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Essential Questions: How can we apply our knowledge of our cultures and use it with learning

other cultures?

Individuals and families have unique characteristics. 6.1.P.D.1 Describe characteristics of

oneself, ones family, and others. 6.1.P.D.2 Demonstrate an understanding of family roles and
traditions. There are many different cultures within the classroom and community. 6.1.P.D.3
Express individuality and cultural diversity (e.g., through dramatic play). 6.1.P.D.4 Learn about
and respect other cultures


Students will be able to become familiar with customs and traditions of

holidays in other cultures

verbal and

Materials: passport, paint, sponge, The Legend of Poinsettia

Prior Knowledge: students have been learning about other cultures and their holiday traditions
Pre-Lesson Hook: Teacher will show students on map how we are traveling to Mexico
After introducing Mexico trip, Teacher will repeat same process as previous days lesson.
Students will complete passport stamp picture where they glue their stamp into passport then
they will color the picture. Students will review what countries they have visited so far.
Teacher will play a song for Mexico in Spanish for students to listen and compare to our
Christmas songs.
Teacher will discuss the date, traditions, and activities that are involved with Feliz Navidad. As
well as any special clothing, music, and songs involved. Teacher will share that we are going to
make a poinsettia but first have to read about it. Teacher will read story to students. ( will be a
shortened reading only reading main pages of story.)
Teacher will discuss story and legend behind poinsettia.
Students will complete craft. Two students will do sponge painting of leaves and one will cut out
their petals. When finished students will switch roles and complete the other part. Together
students will glue their petals onto paper once paint has dried. (Sponge painting may be done
prior to reading to allow time for drying.)
Teacher will play traditional music while students are working for them to hear.
Questions: What is Feliz Navidad?
Differentiation: Prompting will be provided as needed. Teacher will help students in cutting out
the petals and sponge painting the leaves onto paper.
Classroom Management: Teacher will use responsive classroom methods to quiet the
classroom. The teacher will not begin the lesson until every student has their attention focused
on the teacher.

Transition: The students will transition between the rugs and their tables quietly and when told to
do so. They will go back to their seats a few students at a time.
Closure: Students will discuss the holiday with teacher and tell one thing they learned about the
Holiday like a tradition or music they play.