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Rosa Ibarra

8:00 Am
1. What do you think the work's main argument, point, or conclusion?
I think the point she is trying to make is, don't be ashamed to be a woman. Be a woman who sets
goals for herself and accomplish them. Be everything and anything you want to be. To have
courage and have a voice and stand firm. Never let anyone bring you down and tell you otherwise.
Be happy in your own skin.
2. Give three ways the author uses supporting statements to support their conclusion.
I walked back home with a firm step and stood squarely in front of my mother with my newly
chopped hair.
For the first time in my life I understood the meaning of victory; fear only lead to defeat; and
victory demanded courage.
I was going to show my mother that I was more intelligent than my brother, than the man shed
wanted me to wear the cream dress for, than any man and that I could do everything my father did
and more.
3. How might the historical period and location (i.e. context) have affected how the author
chose to make their point?
This took place during the 30s through the 50s in the Delta region of Egypt. To be a woman and
to be outspoken during this time, in this area was looked down upon. She had the courage to do
so. Women could work and do such, but it was highly discouraged.
4. During the time period when the work was created what social groups
(economic class, religious affiliation, political group, ethnic group, gender) was being
addressed? why do you think so?
She was talking about Muslim women in Egypt. During this time, women were allowed to go to
school, women did work outside of the house, but people still held onto traditional values. The
women that did step outside of the box were discouraged and looked down on.
5. How did the author want his particular audience to react to their work?
To make women feel like they don't need to be submissive, to make women feel like they do have
a choice, a voice and a mind of their own. To go outside of the box and explore.
6. Do you think a modern/current audience would react the same way?
Yes! The modern woman is independent. There are people who still believe that the woman is to
be submissive and that the body is only to reproduce. If you're human and conscious of what is
going on, you should have a say to what is going on. No one should choose for you, what you do
with your life or body. I did some research on FGM ( Female genital mutilation) and it saddened
me. This procedure occurs anywhere form days after birth to puberty. It is a ritual removal of part
or all of the external genitalia, with only a small opening for the menstrual cycle, intercourse and
child bearing. It is outlawed in many countries, but it being outlawed doesn't stop it from