fall/WINTER 2015 Volume 34 Number 2


The Wilds Christian Association, Inc. is an
independent, nondenominational, nonprofit,
501(c)(3) organization created for the purpose
of operating Christian camps and conference
centers. We are fundamental in our beliefs,
Bible-centered in our philosophy, and
evangelistic in our outreach.
The Wilds Christian Association, Inc. presently
operates a Christian camp and conference
center in the Blue Ridge Mountains of western
North Carolina that is open year-round. The
camp has a carefully selected and trained staff
and averages over 20,000 campers per year. In
2009 The Wilds of New England began ministry
at our campsite in Deering, New Hampshire.
In this peaceful, rural setting we experienced
good growth in attendance at our summer
camps as well as in our limited fall schedule
programs. We anticipate a continuing steady
growth and expansion of the ministry at this
New England location.
In addition to providing a God-honoring music
publication service as an integral part of our
ministry, The Wilds Christian Association, Inc.
has also established the CampsAbroad program
to assist others in the formation and operation
of Christian camp ministries around the world.
The Wilds Christian Association, Inc. publishes
The Wilds NewsLetter. Change of address
information and comments should be sent to:
The Wilds Christian Association, Inc
PO Box 509 • Taylors, SC 29687-0009
Phone: (864) 268-4760
Fax: (864) 292-0743
E-mail: newsletter@wilds.org

by Ken Collier

Franchised &
Entered the League:

Team Founders:
Ken Hay, Joe Henson, Sr.,
& Carl Blythe, Sr.

Official Name:
The Wilds Team

Team Colors:
Whatever looks really good
in our stores

None needed—The Wilds
is a wild-enough name!

President • The Wilds
Brevard, North Carolina


(a group of people
who work together
to achieve a goal)
The Wilds, as a ministry, recently celebrated
its 46th birthday! Though the names of the
"players" on the team may change a little
from year to year, the goal is still the same:
"We serve people by presenting the Truth
of God with the love of God so lives can be
changed to the glory of God." Allow us who
have overactive imaginations to introduce
The Wilds Team to you in the spirit of the

fall/winter season as we would a very unique
football team! Completing year number 46
on the "playing field for the Lord" all we can
say is, "Praise the Lord" and "Keep on going,

Visit our website at www.wilds.org or visit
The Wilds Online Store at www.wilds.org/store.
Editor: Ken Collier
Graphic Designer: Craig Stouffer
Publications Coordinator: Vickie Ebner
Fall/Winter 2015 • Volume 34 • Number 2
© 2015 The Wilds Christian Association, Inc.
All rights reserved.

These delightful, "non-helmeted" faces

The Wilds and CampsAbroad are registered
trademarks of The Wilds Christian Association, Inc.

CampsAbroad (TWCA). A fourth group

represent The Wilds Christian Association
and its three main outreach ministries,

The Wilds in North Carolina (TWNC),

The Wilds of New England (TWNE), and
serves all three entities. It is

North Carolina Campsite:

The Wilds Corporate Office in Taylors,

The Wilds
1000 Wilds Ridge Road
Brevard, NC 28712-7273
Phone: (828) 884-7811
Fax: (828) 862-4813
New England Campsite:
The Wilds of New England
1181 Deering Center Road
Deering, NH 03244-6529
Phone/Fax: (603) 529-0001

2 newsletter fall/Winter 2015

South Carolina. Please pray for us in the midst
of this wonderful, busy season and the heavy
Dr. Joe Henson, Dr. Ken Hay, and Ken Collier

schedule to come, which peaks in yet another
busy summer of youth camping in 2016!

“And now, Ladies and
Gentlemen, introducing
the players and their
positions for…
The Wilds Team…

The Tackles

(the team member who
stops opponents that keep
our campers from moving
Tackling the campers’ raging thirst, pancaking their
exercise-induced hunger and man-handling their

nutritional needs for hearty, fun meals are all the

The Wide Outs

(The team members who “go
long” to catch the passes)

teammates from the Kitchen/Dining Hall of TWNC

and TWNE! Hunger advances and must be stopped!
The Dining Halls are the greatly anticipated, well-loved
stopovers for all campers. Our team would be losers
without the go-power they provide. Not only do they
serve good food to campers, they serve it cheerfully. Try
tackling meals for 15,500+ campers and staff from TWNC
and TWNE three times a day, each camping day. These are
heroes in the trenches! This is Our Team! Way to tackle
that hunger, #46!

Matt Collier, Director of CampsAbroad
Dan Brooks, Assistant Director of CampsAbroad

When we tell these teammates to “go long,” we really mean
“go long!” They are the guys from CampsAbroad, and they
do post patterns to Mexico, Brazil, and Lebanon. They do

fly patterns to Mongolia, South Africa, and the Philippines.
They do hitch & go’s to Indonesia, Peru, and Kenya. They
do bubble screens all over the globe to bring the blessing
of youth camping to far flung areas way out of our U.S.
league. Camping is a true international sport now! Besides
the two main captains (Matt and Dan), the deep bench they

Our “Hunger tackling” Team includes: Candace
Montgomery, Captain Matt Tracy, Dietitian Bonnie
Ertel, Jonathan Mair, and Elizabeth Carrick.

draw from are the men and women of The Wilds staff and

involved local church ministries who are specially trained
to go to other cultures bringing the “Truth of God with the
love of God so lives can be changed to the glory of God.”
Keep stretching the field, #46!

www.wilds.org 3

The Special Teams

(a team within the team that
plays in special situations)
You can have a good offense and defense, but your
Special Teams had better make a huge difference. At

TWNC, Our Team has difference makers—the men and

women of C.A.M.P. (Camp Apprenticeship and Ministry
Practicum). This one and two year internship program has
made The Wilds a better ministry. The C.A.M.P. interns

rotate to virtually every position on the campsite during
their careers on Our Team. They play different positions
almost every day! Way to make everything special, #46!

C.A.M.P. Leadership Team: Cal Mair, Holly
Brodwater, Becky & Joe Fant, Tim Meals - C.A.M.P.
Coordinator, Matt Tracy, Andrew Stoner, and
WIllie Partin

Our Special Team—the men and women of C.A.M.P.
Joanne Rieger, Melissa Creel, Brooke Dyer, Brooke
Montgomery, Olivia Adams, Leslie Haynes, Katelyn
Hucks, Andrea Danchi, Melissa Petersen, Amber
Siegfried, David Haynes, Jordan Hefner, David Shrader, Riley
Woodfin, Doug Smith, Jordan Corriveau, Collin Rife, Matt Fafard,
Erik Hanson, Jessie Moore. Not pictured: Kris Wilder

4 newsletter fall/Winter
4 newsletter
fall 2015

The Wide (hearted)

At The Wilds of New England,
the receiver is Emily

(the team members who
specialize in catching the
football and running “like

The secretaries and administrative assistants “keep the
chains moving” around The Wilds ministries (ask a footballnerd about the “chains” analogy). The team wouldn’t be
prepared to show up for the game without the work of
these multi-talented players! Almost every
challenge that comes before, during, and
after camp makes its way through either the
office in Taylors, SC; Brevard, NC; or Deering,
NH. Good catches, #46!

At The Wilds Corporate Office in Taylors, the
receivers are Rachael Benge, Shelly Renner,
Stephanie King, Susan Burke, Kaitlynn Tompkins.
Maylin Seiter and Michelle Adams not pictured

At The Wilds
CampsAbroad, the

receiver is Charity

At The Wilds North Carolina campsite,
the receivers are Charlene Brooks,
Wendy Williams, Becky Fant, Heather
Tracy, Meghan Leach, Carrie Anglea, Tara
Anastos, and Hannah Rowley.

www.wilds.org 5

Joel Rowley, IT Supervisor at TWNC,
Andy Anglea, IT Support

The Guards

(the ones lining up
nearest the center)

Steve Leatherwood, Administrative
Advisor; David Fisher, IT Manager

Out of game uniform, they are known as the Internet Technology

(IT) Department. They are, indeed, close to the center of all we do

in our ministry. Our Team would be languishing in the bottom of the
standings without the work of the IT Team. They not only guard and
protect all things cyber, they guard our ability to make The Wilds
known, while efficiently giving worlds of information to friends,

campers, and staff alike. Way to keep the running lanes open, #46!

The “Tight” Ends

(an offensive end who lines up close to
the offensive line)
The tight ends at The Wilds Christian Association
are the financial protectors of the camp operations.
And, they really are "tight" and careful with God's

resources! They assist in keeping camper fees down!
They are absolutely “tight” where they need to be!
From budgeting—to project fundraising—to energy
and resource management—to record keeping—to
tracking government requirements affecting nonprofit organizations, these solid players block out the
troublesome issues and receive the blessings provided
by God through His people. Almost all are longtime members of the team,
but we still think of them as "in their prime." Way to shut down that offensive
spending, #46!

6 newsletter fall/Winter 2015

Steve Leatherwood, CFO; Robin
McAdams, Donations Secretary; Dick
Reid, Director of Development;

These guys are light on their feet, ready with
bursts of speed, and capable of breaking tackles
with power and lightening quick cuts. These are
the running backs, the men of the Program

Staff. They stay ahead of the big, bad defensive
teams by planning, organizing, and running

the zany and the serious programs. Program is
defined as “anything and everything that touches
the lives of the campers.” Way to keep the whole
In North Carolina, the captains are Matt Herbster,

crowd in the game, #46!

Director; Joe Fant, Program Director; and Willie
Partin, Program Manager, as well as a cadre of talented
situational running backs like Chris Anastos, Shawn Alexander,
Bryce Hamilton, and occasional two-way player, Dan Brooks
(also of CampsAbroad). In North Carolina, Matt Taylor, Music
Director, works in close “huddle” with the program.

Running Backs

(the ones on the
offensive team who
attempt to advance
the ball by carrying it)

In New England, the program staff consists of Director, Rand
Hummel who ran right out of the stadium and is not pictured, scat

back Brent Allamon (Program Manager) with great assists from
Steve Stodola the “all purpose” athlete and Assistant Director in
New England. Way to help those campers run for
daylight, #46!

Jeanette Bougie, Business Assistant,
The WIlds of New England

Trevor Allen, Accounting Supervisor; Flo Mair,
Financial Secretary; Gary Williams, Business Director;

Bill Ertel, Purchasing Manager (not pictured)

www.wilds.org 7


(part of the defense
positioned just behind
the front line)

Roland Bougie,
Facilities Manager;
Brent Allamon, Matt
Ricard, Steve Stodola,

Though the men of the maintenance and

construction department work out of sight and

and Jaque Bougie,
Special Projects

in the trenches most of the time, they are the ones
who wrestle down serious problems which keep
campers from enjoying camp. Whether it’s balky
systems (water, wastewater,
electrical, and plumbing)
or broken facilities, they
man-handle those potential
issues that can make
camp life unpleasant.
The maintenance and

construction men prepare
the way for a great day at

camp every day! They are a
vital part of Our Team. Way
to back us up, #46!

Tim Meals, Maintenance Supervisor; Rick Stoner, Maintenance Manager; Andy
DalPorto, Project Manager; Andrew Stoner, Facilities Manager; Rick Jensen, Titus
Hopper, Paul Johnson, Hunter Kendall, Jeff Craven, Joe Anderson, and Jim Taylor

(special trained medical
personnel involved in the
prevention, diagnosis, and
intervention of medical
conditions on a team)
Every good team has excellent trainers and, yes,
there are bumps, bruises, and every type of

“ouchies" at camp, both among the campers
and staff. That is why Our Team has the best
group of trainers (nurses) anywhere! Way to
get us back in the game, #46!

Cherie Meals, Health Service Manager;
Hannah Stoner, Sherie DalPorto, Jamie Allen,
Holly Brodwater (Registered Nurses) and fake
injured players, Joe and Willie

8 newsletter fall/Winter 2015

The Field Goal Specialist
(responsible for the kicking duties
of field goals and extra points
after scores)
It is a stretch, but we do have as part of Our Team, our own FIELD

specialists (The Landscape and Grounds Staff) whose goal is to
make the campsite as beautiful and restful as possible by caring

for the fields, gardens, and landscaping on the campsites. This is
one of the more appreciated areas at The Wilds properties.
Eric Brooks, Mowing
Matt Ricard, Landscape
Doug Gorsline, Landscape Supervisor

David Hilpert, Assists on Weekends

Jason Clark, Landscape & Building Assistant
Chip Channel, Landscape Assistant

The Ladies of Laundry, Lost
& Found: Julie Johnson and

The Camp Scouts Jai Johnston

Jessica Mair

and John Bott

The Team Managers
(One whose responsibility is
team uniforms, linens, and

The Recruiters

(one who enlists or enrolls
individuals for a cause)
Like a college recruiter loving to see an excellent player

The ladies of Lost & Found deal in mounds and mounds of

choose his team, these guys love to see each camper come

linens, and bedding, and towels for every purpose on the

onto the campsite. John travels to the campers’ home

campsite. Then, there’s the items left at camp that need to be

churches and visits on the phone with pastors and youth

united with their owners. Way to make us look and even smell

pastors. He is the face of The Wilds to so many. Jai keeps

good, #46!

everyone informed of camps and news of The Wilds via social

media. Way to recruit amazing people, #46!
www.wilds.org 9

I Cling to Christ
The words of these meditative, quietly triumphant
songs admonish us "to look to, rest in, to bow
before, and to stand complete in" one person and
one alone--Jesus Christ, our Savior. These guitar
stylings remind us that we must cling to Him now
and forever.
This CD features guitar soloists Matt Taylor and
Billy Peters.
TWS1459 . . . . . . . $13 .95

Concessions &
Specialty Shops

Smiling faces—unique little places!
Cool Beans Coffee Shoppe:
At the NE campsite,

What football stadium in America is not known for some kind

Jeannette Bougie

of unique and original snack or team item? Right, you "cheese
heads" from the cold North? Our Team cheers campers with
specialized coffees, frozen delicacies, and hot food treats.

The various stores are known for Wilds wearables, souvenirs,
uplifting music, unique craft items, original ice
cream treats, beautiful gift items, spiritual growth
books, resources, and much more. The crowd
goes wild for you, #46!
The Sweet Shoppe in New England is managed by
Collette Bougie (not pictured).

Cool Beans Coffee Shoppe:
At the NC campsite, Cal Mair, Manager;
Sonja Gorsline, Assistant Manager;
Tiffany Herbster

The Wilds Snack Shop:
Cindy Craven, Snack Shop Director, Tina
Bott, Snack Shop Assistant
10 newsletter fall/Winter 2015

Public Address
(one whose job is to
proclaim a message

NE camp: Steve Stodola, David
Hilpert, and David Stodola

On Our Team, these are not so much the

guys who proclaim or preach, but the ones
who set and tune systems so that others
might be heard. This is a huge responsibility
at the campsites as PA systems involve the
need to inform and give information in
numerous buildings, as well as across the
camp grounds. It also carries with it the most
important aspect of preparing the systems
that allow young people to hear the preaching
and teaching of God's Word at The Wilds
ministries. Thanks for being dialed in at all
times, #46!

NC camp: Andy Anglea, Sound Supervisor;
Assistants Ethan Ellison and Matt Fafard

The Wilds Craft Shop:
Mardi Collier, Craft Shop Manager.
Heather Tracy and Sarah Partin, Assistant Managers

The Wilds General Store:
Ellen Stoner, General Store Manager, Amy
Brooks, Assistant Manager

www.wilds.org 11

The Best Players on The Team

Churches that attended TW and TWNE in 2015:
Acorn Ridge Baptist Church Robbins, NC
Adirondack Baptist Church Gloversville, NY
Adirondack Christian Fellowship Wilton, NY
Ambassador Baptist Church Hudson, NC
Anchor Baptist Church Glen Burnie, MD
Anchor Baptist Church Little River, SC
Anchor Baptist Church Millersville, MD
Anchor of Hope Baptist Church Rossville, GA
Antioch Christian Church Bear Creek, NC
Arthur Christian Church Bell Arthur, NC
Ashburnham Apostolic Lutheran Church
Ashburnham, MA
Ashland Street Baptist Church Archdale, NC
Auburn First Baptist Church Auburn, GA
Bacon's Castle Baptist Church Surry, VA
Baker River Bible Church Wentworth, NH
Barbara Crouch Ridge Spring, SC
Bay Ridge Baptist Church Brooklyn, NY
Beacon Baptist Church Burlington, NC
Beacon Baptist Church Jupiter, FL
BeFree Community Church Barrington, NH
Belmont Baptist Church Conyers, GA
Belvoir Free Will Baptist Church Greenville, NC
Bensalem Baptist Church Bensalem, PA
Bensalem Baptist Church Bensalem, PA
Benson Grove Baptist Church Benson, NC
Berea Baptist Church Palm Harbor, FL
Berean Baptist Church Cumming, GA
Berean Baptist Church Florence, SC
Berean Baptist Church Florence, SC
Berean Baptist Church Lilburn, GA
Berean Baptist Church Lilburn, GA
Berean Baptist Church Sciotoville, OH
Berean Baptist Temple Fairborn, OH
Berean Bible Church Cortland, NY
Berean Bible Church Dublin, OH
Beth Eden Baptist Church Fitchburg, MA
Beth Haven Baptist Church Simpsonville, SC
Bethany Baptist Church Brevard, NC
Bethany Baptist Church Brevard, NC
Bethany Bible Church Hendersonville, NC
Bethany Chapel Marion Center, PA
Bethany Greenland, NH
Bethany Hills Baptist Church Raleigh, NC
Bethel Baptist Church Cary, NC
Bethel Baptist Church Charlottesville, VA
Bethel Baptist Church Cocoa, FL
Bethel Baptist Church Hampton, VA
Bethel Baptist Church New Port Richey, FL
Bethel Baptist Church Raymond, NH
Bethel Baptist Church Sellersville, PA
Bethel Baptist Fellowship Brooklyn , NY
Bethel Baptist Kingston, NH
Bethel Chapel Church Philadelphia, PA
Bethel Free Will Baptist Church Kinston , NC
Bethel Memorial Baptist Church LaFayette, GA
Bethesda Baptist Church Pottstown , PA
Bethlehem Baptist Church Champlain, VA
Beulah Baptist Church Bennet, NC
Beulah Christian Baptist Church Zebulon, NC
Bible Babtist Church Hancock, ME
Bible Baptist Church Bradenton, FL
Bible Baptist Church Corltand, NY
Bible Baptist Church Creedmoor, NC
Bible Baptist Church Fort Mill, SC
Bible Baptist Church Hampton, GA
Bible Baptist Church Kreamer, PA
Bible Baptist Church Matthews, NC
Bible Baptist Church Newtown Square, PA
Bible Baptist Church Palm Harbor, FL
Bible Baptist Church Upper Darby, PA
Bible Baptist Church Wakarusa, IN
Bible Baptist Church West Chester, PA
Bible Way Baptist Church Clarksville, GA
Blackstone Valley Baptist Church Cumberland, RI
Bluegrass Baptist Church Georgetown, KY
Bluestone Baptist Church Danielsville, GA
Boiling Springs Baptist Church Fletcher, NC
Boones Creek Bible Church Johnson City, TN
Boys Farm Newberry, SC
Bucksport Bible Church Bucksport, MA
Buffalo Ridge Baptist Church Gray, TN
Buford Grove Baptist Church Hilliard, FL
Burge Terrace Baptist Church Indianapolis, IN
Byron Center Bible Church Byron Center, MI
Calkins Baptist Church Milanville, PA
Calvary Baptist Church Bloomsburg, PA
Calvary Baptist Church Chattanooga, TN
Calvary Baptist Church Cheraw, SC
Calvary Baptist Church Clymer, PA
Calvary Baptist Church Findlay, OH
Calvary Baptist Church Findlay, Ohio
Calvary Baptist Church Florence, AL
Calvary Baptist Church Fort Walton Beach, FL
Calvary Baptist Church Fruitland Park, FL
Calvary Baptist Church Huntsville, AL
Calvary Baptist Church Jacksonville, FL

Calvary Baptist Church LaGrange, KY
Calvary Baptist Church Lakeland , FL
Calvary Baptist Church Liberty, SC
Calvary Baptist Church Midland, MI
Calvary Baptist Church Midlothian, VA
Calvary Baptist Church Mount Vernon, IN
Calvary Baptist Church Newbern, NC
Calvary Baptist Church of Westminster Westminster,
Calvary Baptist Church Smithfield, VA
Calvary Baptist Church Smyrna, GA
Calvary Baptist Church Summerville, GA
Calvary Baptist Church Warren, ME
Calvary Baptist Church Winter Garden, FL
Calvary Baptist Church Woodsville, NH
Calvary Baptist Missionary Church Suffolk, VA
Calvary Baptist Tabernacle Salisbury, NC
Calvary Baptist Warren, ME
Calvary Bible Church Berkeley Springs, WV
Calvary Bible Church Columbus, OH
Calvary Bible Church Myrtle Beach, SC
Calvary Bible Church N. Dartmouth, MA
Calvary Bible Church Westport, MA
Calvary Independent Baptist Church Huntingdon, PA
Calvary Memorial Church Southern Pines, NC
Calvary Wolfeboro, NH
Capitol City Baptist Church Columbus, OH
Carleton Baptist Church Orleans, Ontar
Carriage Town Bible Church Kingston, NH
Cashiers Baptist Church Cashiers, NC
Castalia Baptist Church Castalia, NC
Catawba Springs Christian Church Apex, NC
Cedar Creek Missionary Baptist Church Gray, TN
Celebrating Christian Community Church of
Linklean, NY
Center Grove Baptist Church Hudson, NC
Center Pigeon Baptist Church Canton, NC
Central Baptist Church Dothan, AL
Central Baptist Church Greeneville, TN
Central Baptist Church Ocala, FL
Central Baptist Church Southington, Ct
Chambersburg Bible Church Chambersburg, PA
Charlestown Bible Church Charlestown, NH
Christ Community Church Weare, NH
Christ Community Church Weare, NH
Christ Our Life Church Curran, MI
Christian Faith BC Ferrum, VA
Church at Sandhurst Florence, SC
Church of the Open Bible Burlington, MA
Church of the Open Door Connellsville, PA
City Baptist Church Shelby, NC
City Light Baptist Church St. Charles, MO
Clear Fork Baptist Church Albany, KY
Clermont Baptist Church Clermont, FL
Cloverleaf Baptist Church Mobile, AL
Cobbs Creek MBC Sod, WV
Colchester Bible Baptist Church Colchester, CT
College Park Baptist Church Cary, NC
Collinsville Bible Church Dracut, MA
Colonial Baptist Church Blue Ridge, VA
Colonial Baptist Church Virginia Beach, VA
Colonial Baptist Church Wintersville, OH
Colonial Hills Baptist Church Danbury, CT
Colonial Hills Baptist Church Indianapolis, IN
Colonial Hills Baptist Church Lithia Springs, GA
Colonial Hills Baptist Church Milford, NH
Colonial Hills Baptist Church Taylors, SC
Community Baptist Church Greer, SC
Community Baptist Church Bradenton, FL
Community Baptist Church Branford, CT
Community Baptist Church Canton, GA
Community Baptist Church Elberon, VA
Community Baptist Church Garner, NC
Community Baptist Church Garner, NC
Community Baptist Church Groton, CT
Community Baptist Church Hixson, TN
Community Baptist Church South Riding, VA
Community Baptist Church Spring Hill, TN
Community Bible Church Milton, IN
Community Bible Church Northfield, MA
Community Christian Fellowship Lowell, MA
Concord Baptist Church Wilmington, DE
Concord Bible Church Concord, NC
Corinth Baptist Church Corinth, ME
Corinth Baptist Church Loganville, GA
Cornerstone Baptist Church Camden, ME
Cornerstone Baptist Church Decatur, AL
Cornerstone Baptist Church Exeter, ME
Cornerstone Baptist Church Fayetteville, NC
Cornerstone Baptist Church Greenville, SC
Cornerstone Baptist Church Greenville, SC
Cornerstone Baptist Church Oakdale, CT
Cornerstone Baptist Church Pittsfield, MA
Cornerstone Baptist Church Rocky Mount, NC
Cornerstone Baptist Church Scarborough, ME
Cornerstone Baptist Church Smyrna, TN
Cornerstone Church Plaistow, NH

12 newsletter fall/Winter 2015

Cornerstone Church Warwick, RI
Coronado BCEl Paso, TX
Countryside Baptist Church Guyton , GA
Cove City Free Will Baptist Church Cove City, NC
Covenant Baptist Church Collierville, TN
Cranston Christian Fellowship Cranston, RI
Creation Thompson, CT
Cross Bridge Baptist Church Indianapolis, IN
Cross Way Nashua , NH
Crossroads Baptist Church Columbus, NC
Crossroads Bible Church Candia, NH
Crossview Baptist Church Harrisburg, NC
Curtis Corner Baptist Church Wakefield, RI
Dawnita Hall's Group Pulaski, VA
Decatur Chapel Little Hocking, OH
Deerfield Bible Church Deerfield, NH
Dresserville Bible Baptist Church Moravia, NY
Dublin Mills Community Church Hustontown, PA
East Dublin Dayspring Worship Center East Dublin, GA
East Point, MA
East Side Baptist Church Thomasville, GA
Eastside Baptist Church Greeneville, TN
Eastside Baptist Church Mooresville, NC
Eglise Baptiste Centrale de Laval, QC
Eglise Baptiste de la Foi TroisRivières, QC
Elizabeth Missionary BC Julian, WV
Emmanual Baptist Church Ballston Spa, NY
Emmanuel Baptist Brockton, MA
Emmanuel Baptist Church Conover, NC
Emmanuel Baptist Church Greer, SC
Emmanuel Baptist Church Kings Mountain, NC
Emmanuel Baptist Church Malta, NY
Emmanuel Baptist Church Mechanicsburg, PA
Emmanuel Baptist Church Millville, PA
Emmanuel Baptist Church Newington, CT
Emmanuel Baptist Church Newnan, GA
Emmanuel Baptist Church Old Saybrook, CT
Emmanuel Baptist Malta, NY
Emmanuel Baptist Millville, PA
Emmanuel Christian Academy Newington, CT
Emmanuel Church Egg Harbor City, NJ
Englewood Baptist Church Rocky Mount, NC
Evangel Baptist Church Bradenton, FL
Evangelical Baptist Church Newton, MA
Exeter Chapel Exeter, RI
Fairview Baptist Church Decatur, AL
Fairview Baptist Temple Clay , WV
Faith Baptist Church Check, VA
Faith Baptist Church Columbia , MO
Faith Baptist Church Davison, MI
Faith Baptist Church Decatur, AL
Faith Baptist Church Easley, SC
Faith Baptist Church Estill Springs, TN
Faith Baptist Church Fredericksburg, VA
Faith Baptist Church Godfrey, IL
Faith Baptist Church Laval West, QC
Faith Baptist Church Morgantown, WV
Faith Baptist Church Morris, IL
Faith Baptist Church Palmer, MA
Faith Baptist Church Pensacola, FL
Faith Baptist Church Salisbury, MD
Faith Baptist Church Shelbyville, TN
Faith Baptist Church Siler City, NC
Faith Baptist Church Spring Hill, FL
Faith Baptist Church St. Matthews, SC
Faith Baptist Church Taylors, SC
Faith Baptist Church Williamsburg, VA
Faith Baptist Church Winter Haven, FL
Faith Chapel Carlisle, PA
Faith Free Presbyterian Greenville, SC
Faith Free Will Baptist Church Carrollton, VA
Faith Independent Baptist Church McDonough, GA
Faith Living Southington, CT
Faith Missionary Baptist Church St. Albans, WV
Faithway Baptist Church Greensboro, NC
Faithway Baptist Church Leesburg, VA
Fall Creek Baptist Church Jonesville, NC
Farmington Avenue Baptist West Hartford, CT
Farmington Baptist Church Farmington , ME
Fayetteville Baptist Church Bedford, IN
Fellowship Baptist Church Emlenton, PA
Fellowship Baptist Church Jacksonville, NC
Fellowship Baptist Church Portland, IN
Fellowship Baptist Church Radcliffe, KY
Fellowship Baptist Church Siler City, NC
Fellowship Baptist Church Upper Marlboro, MD
Fellowship Baptist Church Watertown, WI
Fellowship Bible Church Chester, NH
Fellowship Bible Church Lancaster, SC
Ferndale Baptist Church North Charleston, SC
First Baptist Church Asheboro, NC
First Baptist Church Bellefonte, PA
First Baptist Church Crestview, FL
First Baptist Church Litchfield, MI
First Baptist Church Odessa, MO
First Baptist Church of Atoka Atoka, TN

First Baptist Church of Calvert County Prince
Frederick, MD
First Baptist Church of Cincinnatus, NY
First baptist church of Damascus, PA
First Baptist Church of Draper Eden, NC
First Baptist Church of Elmer, NJ
First Baptist Church of Glen Este Batavia, OH
First Baptist Church of Lady Lake Lady Lake, FL
First Baptist Church of Lebanon, PA
First Baptist Church of Lewes, DE
First Baptist Church of Mims Mims, FL
First Baptist Church of New Richmond New
Richmond, OH
First Baptist Church of Prosperity Prosperity, SC
First Baptist Church of Ranson Ranson, WV
First Baptist Church of Shelburne, VT
First Baptist Church of Sligo Wilmington, OH
First Baptist Church of Sterling Heights Sterling
Heights, MI
First Baptist Church of Troy Troy, MI
First Baptist Church of Westwood Lake Miami, FL
First Baptist Church of Wildwood Wildwood, MO
First Baptist Church of Wixom Wixom, MI
First Baptist Church Parishville, NY
First Baptist Church Rockwell, NC
First Baptist Church Spencer, OH
First Baptist Church Stetson, MA
First Baptist Damascus, PA
First Baptist Warwick, RI
First Bible Baptist Church Blue Springs, MO
First Bible Baptist Church of Lincoln, MA
First Bible Baptist Church Plainville, CT
First Calvary Baptist Church Inner Grove Heights, MN
First Congregational Church of Hancock, NH
First Free Will Baptist Church Florence, SC
First Free Will Baptist Church Glasgow, KY
Five Points Free Will Baptist Church Washington, NC
Florence Baptist Temple Burlington, KY
Foot of Ten Independent Baptist Church
Duncansville, PA
Fourth Baptist Church Plymouth , MN
Franklin Baptist Church Darlington, MD
Freedom Baptist Church Asheville, NC
Freedom Baptist Church Chesapeake, VA
Freedom Baptist Church Goldsboro, NC
Freedom Baptist Church Keystone Heights, FL
Freedom Way Free Will Baptist Church
Hubert, NC
Friendship Baptist Church Cincinnati, OH
Friendship Baptist Church Myrtle Beach, SC
Friendship Baptist Church Raleigh, NC
Gateway Baptist Church Newton, NC
Gateway Free Will Baptist Church Virginia
Beach, VA
Genesis Community Church Woburn, MA
Glastonbury Baptist Church Glastonbury, CT
Glen Iris Baptist Church Birmingham, AL
Glenloch Baptist Church Franklin, GA
Glorious Hope Church Hollis , NH
Glorious Hopehollis, NH
Good News Baptist Church Chesapeake, VA
Gospel Baptist Church Greensboro, NC
Gospel Baptist Church Manchester, NH
Gospel Tabernacle Baptist Church Tullahoma, TN
Grace and Truth Bible Church Hummelstown, PA
Grace and Truth Community Church Felton, DE
Grace Baptist Church Dacula, GA
Grace Baptist Church East Flat Rock, NC
Grace Baptist Church Henrietta, NC
Grace Baptist Church Highland Falls, NY
Grace Baptist Church Kokomo, IN
Grace Baptist Church Panama City, FL
Grace Baptist Church Pepperell, MA
Grace Baptist Church Plymouth, NH
Grace Baptist Church Portland, MA
Grace Baptist Church Starr, SC
Grace Baptist Church Warner Robins, GA
Grace Baptist Church Waynesboro, PA
Grace Baptist Church West Columbia, SC
Grace Baptist Church Wilmington, NC
Grace Baptist Temple Asheboro, NC
Grace Bible Baptist Church Baltimore, MD
Grace Bible Church Cohoes, NY
Grace Bible Church Dracut, MA
Grace Bible Church Greenville, SC
Grace Bible Church New Freedom, PA
Grace Chapel Church Sanford, NC
Grace Community Church Madison, CT
Grace Community Evangelical Free Church Spofford, NH
Grace Free Presbyterian Church Litchfield, NH
Grace Gospel Church Huntington, WV
Grace Independent Baptist Church Trussville, AL
Grace Memorial Baptist Church Bedford, VA
Grace Point Church Biddeford, MA
Grace Reformed BC Mebane, NC
Graceway Baptist Church Matthews, NC
Graceway Bible Baptist Church DeMotte, IN

Granite State Baptist Concord, NH
Great Bridge Free Will Baptist Church Chesapeake, VA
Greater Rhode Island Baptist Temple Johnston, RI
Greencastle Bible Church Carroll, OH
Grifton Free Will Baptist Church Grifton, NC
Gulf Coast Baptist Church Cantonment, FL
Gwinnett Hall Baptist Church Lawrenceville, GA
Hampton Falls First Baptist Church Hampton Falls, NH
Hampton Park Baptist Church Greenville, SC
Hanover Baptist Church Glen Allen, VA
Harbor Baptist Church Ormond Beach, FL
Harborsite Baptist Church Marietta, OH
Hardin Valley Free Will Baptist Church Knoxville, TN
Hardingville Bible Church Monroeville, NJ
Hardison Baptist Church Byron, GA
Harris Creek Missionary Baptist Church Jacksonville, NC
Harvest Baptist Church Acworth, GA
Harvest Baptist Church Eatonton, GA
Harvest Baptist Church Milton, VT
Harvest Baptist Church Rock Hill, SC
Harvest Bible Church Lancaster, PA
Harvester Baptist Church Ellicott City, MD
Haven of Rest Baptist Church West Haven, CT
Hayes Chapel Christian Church Garner, NC
Heritage Baptist Church Dover, NH
Heritage Baptist Church Flemington, NJ
Heritage Baptist Church St. Augustine, FL
Heritage Baptist Church West Melbourne, FL
Heritage Baptist Church Winchester, VA
Heritage Baptist Church Windham, Nh
Heritage Baptist Church Woodbridge, VA
Heritage Baptist Windham, NH
Heritage Bible Church Greer, SC
Heritage Free Will Baptist Church Laconia , NH
Hickory Grove Free Will Baptist Church Abbeville, AL
Highlands Baptist Church Lakeland , FL
Hill Village Bible Church Hill, NH
Hillcrest Baptist Church Logansport, IN
Hillsdale Baptist Church Tampa, FL
Hilltop Church Fuquay Varina, NC
Holly Hills Baptist Church Powhatan, VA
Holy Cross Catholic Church Freeville, NY
Holy Mountain Baptist Church Kingsport, TN

Hope Baptist Church Hanover, PA
Hope Baptist Church Savannah, GA
Hope Christian Church Winchester, MA
Hope's Point Baptist Church Weston, WV
Horizon Christian Fellowship
Hudson View Baptist Church Yonkers, NY
Hurst Baptist Church Sylvania, GA
Iglesia Bautista Fundamental Tabernacle
Greenville, SC
Immanuel Baptist Church Brockton, MA
Immanuel Baptist Church Clifton Forge, VA
Immanuel Baptist Church Monticello, KY
Immanuel Baptist Church Winterville, NC
Joy Baptist Church Glade Spring, VA
Joy Ranch Hillsville, VA
Kegley Baptist Church Kegley, WV
Kendale Acres Free Will Baptist Church Sanford, NC
Keystone Baptist Church Berryville, VA
Keystone Bible Church Odessa, FL
Killian Hill Baptist Church Lilburn, GA
Kingdom Bible Study Claxton, GA
Kings Mills Baptist Church Kings Mills, OH
Kingsway Baptist Church Lake Wylie, SC
Lakeside Fellowship ARP Church Mooresville, NC
Lakeview Baptist Church Pickens, SC
Landmark Baptist Church Loudon, NH
Landmark Baptist Church Louisville, KY
Landmark Baptist Church Richmond, VA
Lathan Bible Baptist Church Latham, NY
Laval Central Baptist Churche Laval, Qc
Lebanon Baptist Church Taylorsville, NC
Leicester Baptist Church Leicester, NC
Liberty Baptist Church Reidsville, NC
Liberty Baptist Church Tavares, FL
Liberty Baptist Church Van Wert, OH
Life Gate Baptist Church Hixson, TN
Lifeway Church Derry, NH
Lighthouse Baptist Church Buckingham, PA
Lighthouse Baptist Church Lexington, SC
Lighthouse Baptist Church Newark, DE
Lighthouse Baptist Church Welcome, NC
Lighthouse Bible Church Ashville, AL
Lighthouse Bible Church Blountville, TN

Needs Corner

Items received:

48 Battery Lanterns
Bow Wrench Deck Tool
2 Carpet/Floor Blowers
Chainsaw Chaps
Commercial Vacuum Cleaner
4 Dewalt 18-volt WRP Batteries
2 Helmets for Working at Heights
2 Infra-red Thermometers
Kestrel Portable Wind Meter
10 pairs of Leather Gloves
4 Lifeguard Rescue Tubes
Lightning Detector
3 Mulch Forks
3 Pump-up Sprayers
20 pairs of Rafting Boots
4 Tree Rope Storage Bags
2 Tree Throw Ropes

Lighthouse Christian Bedford, NH
Lighthouse Christian Fellowship Bedford, NH
Limerick Free Baptist Church Limerick, ME.
Limerick Free Baptist Parsonsfied, ME
Living Sanctuary Piedmont, SC
Luigi Sciabarrasi Half Moon Bay, CA
Lynnwood Baptist Church Hadley, NY
Magnolia Church Riverside, CA
Manomet Bible Church Manomet, MA
Maranatha Baptist Church Marion, NC
Maranatha Baptist Church Oakwood, GA
Maranatha Baptist Church Shelby, NC
Maranatha Baptist Church Troy, MO
Maranatha Baptist Church Yorktown, VA
Maranatha Bible Church Glenford, OH
Marion Independent Baptist Church Rivesville, WV
Marler Road Baptist Church Hamptonville, NC
Max Creek Baptist Church Draper , VA
McBride Group Winter Garden, FL
McCalla Bible Church McCalla, AL
McLeansville Baptist Church McLeansville, NC
Melvin Baptist Church Melvin, MI
Mercy Baptist Church Weirton, WV
Mercy Missionary Baptist Church North East, MD
Merrimack Valley Baptist Church Merrimack, NH
Mikado Baptist Church Macon, GA
Mill Swamp Baptist Church Ivor, VA
Mills Chapel Baptist Church Newnan, GA
Miracle Hill Ministries Pickens, SC
Missouri Avenue Baptist Church Clearwater, FL
Monadnock Bible Baptist Church Rindge, NH
Morningside Baptist Church Greenville, SC
Mount Bethel Baptist Church East Bend, NC
Mount Calvary Baptist Church Greenville, SC
Mount Moriah Baptist Church Powhatan, VA
Mountain Home Bible Church Mountain Home, AL
Mountain Road Baptist Church Halifax, VA
Mountain Springs Baptist Church Monroe, NC
Mountain View Baptist Church Thomaston, GA
Mountain View Baptist Church Wellsboro, PA
Mountain View Bible Church Dublin, NH
Mountaintop Baptist Mountaintop, PA
Mt. Calvary Baptist Church Archdale, NC
Mt. Calvary Baptist Church Hookerton, NC

Mt. Harmony Free Will Baptist Church Vernon, AL
Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church Easley, SC
Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church Carrollton, GA
Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church Fulton, MS
Nancy Lichtenwalner Goffstown, NH
Narragansett Bay Baptist Church Warwick, RI
Neuse Baptist Church Raleigh, NC
New England Shores Baptist Church Hampton, NH
New Hope Baptist Church Farmington, ME
New Horizon Baptist Church Roanoke, VA
New Life Baptist Church Harvest, AL
New Life Baptist Church Hope Mills, NC
New Life Baptist Church Odenville, AL
New Life Fellowship Baptist Church Marshall's Creek, PA
New Prospect Baptist Church Rockmart, GA
New Southwest Baptist Church Baltimore, MD
New Testament Baptist Church Largo, FL
New Testament Baptist Church Loganville, GA
New Testament Church of Peruville Groton, NY
Next Level Somersworth, NH
North Gainesville Baptist Church Gainesville, FL
North Main Baptist Church Salisbury, NC
North River Christian Academy Tuscaloosa, AL
North Shore Baptist Church Peabody, MA
North Spartanburg Free Will Baptist Church Spartanburg, SC
Northside Baptist Church Moncks Corner, SC
Northside Baptist Church North Charleston, SC
Oak Ridge Baptist Church Oak Ridge, TN
Oak Ridge Baptist Church Oak Ridge, TN
Oakwood Baptist Church Anderson, SC
Ocean County Baptist Church Toms River, NJ
Olivet Baptist Church West Lebanon, NH
Open Bible Baptist Church Chatham, VA
Open Bible Baptist Church Orange City, FL
Open Bible Baptist Church Williamstown, NJ
Open Bible Church Burlington, MA
Open Door Baptist Church Hickory, NC
Open Door Baptist Church Richmond, VA
Open Door Community Baptist Church Summerfield, FL
Orangeburg Baptist Tabernacle Orangeburg, SC
Palmetto Land Baptist Church Summerville, SC
Parkwood Baptist Church Greenville, SC
Peace Free Will baptist Church Florence, SC
People's Baptist Church Frederick, MD


Bread Slicing Machine - $2,000
Commercial Grade Treadmill
for Staff Exercise Room - $2,000
Stationary Bike
for Staff Exercise Room - $750
Commercial Wheelbarrow (2) - $150 each
Commercial Waterhose (5) - $40 each
Commercial Torque Wrench - $225
Drinking Fountains w/ Bottle
Filler Station - $2,000
3 hp Portable Air Compressor (2) - $275
Submersible Utility Pump - $105
20-ton Bottle Jack - $50
50’ Contractor Extension Cord (4) - $50 each
4’ Step Ladder (2) - $120 each
Hydraulic Lift Table - $495
4” Bolt Cutter - $85
Heavy Duty Tow Strap - $65
L.E.D. Worklight - $100
Folding Work Platform - $45

People's Baptist Church Frederick, MD
People's Baptist Church Greenville, NC
People's Baptist Church Penn Laird, VA
Peruville New Testament Church Peruville, NY
Pilgrim Baptist Church Piney Flats, TN
Pine Forest Estates Baptist Church Pensacola, FL
Pine Hill Baptist Church Hephizibah, GA
Pinecrest Baptist Church McDonough, GA
Piney Grove Free Will Baptist Church Guin, AL
Plainville Baptist Church Plainville, MA
Plantation Baptist Church Plantation, FL
Pleasant Plains Baptist Church Ashford, AL
Pleasant Plains Baptist Church Ashford, AL
Providence Baptist Church Riverview , FL
Providence Baptist Church Westerville, OH
Redeemed Baptist Church Lincolnton, NC
Redeeming Grace Baptist Brooklyn, NY
Refuge Baptist Church Central, SC
Refuge Missionary Baptist Church Hudson, NC
Rich Acres Baptist Church Martinsville, VA
Rincon Baptist Temple Rincon, GA
River of Life Amherst, NH
River Rock Baptist Church Murfreesboro, TN
Riverside Christian Church Merrimack, NH
Riverview Christian Fellowship White Pigeon, MI
Rock Heritage Baptist Church Kingsport, TN
Russian Evangelical Baptist ChurchWestfield, MA
Saint Anne, Saint Augustine Parish Manchester, NH
Salem Baptist Church Golden, MS
Salem Bible ChurchSalem, NH
Seventh Day Adventist Kona, Hawaii
Shelby Free Will Baptist Church Shelby, NC
Shenandoah Baptist Church Rocky Mount, NC
Sherylnd Baptist Church Lyndhurst, VA
Socastee Baptist Church Myrtle Beach, SC
South Charlotte Baptist Church Pineville , NC
South Middlesex Baptist Church Framingham, MA
Southeast Baptist Tabernacle Indianapolis, IN
Southside Baptist Church Goodview, VA
Spring Hill Baptist Church Spring Hill, FL
Spring Run Bible Church Spring Run, PA
St. Augustine Manchester, NH
Still Waters Baptist Church Nags Head, NC
Storrs Chinese Christian Church Mansfield, CT

Sumter Baptist Temple Sumter, SC
Sumter Bible Church Sumter, SC
Sun Coast Baptist Church New Port Richey, FL
Suncoast Baptist Church Port Charlotte, FL
Swannanoa Heights Baptist Church Swannanoa, NC
Sylvan Park Free Will Baptist Church Nasheville, TN
Tabernacle Baptist Church Clayton, GA
Tabernacle Baptist Church Manassas, VA
Tabernacle Baptist Church Orlando, FL
Tabernacle Baptist Church Virginia Beach, VA
Tabernacle Baptist Church Williamsport, PA
TBC Concord, NH
Temple Baptist Church Asheville, NC
Temple Baptist Church Chesapeake, VA
Temple Baptist Church Flower Mound, TX
Temple Baptist Church Fredericksburg, VA
Temple Baptist Church Madison Heights, VA
Temple Baptist Church Statesville, NC
Temple Free Will Baptist Church Winterville, NC
The Chapel in Akron, OH
The Church of the Open Bible Burlington, MA
The First Korean Presbyterian Church of Greater Hartford
Manchester, CT
The Rock Church Gonzales, CA
Tidewater Baptist Church Chesapeake, VA
Trail Life Troop 1031 Kingsport, TN
TriCity Baptist Church Forest City, NC
TriCity Baptist Church Millbrook, AL
TriCity Baptist Church Parkersburg, WV
TriCounty Baptist Church West Chester, OH
Trinity Baptis Church Concord, NH
Trinity Baptist Church Easley, SC
Trinity Baptist Church Goldsboro, NC
Trinity Baptist Church Lake Wales, FL
Trinity Baptist Church Williston, VT
Trinity Free Will Baptist Church Greenville, NC
TriState Baptist Church N. Grosvenordale, CT
TriState Bible Baptist Chesterfield, NH
Triumph Baptist Church Gainesville, VA
True Memorial Baptist Church Rochester, NH
Trussville Southside Baptist Church Trussville, AL
Truth Baptist Church South Windsor, CT
Turbeville Southern Methodist Church Turbeville, SC
Turnpike Baptist Church Shrewsbury, PA

Twin City Bible Church Nitro, WV
Union Baptist Church St. Johnsbury, VT
Union Grove Baptist Church Lexington, NC
Upper Crossroads Baptist Church Baldwin, MD
Valley Bible Baptist Church Cobleskill, NY
Valley Forge Baptist Temple Collegeville, PA
Valley Forge Baptist Temple Collegeville, PA
Valley View Bible Church Telford, PA
Valley View Free Will Baptist Church Loudon, TN
Varina Baptist Church Richmond, VA
Victory Baptist Church Beaufort, SC
Victory Baptist Church Jacksonville, FL
Victory Baptist Church Macon, GA
Victory Baptist Church Reading, PA
Victory Baptist Church Seagrove, NC
Victory Baptist Church Simpsonville, SC
Victory Baptist Church Whiteland, IN
Victory Way Baptist Church Hillsville, VA
Village Chapel Baptist Church Weare, NH
Walnut Creek Baptist Church Erie, PA
Wayside Chapel Bucyrus, OH
Welcome Baptist Church Union, SC
West Congregational Church Peabody, MA
West Hampden Baptist Church Hampden, MA
West Meadows Baptist Church Jacksonville, FL
West Milford Baptist Church Clarksburg, WV
Westgate Baptist Church Spartanburg, SC
Westside Baptist Church Maiden, NC
Westside Baptist Church Martinez, GA
Westview Baptist Church Rocky Mount, NC
Westwood Baptist Chuch Poplar Bluff, MO
White Oak Free Will Baptist Church Bailey, NC
Whitehouse Baptist Church Jacksonville, FL
Wilton Baptist Church Wilton, NY
Winkler Road Baptist Church Fort Myers, FL
Wolfeboro Bible Church Wolfeboro, NH
Woodbine Baptist Church Mayodan, NC
Woodlawn Baptist Church Lowell, NC
Yates Thagard Baptist Church Carthage, NC
Yellow River Baptist Church Lilburn, GA
Zion Christian Church Sanford, NC
Zoar Baptist Church Locust Grove, WV



Items received:


4 12-Gauge Extension Cords
4 Chainsaw Blades
5 Microphones
Office Chair
Office Copier
2 12” Saw Blades

Video Camera - $250
Microphone - $500
Audio Cable (5) - $30 each
Preaching Headset Mic (2) - $300 each
Headphones - $100
Zipline Lanyard (5) - $20 each
Zipline Carabiner (8) - $35 each

I want to help
A or


Enclosed is a gift toward the cost of the indicated need.
City____________________ State _________ Zip ����������������

Mail to: The Wilds • PO Box 509 • Taylors, SC 29687-0009
www.wilds.org 13
www.wilds.org 13

A Right Side Up
Attitude in an
Upside Down
(6-week Bible Study)

The attitude that Jesus the Messiah describes
in His "Sermon on the Mount" refuses to stop at
surface religious externals or shallow commitment.
It is not motivated by rich rewards or devastating
consequences, but by a deep-seated love for
Christ because of what He has done. What did He
do? He did all that was necessary to remove our
sin from us, reconcile us to God the Father, and adopt us as His own.
The kingdom attitude is a dependent attitude that recognizes its own
inadequacies, a genuine attitude that rejects sin in its early stages. It is
the "attitude" that will permeate the Kingdom of God forever.

TWB123 - $6.95

Sarah Ryland (’15) and Chad

Billy (’11,’12) and Grace [Williquette]

Choquette (’07,’08,’09,’12-’14), 9/25/15.

Peters (’11,’12), Brooklynn Grace,

Marie Craven (’03,’04,’05,’06,’07,’08,


’09-‘10,’11) and Ben Condra, 7/4/15.

Ben and Elissa [Brown] Schmid (’07),
Benjamin Corey, Jr., 5/9/15.


Nicky Stoey (’14-’15) and Jacob Fafard
(’12,’13-’15), 10/3/15.

Jeremy (’05,’06) and Joy

Jessica Garrison and John Moon (’08),

[Waldschmidt] Tyler (’06,’07,’09), Twila

serving as the pastor of Hornell Bible


Church in Hornell, New York.

Sarah Radtke (’11) and Ethan Stewart

Mark Ward (’99,’00) lives in Greenville,

(’12-’13), 6/6/15.

where are they

Luke Bowman (’01,’02,’03) is currently

South Carolina. He recently finished
a 12th grade textbook for BJU Press
entitled “Biblical Worldview: Creation,
Fall, Redemption.” His wife, Laura, is

Jeff (’07,’08,’10) and Kimberly
[Thompson] Carlson (’06,’07,’08,

a homemaker. The Wards have three

’09,’10), Joshua Jackson, 3/5/15.


Rich (’99,’00,’01-’04) and Julie [Farmer]


Pace (’96,’98,’99,’00-’04), Micah Noah

Hanna Carter (’14) and Aaron Berry
(’09,’12,’13,’14), 6/20/15.
14 newsletter fall/Winter 2015

Wesley, 4/13/15.

Elaine, 5/29/14.

Former Staff,

help keep us updated on your career
moves, marriage, and children! Send
announcements to:

The Wilds
Where Are They Now?
PO Box 509
Taylors, SC 29687-0009
or e-mail formerstaff@wilds.org.

Staff News:

Kara Leatherwood, daughter of Steve and Barb

Andrew and Stephanie King are happy to announce the

Maylin Seiter joined the Taylors office staff in May. She

arrival of their daughter, Mikayla Lauren Elise. She was born

is helping us in many capacities, iincluding being our

on June 30, 2015, weighed 7 pounds 7 ounces, and was

publications coordinator. Maylin worked on our summer

19 ¼ inches long.

staff from '84-'86. She and her husband, Vic, have one son.


Memorial gifts received as of September 30, 2015


Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Sprout


Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Sprout


Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Sprout

Leatherwood, married Matthew Melick on April 18, 2015.
Kara served on our North Carolina summer staff for one
summer and our New England summer staff for two. They
are living in Greenville, South Carolina.


Given by: Pastor & Mrs. Matt Collier

Mr. & Mrs. David Lasseter

Mr. & Mrs. Cal Mair

Mr. & Mrs. Rick Stoner


Given by: Anna Marie Carmean

Mrs. Becky Field

Mrs. Mary Ellen Flora

Panther Sunshine Fund, Paris Elementary School,
Greenville, SC







Given by: Mary Ann Kaspar
Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Doug Gorsline
Given by: Pastor & Mrs. Matt Collier

Mr. & Mrs. Peter Fistere

Mr. & Mrs. Doug Gorsline

Mr. & Mrs. David Lasseter

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen López

Mr. & Mrs. Cal Mair

Mr. & Mrs. John McCoy

Mr. Bob Stoner

Mr. & Mrs. Rick Stoner

Mr. & Mrs. George Thornton


Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Jim McAdams

Mr. & Mrs. Ray Shaffer


Given by: Dr. & Mrs. George Jensen


Given by: Pastor & Mrs. Matt Collier

Mr. & Mrs. Rick Stoner


Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Brent Ritchardson

Dr. & Mrs. George Youstra

Given by: Pastor & Mrs. Willard Benedict


Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Ken Ball


Given by: Mr. Carl Boone


Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Walt Rumminger

Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Sprout


Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Vernon Perry




Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Sprout

Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Sprout
Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Rick Stoner

                Given by: Mr. & Mrs. George Thornton
Given by: Mrs. Nancy Worthington

Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Bryan Kirk


Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Sprout


Given by: Mr. & Mrs. John Anderson

Antioch First Baptist Church, Antioch, TN

Mrs. Peggy Banks

Mr. & Mrs. Tim Garrett

Mr. & Mrs. Harry Green

Mr. Ismael Gullon

Mrs. Gaye Hughes

Mr. & Mrs. E. G. Long

Angela Marion

Mr. William Reed

Mr. Jeff Rogers

Mrs. Doyle Veazey

Mr. & Mrs. Roland Wilbanks

Mr. & Mrs. George Wofford

In Memory Of:

Please send card to:


Given by:



City_____________________________________________State_______ Zip_______________


The Wilds Living Memorials • PO Box 509 • Taylors, SC 29687-0009

Given by: Mr. Ismael Gullon
Given by: Pastor & Mrs. Matt Collier

Mr. & Mrs. Rick Stoner

Honor a loved one or friend with a Living Memorial gift to The Wilds.




Fa l l 2 012

PO Box 509
Taylors, SC 29687-0009

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March 18-20. . . . College & Career Retreat . . . . . . . . DJ Harry
April 1-3 . . . . . . Spring Weekend Family Camp . . . . . Jeff Davis
April 8-9 . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ladies’ Retreat. . . . . . . . . . Terry Pettit
April 12-15. . . . . . Senior Adult Conference. . . . . . . . . Gary Bill
April 22-23. . . . . . . . . . . Ladies’ Retreat. . . Denise Cunningham
May 13-14 . . . . . . . . Father/Son Campout. . . . . . . Willie Partin
May 13-15. . . . . . . . . Couples’ Conference. . . . . . . . Todd Abbey
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