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ED 470 Social Studies Methods

Social Studies Activities based upon Multiple Intelligences

(Gardner Heacox)
Dressing up for character (British Loyalist)
Act out major historical scene
Drawings/ sketch visual representation of places and spaces
Artwork creating piece of history
Debates live presidential debates
Props handing out primary sources
Utilizing the gym align students into military strategies
Put kids on a spectrum where they stand and debate issues
Human timeline people are assigned event to get in order
Simulate and event with students in positions of the people (slaves lying on the
Songs with actions
Have students act out simulations poverty sim
Field trips
Plan out historical events
Drawing/ sketches
Field trips to historical places
Hands-on projects such as creating scale models, tri-fold presentations, etc.
Interactive videos/ virtual tours
Create own videos/ films
Examine photographs as primary sources
Look at architecture how it has changed and developed
Create/ look at art
Side-by-side comparison (something familiar vs. historical content)
Movies (critique and compare to actual history)
Look at original text, what do they show?
Take their own old pics w/ black and white filer on phone then tell the story of the
Looking at statistics
Voting results
Population numbers/ movement
Riddles/ word problems
Supporting argument right, wrong, why?
Mapping out movements
Create a code (like what was used in WW II)
Using a poll (asking questions in a class: who says what and why?)
Looking at economic patterns

Why fluctuate because of differing rates

Foreign rate compared to U.S.
How money (how much) can either help or hurt different countries
Looking at numbers to explain historical difference
Creating equations that arent necessarily numbers (social equations to determine
why a society is the way it is/ how it came to be
Class outside
Field trips
Reenactments outdoors with recreation of environments
Activities that involve improvisations and solving problems
Going outside the textbook to use non-traditional information/ methods to teach a
Maps and being at a place
Cooking to teach culture
Service projects
Job shadowing
Real world experiences
Anything on your own
Personal journal/ diary
Individual research
Personal goals
Personal views
Making a personal story with new vocabulary
Make a journal of that time
Put together own civilizations
Before a unit, have students write down goals or what they want to take away from
learning about the time period
Generate own questions
Write a paper about culture research about norms/ society
Have students create conspiracy theories over JFKs assassination
Have students create their own presidential campaign
- Flyers, billboards, campaign spending
Have students choose a book to give an oral report on
Individual article review
1:1 teacher student conferences


Have students create an inaugural speech like they were becoming president
Word puzzle: create their own word puzzle for vocabulary words or important figures
or events
Read Martin Luther King Jrs jail letters
Take notes through a KWL chart on the Civil War
Make their own propaganda posters that relate to Hitler in WW II
Give a speech on why someone should vote for you and give it to the class
Write own rules for the classroom based off of the U.S. Constitution
Have students in groups of four create their own type of government: what does it
look like?
Have students split up the classroom, half and half one half Republican, one-half
Democrat; then divide again to have them pick a candidate and write speeches to
the class persuading them to vote for them
Split the class into 3 sections: Union, Confederate, slaves. Each student writes
individually how they feel during the war on that perspective share with group
Create/ write a play based on historical events and students act out each others
Create a mock draft students can enlist or wait to be drafted
Given fictional lives, they must role pay with each other representing the lives of
general people
Debating two sides of an argument in class