorders. We
can have a clue on his reality and determine areas of distress, and eustress.
Group Therapies
Group therapy is another possible option for Don. This allows Don to be surrounded by people
dealing with the same problems he is going through. They can share what they do to cope with
the disorder and maybe itll rub off on Don. Group therapy assures Don that he is not alone and
that there are people dealing with the same disorder. Don can find ways to manage stress in a
more effective matter.

Biological Treatments
Dons symptoms may be because of biological problems. Maybe there is something in his brain
that just isnt clicking which is then causing him to have dramatic mood swings. Drugs like
antidepressants can elevate Dons moods whenever he is feeling extremely low.
Case Study #4
Diagnosis and Explanation
This fifty-year-old female patient is showing major signs of the symptoms of Schizophrenia. The
fact that she thinks that her niece and other relatives are in a plot to take away her property and
ruin her life shows that she is delusional. Whats most surprising is that she thinks that her living
husband is deceased and was killed by the FBI. In Schizophrenia, people have delusions and
hallucinations which this person is obviously experiencing. They also hear voices that arent
there which the lady is also experiencing.

Behavioral Therapies
Behavioral therapy is also a good way to help this Schizophrenic female. With a qualified
professional, she can treat her moods and anxiety. This therapy can be used to switch bad
habits with good healthy habits. Different coping skills can be developed during this therapy.
Behavioral therapy can be used to reduce self-harm.

Cognitive Therapies
During cognitive therapy, she can be encouraged to talk about her thoughts and feelings and
why she acts the way she does. Some of her problems deal with the way she thinks and has to
do with her brain. Maybe if we can change about the way she thinks, we can reduce the amount
of inaccurate thinking. Cognitive therapy could be used to figure out how this persons brain
works and how this person thinks.

Group Therapies
Group therapy could be a possible option for this person. During group therapy, the patient can
meet with other people dealing with the same problems she is having. The person can feel
comfortable talking to these people dealing with the same problem. The environment is a
welcoming and warm place where she can talk about her issues. This is a good place where
she can share her thoughts and feelings knowing that the people there wont judge her and are

Biological Treatments
Schizophrenia is genetic and is caused by a chemical imbalance in a persons brain.
Schizophrenia is believed to relate to the chemical and physical structure of the brain.
Antipsychotic drugs can be used to fix this imbalance in the brain. A person with this disorder is
unaware with reality and have strange illogical ideas, which this person is obviously
experiencing. Antipsychotic drugs act against these symptoms.

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