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Professional Semester III Final Report

Faculty of Education
Field Experiences
Fall Semester, 2015
Professional Semester III is a five-course equivalent integrated semester including half-time teaching and
professional study in curriculum design, leadership, advanced methods, and reflective practice. Intern Teachers are
assigned full time to schools for the semester during which they assume responsibility for approximately one-half of
the teaching day. PS III professional study is designed to complement and enhance the internship. The
professional study components may occur on or off-campus and are coordinated by the Faculty Mentors in
collaboration with Intern Teachers and school personnel.

Education 4572 Secondary Internship

Intern Teacher:

Lindsey Currie

Grade Level(s):

Grade 6, 7, & 8 Science


St. Joseph School


Val Leahy

Faculty Mentor:

Darron Kelly

Teacher Mentor: Zac Coupland

Intern Teachers Descriptive Report:

During my PSIII internship, I had several memorable experiences that helped

prepare me for the teaching profession. Over the course of four months, I
explored many aspects of education and discovered who I am as a teacher.
Through these experiences, I was able to learn, grow, and envision the type
of teacher I see myself becoming in the future. This would not have been
possible without the welcoming staff and students at St. Joseph School.
When I began my internship, I immediately felt accepted and appreciated.
The staff were friendly and really made me feel like I was part of their St.
Joseph family. I was assigned to teach alongside Mr. Zac Coupland and was
extremely happy when I found out I would be teaching science to three
different grade levels.
I was given a half-time teaching load, teaching science to grade 6, 7, and 8
students. I also learned that I would be responsible for the grade 8
homeroom. This class consisted of 21 boys and only 8 girls. The ratio of boys
to girls definitely made this class challenging at first, and my classroom
management skills were put to the test. The high degree of social
interaction amongst this group led me to experiment with several seating
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PS III Final Report for Lindsey Currie

arrangements and teaching strategies. Over time, I identified what worked

best for my students and found that it became much easier the more I got
to know them as individuals. One of my goals from my professional growth
plan was to develop meaningful relationships with students. I believe that
this is crucial in an educational setting and that strong relationships are key.
Once I got to know my students on a personal level, the classroom became
much easier to manage. I know I have developed solid teacher-student
relationships and that this is one of my strongest assets. I am able to teach
my students curricular objectives, but I also find ways to make learning
meaningful and accessible. My students and I are able to have friendly
conversations and talk about other topics outside of class time. Building
relationships is so important to me, so I decided to base my professional
inquiry project around this concept. I focused on the camping trip that I
attended with the grade 9 students at the beginning of the school year and
how this experience really brought students and teachers closer to one
another. It was a great way to start the term as I was able to learn names,
connect with colleagues, and see staff and students outside of the classroom
Throughout my PSIII internship, I taught six different science units and
focused on making learning as hands-on as possible. I had several
opportunities to incorporate kinesthetic and tactile activities, which the
students really seemed to enjoy. As a science teacher, I tend to use handson and experiential learning more than anything else. In the grade 6
Evidence and Investigation unit, I created a large crime scene in our
classroom and the students had an entire week of forensic activities built
around the analysis of the crime. In the grade 7 Planet Earth unit, students
melted Starbursts candy in the foods lab to help them understand the rock
cycle. They also played with graham crackers and whipped cream when we
learned about the formation of mountains, and Oreos when we talked about
tectonic plates. In the grade 7 Interactions & Ecosystems unit, students took
apart owl pellets in order to broaden their understanding of food chains. In
the grade 8 Fresh & Saltwater Systems unit, students collaborated in groups
and made their own cardboard boats. Nine students took their boats to the
next level and attended the Cardboard Boat Races at the University of
Lethbridge along with Zac and myself. Finally, in the grade 8 Cells &
Systems unit, students designed some very creative 3D cell models. I really
enjoyed having the freedom to experiment with a wide range of activities
and teaching strategies during this practicum experience. For the first time,
I felt like a real teacher in my very own classroom. I appreciated the
freedom and responsibility that my teacher mentor gave me and I know this
helped me improve as a teacher in many ways.
I also had many new experiences during this final teaching practicum. For
the first time since I began my teaching journey, I connected and interacted
much more with parents. Whenever there was a behavioral issue or a
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PS III Final Report for Lindsey Currie

student was struggling academically, I found it helped to communicate this

directly to the parents. It made it much easier to determine a course of
action when the parents were involved. I led the junior high science parentteacher interviews and it was a great opportunity to discuss successes and
difficulties with parents. Other new experiences included: teaching two
international students from Columbia, differentiating and modifying tests
and assignments for students with learning exceptionalities, taking part in
PLC and staff meetings, and getting involved with holiday festivities around
the school. At the Halloween assembly, for example, I was one of four
teachers who volunteered to have slime dumped on our heads in front of
the entire school. I also helped our homeroom students with the schools
door decorating contest.

My PSIII practicum was a fun-filled, rewarding, and challenging experience. I

made many meaningful relationships with my students and colleagues,
experimented with a variety of teaching strategies, worked on improving my
assessment, developed my classroom management skills, and gained
confidence as a teacher. As the semester went on, I felt comfortable trying
new things, was not afraid to take risks, and thrived in my new environment.
I learned what worked best for my students, and reflected on the things that
did not work so well. This practicum went brilliantly overall and I am very
appreciative of the St. Joseph staff for allowing me to grow as a teacher
within their school community.

Lindsey Currie
PSIII Intern Teacher

Intern Teacher Signature


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PS III Final Report for Lindsey Currie

School Administrator Comments:

Miss Lindsey Currie completed Professional Semester III at St. Joseph School
in Coaldale, Alberta. Her internship began on Friday, August 28, 2015 and
ended on Friday, December 18, 2015. Her teaching assignment included
grade 8 homeroom, as well as grade 6, 7, and 8 science. While completing
PS III she worked with an experienced teacher/mentor: Mr. Zac Coupland. In
the process she enhanced her personal teaching style and reflective
capacities of observation, analysis, interpretation and decision-making. She
assumed responsibility for continuing her professional growth and
professional portfolio development. She presented her project to staff on a
PD Day. In addition to her half time teaching assignment she participated in
extra-curricular activities associated with and although not mandated,
expected of teachers, such as Christmas door decorating.
Lindsey demonstrated knowledge of various Alberta Learning Curriculums,
the Teaching Quality Standard and the School Act, specifically the Junior
High Science curriculum. In her daily lesson plans she made pedagogical
decisions to enhance the learning of students in her classes, based on these

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PS III Final Report for Lindsey Currie

documents as well as her knowledge and observations of students and their

various learning styles. She worked very hard at classroom control and to
develop rapport with students. She utilized a variety of instructional
strategies, including both traditional and electronic teaching/learning
technologies in his lessons. Assessment of students was on going. During
her tenure at SJS, Miss Currie participated in parent teacher interviews,
professional development days and she became familiar with typical school
routines such as supervision and attendance, and typical school programs
such as Home Logic. She was responsible for inputting marks into an
electronic gradebook and exporting marks to the secretary to be printed on
report cards.
One of Lindseys strongest areas was her planning. This allowed her to be
flexible and adjust to what was happening in the classroom in order to meet
the diverse learning needs of students. Miss Currie developed in all areas of
her teaching practice.
Miss. Lindsey Currie successfully completed PSIII at St. Joseph School in
Coaldale, Alberta.
Val Leahy
St. Joseph School Principal

School Administrator Signature


Teacher Mentor Comments:

Preparation is a very strong point in Lindseys teaching. All material was

well organized, researched, planned, and 21st century. I was extremely
pleased with how Lindsey prepared for each lesson often utilizing iPad
technology and projecting many PowerPoint lessons. I felt assured that while
Lindsey was teaching my classes they were well represented by her
confident, well-rehearsed and prepared lessons.
Lindsey utilized many different teaching techniques and she evaluated
which ones worked best for each class. All classes responded well to

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PS III Final Report for Lindsey Currie

Lindseys style of teaching and as the round progressed, her confidence

grew and she settled into an authoritative instructional style. Lindsey
showed good control, she had a firm but relaxed style, and students had no
problem relating to her. Discipline was fair and appropriate, which helped
her gain the respect of the students.
Lindsey worked very well as a member of St. Josephs staff. She participated
in organizing and running the grade nine camping trip and the grade 8
cardboard boat race. She could see this was needed in supporting a small
school setting. Lindsey also took on the role of grade 8 homeroom, and at
the Halloween assembly she allowed students to dump green slime on her
head, all in the name of good spirit and fund raising! More recently, she
challenged herself to decorate the classroom door alongside her students,
showing her intense school spirit.
While evaluating Lindseys teaching skills I would say that she has most of
the major skills in place. Lindsey still has minor things to work on, and has
made classroom management and peer pressure a major focus exploring
both positive and negative techniques, seating plans, desk arrangements
and Popsicle stick groups. I am confident Lindsey will continue to refine her
skills and continue on the course of becoming a strong teacher.
In conclusion, I would say that Lindseys strongest aspects would be her
preparation, organization and her ability to relate to the students. I knew
that every lesson was going to be well prepared, organized, hands-on, and
engaging. Lindsey reflected on her lessons taking what worked and
discarding what didnt. Lindsey was constantly evaluating herself and
explored changes to make her lessons and evaluation techniques better.
Lindseys ability to relate with students is another strong attribute of
becoming a successful teacher. The students knew she was in charge but
they also knew they could joke around or talk with Lindsey at any time. I feel
that this connection Lindsey had with students will be a strong asset in
support of her becoming an excellent Jr. High teacher.
Zac Coupland
Mentor Teacher
Science/Tech Lead/CTS

Mentor Teacher Signature


Faculty Mentor Comments:

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PS III Final Report for Lindsey Currie

The following statement constitutes a summative evaluation for Lindsey

Currie in her third and final teaching practicum with the Faculty of
Education, University of Lethbridge. My assessment is based on a number of
factors including her contribution to senior seminar classes, her completion
of a professional inquiry project, first-hand observation of her classroom
practices, and consultation with her teacher mentor and school
Lindsey had an outstanding practicum. She excelled in fulfilling her
professional duties, displaying high levels of content knowledge,
pedagogical competence, and thoughtful planning. She employs a variety of
teaching strategies that demonstrate her ability to turn curricula into
meaningfully educative experiences for her students. Her sensitivity to
student needs and interests promotes higher-order thinking and facilitates
dynamic student engagement. She is adept in the application of relevant
formative and summative assessment methods, and she evaluates and
provides feedback on student work in a timely and appropriate manner. She
consistently functioned at the level of a certified interim-teacher, and her
determination and resourcefulness in addressing challenges with a positive
attitude and enthusiastic energy earned the respect of staff and students
alike. Her developing sense of classroom management ensures a secure and
respectful learning environment for her students. My impressions of
Lindseys performance align with the positive and supportive reports offered
by her mentor teacher and supervising administrator.
Some particular strengths of Lindseys internship merit attention. She
voluntarily took on the work of enhancing the educational value of an
annual school fieldtrip to Waterton Lakes National Park. Through creation of
an extensive resource document, Lindsey demonstrated a keen ability to
weave formal education with the development of school community. She
thoroughly researched the concept of experiential education and its
potential to positively influence prosocial behavior and academic
achievement. Her dedication and determination to engage this topic
demonstrate Lindseys remarkable level of commitment to the well-being of
her students and her tremendous work ethic. She is to be commended for
investing in such a constructive and supportive project. The themes of this
project are typical of Lindseys broader understanding of the social dynamics
of her students lives. It indicates Lindseys depth of thought, her
professional disposition, and her invaluable capacity to contribute to the
education and welfare of her students.
I have read the complete Final Report and certify that the assigned grade is

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PS III Final Report for Lindsey Currie

Faculty Mentor Signature


September 2015

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