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Welcome to my portfolio!

This portfolio serves as a fulfillment of the requirements for the EDUC 462 final course
project at Colorado State University. It contains the most important work and documents that I
conducted for this class as well as some materials that I am proud of.
I would say that taking this course is definitely the highlight of this semester. What I
enjoyed the most is the quantity and quality of the in-class discussion we had. It is always a good
thing to communicate with your peers to brainstorm and exchange concepts and ideas. This has
broadened my eyesight and provided me new insights into the education field. Also, like the
professor said in class, this is a type of assessment, too. That was an Aha! moment and I really
liked that we are learning in an environment that we were discussing at the time. What a perfect
example of building a schematic learning context!
Moreover, I also love the coverage of the topics in class. The weekly reading materials
offered me abundant amount of knowledge, but the spontaneous in-class discussion brought
more information to me. Sometimes the topics might be touchy, inappropriate or taboo,
however, if we do not discuss the issues does not mean that they do not exist. Teaching a second
language is a position that requires a lot of practicality and practicum training, it is not a job that
one can easily be competent to with just theories in mind. I am grateful that we were able to
explore many possible situation, whether they might appear frequently in the real-world or not,
that I feel more prepared when it comes to actual practice.
Another important thing I learned from this class is that a teacher should always think
about the goals and outcomes before they start to develop lesson plans. Take the pecha kucha
presentation as an example, some classmates were paranoid about the duration of their audio
records or the number of the slide shows but the professor told them that the most important
thing she wanted them to take away by doing this assignment is to gain knowledge, rather than
wasting time on subordinate details. This concept does not only apply to the academic
assignments, I reckon, but also suitable in certain situations in life. It would not bring harm to
think about the goals and outcomes first before it was taken into action.
It was truly a great honor to be a part of this marvelous class that consisted a group of
brilliant classmates and an amazing professor. I am glad that I was able to choose this course as a

perfect ending of my pursuing of the M.A. degree in TEFL/TESL at the beautiful Colorado State
University. It is not just because the bright energy and knowledge that this class has brought me,
but also it was the last class that I took at CSU. After finishing up this portfolio, a new chapter of
my life begins. May our next harvest be bountiful and fruitful. May us be successful in our future