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Team Buzzard Bait

19th Annual

Hwy 10

LOOK for red and black B signs ON HIGHWAY

78 South Side between Split Mountain Rd and the
Blu Inn. Follow green course markers.
The family ride will be on Saturday the 16th.
Raffle satrts at 3:00 PM sharp. The ride should take
about 2-4 hours, figuring out the clues ???????

Split Mountain Rd

WIN CASH AND PRIZES, in an off-road

adventure ride. Bring motorcycles, quads, buggies
or four-wheel drives.

Palm Springs
Hwy 86

We invite you, your family & friends to

VEHICLE AREA.which is located in EAST SAN DIEGO CO.

Hwy 78

Blu Inn

January 15 - 18, 2016

(MLK Holiday weekend)
DOUG WEBER FS 17-C OR CELL 951-453-2520

Fee for the ride will be $20.00 PER PERSON.

All proceeds benefit the



NO. 5

Open House in a New Home
Relief members, family and friends celebrated the annual LAFRA
Open House at the headquarters on North Figueroa .................08

Medal of Valor Awards

Thirty-one firefighters who demonstrated bravery at great personal
risk were honored at a luncheon in November ...........................06

Presidents Message ..........................................................................05
Battalion News ...................................................................................13
The Retired Guys .............................................................................31
Department in Action ...........................................................................32
Retirement Dinners
Rick Denning .................................................................................36
John Paxton .................................................................................38
Retirement Dinner Announcements .................................................39
LAFD Handball
Turkey Burner Doubles tournament .............................................40
Station Fridge ...................................................................................41
Kitchen Table Wisdom
Unsafe driving and 2 hoseline deployment ................................42
Mailbox ...............................................................................................44
LAFD Merit Scholarships ..................................................................46
Memorials ...........................................................................................49
Dollars and Sense
New Year 2016: Time to take stock of your finances ..................51
LAFD History
The 50 Bangor Ladder, part two ..............................................52
Minutes of the Board of Trustees .....................................................55
Classifieds ...........................................................................................57
Tailboard ...........................................................................................60

2 January 2016

On the cover: Structure Fire - Van Nuys

Notice: Production of The Firemens Grapevine magazine is very expensive, and while your dues
serve to underwrite a portion of the magazines costs, the bulk of funding comes from advertisers.
Many businesses advertise in the Grapevine. This does not mean that LAFRA endorses these
advertisers. Use of a Grapevine advertiser is at the risk of the member. If you are interested in any
of the advertisements, we urge you to use any and all means at your disposal to investigate them.


Los Angeles Firemens Relief Association.

No material may be reproduced without written permission of the publisher.

Photo by: David Blaire


Inset photo by: Adam Van Gerpen

Brush fire in Temescal Canyon - Pacific Palisades
January 2016 3

owned and published by the

Los Angeles Firemens Relief Association

7470 N Figueroa Street, Los angeles CA 90041

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Michael Stefano, Monte Egherman, Steve Ruda


Ryan Babroff, David Blaire, Doc DeMulle, Greg Doyle, Harry Garvin,
Steve Gentry, Juan Guerra, Brian Haimer, Gavin Kaufman, Ryan Ling, Rick McClure,
Mike Meadows, Lloyd Payne, Jeff Zimmerman, Yvonne Griffin, Laura Lichter.


Robert Steinbacher................................................President
Jeff Cawdrey ..................................................Vice-President
Andrew Kuljis ........................................................Secretary
Barry Hedberg
Chris Hart
Chris Stine
Craig White
David Lowe
David Ortiz
David Peters

Doak Smith
Frank Hernandez
Frank Aguirre
Gene Bednarchik
James E. Coburn
Joe Vigil
Juan Albarran

Mark Akahoshi
Rick Godinez
Steve Berkery
Steve Ruda
Steven Domanski
Tim Larson
Tyler Tomich


To contact a chaplain,
Please call Senior Chaplain Rick Godinez at (213) 797-2404
or the MFC Floor Captain at (213) 576-8920
Greg W. Gibson...................Chaplain
Danny Leon..........................Chaplain
George A. Negrete...............Chaplain
Aquil F. Basheer..................Chaplain
Tim Werle............................Chaplain

Hershy Z. Ten.......................Chaplain
Roger Fowble.....................Chaplain
Mark R. Woolf.....................Chaplain
Jesus Pasos.........................Chaplain
Craig Poulson.....................Chaplain

Fire-Relief ...............................................................(323) 259-5200
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Relief Medical Plan ................................................. (866) 995-2372
Fax Number ..............................................................(323) 259-5290
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Becky Valverde Human Resources Administrator.....(323) 259-5247
Liberty Unciano Controller/Treasurer...................(323) 259-5225
Bob Dillon Operations Manager..............................(323) 259-5233
Marlene Casillas Development & Marketing Director(323) 259-5217
Ana Salazar Member Services Coordinator.............(323) 259-5223
HealthSCOPE Benefits

Claims & Benefit Information...................................(866) 99-LAFRA

THE FIREMENS GRAPEVINE (USPS 191-060) is published monthly by the Los Angeles Firemens
Relief Association, 7470 N Figueroa Street, Los Angeles, California 90041. Annual $24 Subscription
included with Association membership; Non-members: $36. Single issues $3 postpaid. Back issues $6
postpaid. Periodicals postage paid at Los Angeles, CA and at additional mailing office. POSTMASTER: Send
address changes to: THE FIREMENS GRAPEVINE Magazine, P.O. BOX 41903, Los Angeles, CA 90041.
Printed by Collective Color, Los Angeles CA. For Classified and Display Advertising rates please call (323)
259-5200, ext. 231, 232 or 260. All editorial matter must be received by the Editor eight weeks prior to the
month of publication. The opinions expressed herein are those of the writers and do not necessarily reflect
the official views of the Los Angeles City Fire Department or the Los Angeles Firemens Relief Association.

4 January 2016

Happy New Year 2016!

hope this finds everyone well, happy and looking forward to

a prosperous new year. If I can take a moment to introduce
myself, I was assigned to Fire Station 114-C as a Firefighter/
Paramedic at Air Operations before coming to LAFRA fulltime.
I have 27 years on the job and I am a second generation LAFD
member (my father and grandfather were LAPD and advised me
to get in the right line). I have three wonderful sons, Taylor (28),
Andrew (15) and Evan (13). I am honored that the board has selected me to become the next president of this outstanding organization.

I would like to congratulate Jeff Cawdery on his selection
as the new vice president. I am looking forward to working closely with him in the coming years.

I would be remiss if I didnt acknowledge the work that
Juan Albarran has accomplished during his tenure here as president. From the time Juan became president, he has not told one
member the word NO. He has spent countless hours making
sure our members get the benefits they need and deserve. He also
spent the last two years over-seeing the purchase and renovation
of the finest building this Association has had the privilege of
calling home. And Juan has been a champion of the others around
him and that came before him - LAFRA officers, trustees, employees and volunteers whose blood, sweat and tears have made
the organization what it is today. To top it all off, what a great
accomplishment it was to get the oldest member of the Fire &
Police Pension and LAFRA, Venita Picinich (108 years young),
to attend this years Open House.

Speaking of the Open House, it was the finest event hosted
in our new building so far! Well over 300 active and retirees,
friends and family attended on December 5th. A great big shout
out to the staff and volunteers who made it all possible.

Please schedule some time this year to attend some of the
wonderful events that are on our calendar. First, the Buzzard Bait
ride will be held January 16th-18th at its new location near Ocotillo Wells. The Hook and Ladder Enduro will be March 19th and
20th - look for the flyer with all the details coming out soon.

Your Relief Association is truly a one of kind organization.
LAFRA is continuing to prosper and thrive because of our strong
financial picture. Our Trustees are working hard to preserve and
grow our finances to ensure we will be here for your future and
meet all of our members needs. And we will work to do more in
communicating all of this to you in the months to come.

Soooo, since there are 180 members departing from the
job in 2016, I would like to remind everyone to take a look at and review the important checklist we have created for
your departure from the working world to the retired world. Its
not as easy as just tossing your badge on the captains desk and
saying adios.

We realize that some of you dont want a retirement dinner
or lunch, but Im sure you would like your retirement badge. And
more importantly, to keep your medical insurance in play youll
need to fill out your drop card for the Fire Department and sign
up with the Pension Department to have your medical premiums
taken from your monthly check.

With that being said, if you notice that someones retirement luncheon or dinner isnt listed on our website site, please
contact us immediately.

If you have any questions about the retirement process or
any LAFRA related issues, please feel free to contact our outstanding Member Services section to help you though the procedures.

Please mark your calendars for April 20 or 21 of this year.
We will be having our first-ever LAFRA Health Fair. Most of you
are Medical Plan members and this will be an opportunity for
you to meet face-to-face with representatives from HealthScope,
Express Scripts, VSP, Unum, Body Scan and many others. And if
you are not enrolled in the LAFRA Medical Plan, this will be an
opportunity for you to come and discover exactly what you and
your family are missing.

My last titbit for this month is to ask you to think about
giving a little back and volunteering for some of the events being
sponsored by LAFRA. Check out a list of events at The
Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firemens Fund also has its own
website There you can find out about opportunities
with the Boot Brigade, a collection of volunteers dedicated to
helping raise money for your Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firemens Fund.
Be safe and be kind to each other.
Bob Steinbacher
(323) 259-5200
January 2016 5

he Los Angeles Fire Department hosted its Awards Luncheon on Thursday,

November 12, 2015, at The L.A. Hotel Downtown. The event, made possible by
the Los Angeles Fire Department Foundation,
honored 31 firefighters and paramedics who
demonstrated bravery at great personal risk to
their own life to save another. Honorees were
recognized for their valiant efforts with the
presentation of the Departments highest honors, the Lifetime Achievement Award, Medal
of Valor, Medal of Merit and Letter of Special

The men and women of the LAFD put
their lives on the line every day in protection
and support of the residents of Los Angeles,
said LAFD Fire Chief Ralph M. Terrazas. It
is an honor to recognize those individuals who
truly went above and beyond their call of duty
and surpassed even the normally high expectations we demand.

The Medal of Valor is awarded to a
sworn member who has demonstrated bravery

6 January 2016

at great personal risk to his or her own life, beyond a doubt and clearly above the call of duty,
whether on or off duty. The Medal of Merit is
awarded to a sworn member, distinguished by
performing an act where if not taken, would
have resulted in serious injury or presented imminent danger to life. The member must have
demonstrated a conspicuous act of bravery
with calculated personal risk to his or her own
life. To qualify for the Special Commendation,
any department member must perform an act
during emergency or non-emergency conditions requiring initiative and/or ability worthy
of recognition.

The Los Angeles Fire Department
Foundation is fully committed to supporting
the heroes of the LAFD who work tirelessly
to protect our city daily, said Karen Wagener,
president of the Los Angeles Fire Department
Foundation. We are pleased to recognize these
brave men and women, and honored to have
them as role models for the city of Los Angeles.

Some of the recipients honored as part
of the LAFD Awards included:
Deputy Chief (ret.) Reynaldo Rey Rojo:
Lifetime Achievement Award for 36 years of
service and 30 years of continued community
involvement after retirement
Daniel Apodaca: Medal of Valor recipient for
an off duty rescue of three men after their boat
capsized in Diamond Valley Lake
Miguel Meza: Medal of Valor recipient for
being the first to respond to a submerged automobile in the Port of Los Angeles. Meza dove
into the harbor, rescue two adults and continued to attempt further rescue in the waters until
a dive team arrived.
John M. Davis and Adam R. Fisher: Medal
of Merit recipients for rescuing three adults
and their dog from the third story balcony of a
burning building
Capt. Douglas Weber: Medal of Merit recipient for rescuing a fellow firefighter from a
burning building.

January 2016 7

elief members, family and friends

came out in droves on Saturday, December 5th to celebrate Open House at
LAFRAs new quarters at 7470 North Figueroa
Street. There would have been even more
folks at the party except a few went to South
Figueroa by mistake.

The theme for this years celebration
was Motorcycles and Mistletoe. The former
in honor of this years honoree, LAFRA Trustee Jim Coburn, an avid biker, and the later in
tune with the holiday season.

The theme for this years

celebration was
Motorcyles and Misletoe.

Attendees were welcomed by an array
of holiday lights strung up under the supervision of our own Trustee Steve Domanski, while
a host of volunteers were on hand to greet the
guests. Lydia Andrews, Valerie Lawrence,
Rose Franco, Marina Torres, Virginia Newcomb and her sister Anne Munsell, Emily Pizinger and her Aunt Karen Barnhill were available as hostesses to guide anyone unfamiliar
with the building. In addition, Cadet Advisor
John Goshorn (FS 60) also had a few of his post
members there (Roee Losycer and Chazz Godinez) to help visitors into the building.

As guests entered the lobby, they encountered a photo booth provided by Firefighter Jerrod Webster (FS 2). A few of the best
results can be seen on the next page. Strolling
Magician Joe Skilton entertained with new
tricks and sleight-of-hand that amazed the

8 January 2016

crowd. Linda Lara and her crew set up shop

on the main level and peddled LAFD fire apparel for those looking for the perfect holiday
gift. And a lucky guest, Lewis Smith, won four
tickets to a performance of Peter Pan and Tinkerbell, A Pirates Christmas at the historical
Pasadena Playhouse.

The chefs from Cornucopia Catering
created a menu that pleased every palate. The
main dishes included Pulled Hog Sliders with
Jicama Slaw, Grilled Angus Beef Sliders and
BBQ Chicken Sliders served with Bacon Onion Jam, a chili station (homemade Steak Chili
and Vegetarian Chili), Grilled Italian Sausages
w/ Sauted Onions, and a Carving Station with
Tenderloin and Prime Rib. And there were
Chocolate Fudge Brownies, New York Cheesecake, Lemon Drop Squares, and Tiramisu Bars
for dessert.

Specialty drinks were served at the bar,
the most popular being The Coburn Coors
Cocktail whipped up on behalf of the manof-the-hour. The ingredients included: Coors
Light, Ginger Liqueur and fresh lemonade,
garnished with a sliced lemon.

The highlights of the event were the
presentations. First the Fire Hogs presented a
giant-sized check to the Widows, Orphans &
Disabled Firemens Fund representing the giant
amount they earned for the charity during the
year. Next, Jim Coburns wife, Diane, was presented with a floral bouquet and finally LAFRA
showed their gratitude for Jims 27 years of service to the organization by awarding him with
an engraved, vintage fire officers speaking

If you didnt get a chance to attend
Open House this year, dont despair. There
will be many chances to visit your LAFRA
headquarters in 2016. One important event on
the horizon for ALL members is the first ever
Health Fair. This will be an opportunity to meet
face-to-face with representatives from your
LAFRA Medical Plan, Express Scripts, VSP
Vision Care, Unum Long-Term Care and many
others. Mark your calendars for April 20 and
21, 2016, and well see you there!

January 2016 9

10 January 2016

January 2016 11

Q: How long were you on the job?

A: I came on the Department on February 10,
1980, and I just retired on September 1, 2015.
Thats 35 years and a few months. I promoted
to engineer in 1989 and captain in 2007.
Q: What was your favorite assignment?
A: I was assigned as both an engineer and
captain to Fire Station 3 for a total of 18 years
there. Thats about half my career. I guess that
would make it my favorite.
Q: When did you join the LAFRA Board of
A: I started as a Trustee in Battalion 9 in 1988
and moved to Battalion 1 Trustee in 1992. The
only ones that are still around the Relief after
these 27 years are Dennis Mendenhall and Jim
Dolan. I think Ty Wood was the president at the
time I started.
Q: What are some of the important changes
and improvements youve been a part of in
your tenure at LAFRA?
A: We have been in three buildings in my time
at Relief. We started in our own building on
Temple Street and then moved to a floor of

12 January 2016

the Credit Union building. Now were back in

our own building here on North Fig. Im glad I
could lend a hand in the decisions to purchase
and improve the property. It should prove to
be a good home for LAFRA for many years to

Q: What were some of your committee assignments on the Board?

A: I was chairman of the Relief, the Assistance and the Widows, Orphans & Disabled
Firemens Fund committees over the years.
During this time we were able to structure the
Emergency Advancement Program, institute
a secured amortised advancement and initiate
payroll deductions to the Widows and Orphans
Q: I understand that you are quite an artist?

A: Well, I was a technical illustrator
for 11 years before I came on the job. I worked
for Lockheed on the L1011, the S3A (a carrier
based submarine recon aircraft), the SR71 and
the Space Shuttle.

Q: I hear that you ride a Harley?

A: I have two Harley Davidson motorcycles: a Fatboy and a Road King.
Q: What are plans for retirement?

A: Diane and I have had a house in
Havasu since 2005. We plan to spend about
half our time there.

FF/PM Denise Alvarado from FS 25 was honored

as a 2015 National Catholic Doctors of the Year

Mark Ryan promoted to captain at FS 51

On 11/19/15, Engine 12 presented a homeowner house whose suffered significant damage a S.A.V.E. Card.
January 2016 13

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14 January 2016

Firefighters responded to a well involved 40 cabin cruiser berthed in the Port of Los Angeles on 11/24/15.
Photo by Chris Conkle

January 2016 15

16 January 2016

Los Angeles Firemens Relief Association Medical Plan may

cover this examination. Contact your plan provider to verify.
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Companies responded to a brush fire above PCH in Temescal Cyn on 11/10/15.

Photo by Adam VanGerpen

Michael Moreland promoted to captain at FS 37

Lauren (Baer) Kuykendall promoted to engineer at FS 59

January 2016 17

First day in Israel

On November 9th through the 20th, a group of firefighters from SoCal traveled to Israel to stand in support with
Israeli firefighters. They all volunteered their own time to go to Israel to work and train in fire stations there. It was a great
opportunity for going on calls and seeing the Holy Land first hand.

It was an incredible experience to be a part of, said Elan Raber from 83s. Regardless of religion or politics,
its a true brotherhood no matter where we put on the uniform. We were treated like one of their own. I was very excited
to return in the time of need. Shalom.

In addition to Raber, Ben Arnold from 98s, Kyle Rausch and Dennis Roach from 72s, Mike Adams from 60s,
Shaun Gath from 39s, Mike Gross from 89s, Mike Porper (Ret.), Bryan Newonn from 64s, Jake Windell from LACoFD
and Dan Nahmias from Oxnard FD made the trip to the Middle East.

In front of the Western Wall.

18 January 2016

Wind whipped flames damaged a wood shingle roof in the 6400

block of Langdon Ave on 11/13/15. Photo by Mike Meadows

Crew 3 Supervisor Paul Wingate congratulates Robert Jackson,

a former member of the Crew who graduated DT 81.

Asher Kush, son of Dan at 100-C, was born on 10/18/15.

January 2016 19

12521 El Dorado Place,

Victorville, CA 92392
Phn: 1-800-971-4808 Two firefighters were injured when the floor collapsed at
Fax: 1-800-971-4809 838 So. Crenshaw Bl on 11/18/15. Photo by Rick McClure
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20 January 2016

On 11/8/15, 77s found a SFD at 10463 Tuxford St

with the rear well involved. Photos by Rick McClure

Engine 7 handled three autos intentionally set at Nordhoof

and Cedros on 11/27/15. Photo by Rick McClure

January 2016 21

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Our Mission Statement:

To construct a comprehensive financial plan that will
make a significant difference in our clients lives.
To help our clients achieve a better return on life.
To form a long-term relationship with our clients.
To receive NO commissions and eliminate conflicts
of interest in the financial planning process.

For a FREE Consultation!
Download a Copy of The DROP Book at

Its not just about the return on investments,

its about the return on life...
AL Hewitt, CFP, ChFC, EA
Certified Financial Planner

1120 West Avenue M-4, Palmdale

Camarillo Ranch Rd, Camarillo
Offices in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties
22 January 2016

24s works a brush fire in Big Tujunga Canyon on

11/5/15. Photo by Rick McClure

Companies found fire in the kitchen and walls of the El Pollo Loco
at 12960 W Foothill Bl on 11/15/15. Photo by Mike Meadows

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January 2016 23

Capt Don Green and the crew from 65s give a S.A.V.E. card to a gentleman
who unfortunately lost almost everything in a fire on 11/22/15.

24 January 2016

Companies overhaul a SFD on 46th Street on 11/11/15.

Photo by Adam Van Gerpen

Engine 64 found an auto extending into vegetation

on 11/17/15. Photo by Tod Sudmeier

John Garnica promoted to Capt II at FS 66

Greg Sturdyvin promoted to A/O at FS 66

January 2016 25

On 10/9/15 companies responded to an auto vs bus

on Ventura Blvd. Photo by Mike Meadows

26 January 2016

Members of Hatzolah BLS Services

stopped by FS 102 on Thanksgiving Day.

On 10/29/15, companies responded to a multiple vehicle crash

on the W/B 118 Fwy at Reseda Blvd. Photos by Rick McClure
Members accept a donation from the Grateful Hearts
Valley Cultural Center/Warner Center Food Faire

January 2016 27

Thanksgiving Day at Fire Station 84.

Photos by Adam VanGerpen

Companies overhaul a SFD in 72s district

on 11/12/15. Photo by Adam VanGerpen

28 January 2016

On 11/7/15, firefighters found a motorhome

on fire. Photo by Adam VanGerpen

On 11/3/15, Engine 68 responded to a fully involved RV fire.

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January 2016 29

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30 January 2016

he wife and I enjoy goin out for dinner

and we frequent a variety of restaurants.
We savor the flavors of Italy, Mexico
and once in a while even punish our bodies
with hamburgers and fries from a tropicalthemed surf joint. The tropical drinks aint bad
either. But many of these restaurants and others are now tellin customers not to tip the food
servers. Because of the new minimum wage
or Livin Wage law many restaurants have
jacked up their menu prices to pay these food
servers what the law requires.

I think of it this way - if you decided
to go ahead and tip your food server it would
simply amount to over payin them. Its kind of
like payin someone more money because he or
she is on special duty. And since theres no way
anyone sittin behind a desk should earn more
than a fireman thats expected to save lives
and property, I aint tippin anymore. But now
theres another problem.

The idea of tippin came about because
the underpaid food servers didnt earn what the
cooks or chefs earned sweatin over a hot stove.
Tippin sort of leveled the playin field. Now

the food servers are actually makin more than

the cooks. The cooks now want a raise.

So there are a few restaurants around
that now ask customers to leave tips for the
cooks. So after steppin up to the cash register
to pay for your meal theres a sign remindin
you to help out the underpaid cooks.

Lets go back to this Livin Wage
expression. First off, who came up with this
term? And what exactly is a Livin Wage?
Is it based on Warren Buffetts salary or the
salary of the person mixin up them fancy flavored coffee drinks? Now that I think about it,
the Fire Department never mentioned a Livin Wage for the position of Captain I when
I signed up for the exam. It was always evident to me that the Livin Wage for this rank
was more in the neighborhood of wages paid
to the Walkin Dead because obviously these
people dont have to worry about eatin at restaurants or leavin tips.

I mentioned to a friend of mine that
Ive always liked Peyton Manning and I especially enjoy listenin to him when hes changin a play at the line of scrimmage by yellin,

n Spring 2016, the Los Angeles Fire and Police Pensions

(LAFPP) offices will be moving to a new location. The new
address is 701 East 3rd Street (NE corner of East 3rd Street &
Alameda Street) in the Downtown Arts District.

In June 2013, the Board of Fire and Police Pension Commissioners approved the purchase of the 54,000 square foot fourstory office building, constructed in 1924. LAFPP will occupy
floors two through four, and plans to lease out the 1st floor. The
newly remodeled headquarters will feature:
Energy and Environmental (Green) Design to reduce operating costs in the future and benefit the environment.
Enhanced security to include key card access and security guard.

Yamaha, Yamaha, to his offensive line. I just

assumed it was a marketin gimmick and Peyton was gettin a few extra bucks from Yamaha.
Then to my surprise my buddy clued me in by
sayin, Peyton aint yellin Yamaha, Yamaha.
Hes yellin Omaha, Omaha. I still think its a
missed advertisin opportunity.

My neighbor had a garage
sale recently, so I stopped
by to check out what sort of
stuff he was sellin. Thats
when I noticed this sign:
Complete set of Encyclopedia Britannica, 45 volumes.
Excellent condition, $200 or best offer. No
longer needed.
My wife knows everythin.

Larger counseling rooms for private individual appointments with members.

Upgraded Board Room with technology to offer all
stakeholders the benefits of improved viewing and audio of Board
meetings. This room will also be used for training sessions for
members and staff.

Our phone numbers will be changing too! We plan to keep
you up to date on the details of our upcoming move and new
phone numbers through the website, newsletters, emails and other mailings to your home. Our website at will
always have the most current information! We look forward to
serving you at our new offices in 2016.
January 2016 31

Van Nuys

Photos by David Blaire, Adam Van Gerpen and Rick McClure

First arriving companies found a well involved single family dwelling

at 8743 Aqueduct Ave on November 13, 2015. The fire was knocked
down in 26 minutes by 33 firefighters. An occupant of the house was
hospitalized for treatment of a minor burn injury.

32 January 2016

January 2016 33

Stoney Point, Chatsworth

Photos by Tod Sudmeier, Mike Meadows and LAFD

34 January 2016

Just before 2:00 pm on November 14, 2015, firefighters rescued an injured hiker
at Stoney Point in Chatsworth. An LAFD ground and air response, including Urban Search &
Rescue specialists, assisted a man who was badly injured and trapped in rugged terrain.

The 23 y/o male fell approximately 20 and was wedged between large boulders.
Firefighters extricated him, provided pain management and then hoisted him into a helicopter
for transport to a local Trauma Center in serious condition.
January 2016 35

ick Denning and I met at Fire Station

58 in 1988. He was an A/O and I was
a new fireman, both starting a new assignment with an old school TFC named Dick
Balzano, who we both loved and respected
right out of the gate.

In those early days Rick drove Truck
58 with great skill and led the show wherever
we went. I followed and learned the firemans
job on the fly, trying to keep up with everyone
around me. It has been a true, if not unlikely,
friendship ever since.

Rick always knew the rules and he used
them to make things happen around the station
and at incidents. He was always controlling the
pace and making sure everyone was involved,
sometimes to a fault. He never acted with hesitation and never acted without passion for doing the right thing.

I might have spent my career being
content, learning and doing my job in relative
obscurity, but Rick made sure that didnt happen. He roped me into every technical rescue
class that came along and was instrumental
in getting me on the FEMA team which ultimately led to deployments to some of the most
significant events in American history.

Off the job he roped me into a real
estate/construction adventure that eventually
became my future home. In the process, we
learned a lot about construction and I became
his electricians apprentice.

Then there were the trips, always with
family, firemen and friends, to the mountains,
lakes, deserts, beaches, whatever. When Rick
said, Lets go, I said, OK. He even got me
to travel with the Gangreen softball club, more
as a mascot than a player, but the guys let me in
and those were some of the best times ever.

Rick Denning and I are as much brothers as we are friends. He invited me into his
family a long time ago. And if anything overshadows his career with the LAFD it would be
his role as a husband and father. Ricks been
a devoted family man as long as Ive known
him. He did such an amazing job raising four
daughters that he and his wife Linda took on

36 January 2016

three more daughters in the foster system and

are now parenting them as their own.

When you decorate your collar with
horns you add another level of needs ahead of
your own - those of your crew. Rick always
did honor to his badges and horns. He always
credited his crew when things went well and he
always looked inward when there was room for
improvement. He always tried to involve those
around him in whatever was going on - be it
doing the job, training, a station project, an offduty work party, a fund raiser or just good old
camaraderie. Rick always put his own personal
preferences behind the needs of those with
whom he served.

In the days after 9/11, when we were
toiling with California Task Force-1 on the pile
at Ground Zero, our uniforms and our hearts
were taking a beating - as were the hearts of
every American. Feelings of helplessness and

desire to help consumed the countrys soul. In

little Bordentown Township, New Jersey there
was a group that committed to helping by setting up a service to clean our soiled clothes
while we rehabbed at the Convention Center
in Manhattan, and return them by the next operational period. This was no small task as the
roads in and out of New York City were gridlocked. But somehow committed souls made it
happen, it went something like this . . .

The Petro Truck Stop in Bordentown
Township donated their laundry facility and
coordinated the transportation to and from
Manhattan. The Bordentown School District
staff organized the logistics of getting the work
done. The high school students took on the task
of cleaning and packaging the laundry, and the
third grade students of the Peter Muschal Elementary School hand wrote thank you notes
that were slipped into each bag of cleaned
clothes. At the time we may have taken the service for granted but when you think about it,
the care and planning and effort that went into
the action was extraordinary.

Everyone who received those little
notes from the third graders had their spirits
lifted when they read them. But one man, Captain Rick Denning, was touched a little deeper
than most by the simple encouragement from
the children. Those of you who know Rick
know he has raised a few third graders and has

a special appreciation for what goes through

their young minds.

There were plenty of opportunities to
go out and enjoy a slice of the Big Apple. But
Rick was on a mission to extend the chain of
love around to the community that selflessly
supported the rescue effort in New York City
from Bordentown, New Jersey.

He came up with the idea, and in his
persistent way, secured a bus to take as many
people as he could muster up to share a moment of solidarity with the students and staffers
at the Peter Muschal School. Rick, who would
have loved a full bus, settled for six plus himself to board the bus for the two hour ride to
rural Bordentown.

What transpired during that short visit
deeply affected all of us who were there. A simple but heartfelt speech from Rick recognizing
the importance of each students effort as part
of something so much bigger than the intolerance that led to the terrorist actions moved everyone in attendance. I cant find the words to
convey the feelings I had at that moment. I can
say I have never been more proud to be a fireman or an American than when our small group
exchanged gratitude with the citizens of little
Bordentown, USA. Its a moment I wouldnt
have missed for the world. A moment that
would never have happened had Rick Denning
not seized the opportunity to make a difference.

January 2016 37

n October 24t, 2015, family and friends gathered to honor John

Paxton and his family. It was a beautiful day at Ports O Call and
sunscreen was definitely needed. In attendance were a cast of
characters from Johns fire department career. This included people from
33s, IST, 37s and 26s, just to mention a few. The distinguished guests
where Johns wife Rhonda, his mother Barbara, brothers Steve and Jeff,
and sons Dan, Drew, Joshua, and Mike (with his fiance Meghan). His
oldest son David was unable to make the trip out from Oklahoma.

After one of John Paxtons ex-engineers, Rey Gonzalez, called
everyone to some great food, the presentations were completed. Every
time John was called to the podium it was like pulling teeth . . . out of a

38 January 2016

Great White Shark! Anyone who knows John has an idea what a struggle
this was for the guys from 33s to pull off. Kudos to you guys and your
persistence on not letting John go quietly into the night.

John was then given a chance to speak and what does he do? You
guessed it . . . he thanked everyone else! He did provide a special thanks
to his Rhonda, a very special person indeed. In Johns speech he spoke
of his fire family and his Paxton family. This luncheon embodied that

Heres to a long, happy and healthy retirement for John and

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LINDA ULLUM, Captain I/Paramedic,

EMS Training Unit
FHMTC Drill Deck
1700 Stadium Way, Los Angeles, CA
Luncheon: 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM
Catered by Stonefire Grill - $40 includes tax, tip & gift
Call EMS Training Unit - (213) 893-9877
RSVP by January 18, 2016

EILEEN MCINERNEY, Captain I/Paramedic,

EMS Division

DAVID LISKE, Senior Arson Investigator,

Arson Counter/Terrorism Section
Grace E. Simons Lodge
1025 Elysian Park Drive, Los Angeles, CA

TBD - $25 includes tax, tip & gift

Call Arson Office (Rachel or Jennifer)- (213) 893-9850
or Rosa M. at Training Div - (213) 893-9857
RSVP by January 15, 2016

MARK FLOT, Firefighter/Paramedic

African American Firefighter Museum
1401 South Central Avenue, Los Angeles, CA
Social: 5:00 PM / Dinner: 6:00 PM (Followed by dancing)

Luncheon: 12:00 PM - 3:00 PM

$60 per person (paid in advance)

$45 per person

Call Kevin Kemp - (323) 695-8607 or station A-shift - (213)

485-6251 or email:
RSVP by February 1, 2016





Fire Station 109

16500 Mulholland Drive, Los Angeles, CA
Taco Bar: 4:00 PM
$10 includes tax, tip & gift
Call FS 109 or Grapevine - (310) 476-0272
RSVP by February 14, 2016


Luncheon: 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM

Saddleback Ranch Chop House

1000 Universal Studios Blvd
Universal City, CA

Email Shavonne Grayson -


La Crescenta Womens Club

4004 La Crescenta Ave, La Crescenta, CA
Luncheon: 12:00PM - 6:00PM
Taco Bar: 12:30PM - 3:30PM - No Cost
Call FS 109 - (818) 756-8609 or
Denise (wife) - (818) 917-9443
Casual Attire - Spouses welcome - RSVP by April 7, 2016

TEL: 323-782-9767
MONDAY- FRIDAY 10 am- 7 pm


*20% off can not be applied to already
discounted items.

January 2016 39

n Saturday, November 28, 2015,

LAFD Handball and the United States
Handball Association joined forces to
put on the sixth annual Turkey Burner Doubles Handball Tournament. Thirty-four teams
competed in this tournament to raise money to
support youth handball.

Chris Yokoyama (FS-82-B) and Roy
Harvey (Recruit Services Section) took second
place in the Hot Division and Paul Cajiao
(FS-62-B), with civilian partner Curtis Irwin,
won the Warm Division.

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Daughter of Retired
L.A.F.D. Captain

Free Initial Consultation Serving Ventura and Los Angeles Counties

Call (805)214-6428

40 January 2016

January 2016 41

n this edition of KTW Captains Nelson

and Flores will discuss (1) the use of a 2
hoseline and (2) unsafe driving practices.
These topics and experienced based opinions
should be points of discussion amongst all of

Operational question: An 1 hoseline is often deployed in lieu of a 2 simply because its easier to
handle. How do you ensure a 2 is deployed when
conditions warrant a larger hose line?
CII Paul Nelson, FS 73-A: Im going to start
by saying an issue like this is incident driven.
Firefighters must be thinkers as were routinely tasked with processing numerous operational inputs and making the correct decision.
For example, a one-roomer in a SFD does
not warrant a 2 - such a fire can be easily
extinguished with a 1 or 1.

42 January 2016

When fighting a commercial fire a 2
is often required to quench a heavy fire load
and BTUs I like the phrase, Go Big or Go
Home when battling large fires. Deployment
considerations for a 2 should include: volume of fire, reach and penetration, GPM and
water supply. Also consider that when using a
2 a smaller line (1) is often deployed for
added manipulation and protection.

The 2 is difficult to maneuver and
demands more firefighters to effectively advance and manipulate. Even though a 2 has
superior volume and reach it continues to be
underutilized because of a lack of training and
familiarity. It appears we dont drill enough
with the 2 so firefighters are hesitant to use
it. When at large fires bring big water and BIG
HANDLINES. Simple put, dont cut corners.
CII Jim Flores, FS 21-A: Unfortunately, we
see this more today than in the past. This seems
to stem from a lack of operational awareness
and/or a failure by command to cover their
SOGs and expectations. The best way to ensure a 2 is used appropriately is to drill to
ensure your company understands when its
needed and how its deployed.

Fire showing from a large commercial
requires lots of GPM in a hurry. Such a fire may
warrant multiple 2 or a 60/60/Stukey nozzle

right from the start. With only smoke showing

a 1 may be appropriate to locate the fire,
but then a 2 must be deployed for the added
GPM. If you encounter tight quarters or sharp
turns it may be necessary to advance a dry
2 as far as safety allows prior to loading it.

Your tactical priorities should be clear
and executed without much input this will
only occur if youve trained to know its (2)
capabilities, when its warranted and how to
deploy it effectively. Its your responsibility
to state your expectations and clear up any uncertainties with off-shifters. Remember, once
on-scene the mission should be clear and your
members trained to safely carry it out.

Leadership question: With numerous newly appointed

A/Os and Engineers in the field emergency driving
can become an issue. How do you address those that
drive too fast?
CII Paul Nelson: Most firefighters promoted
to A/O or Engineer have extensive emergency
driving experience from driving an ALS or
BLS ambulance. Even though this experience
is gained by driving light apparatus, officers
should expect a more mature driver upon promotion. For those intent on driving too fast, I

warn them that: You are driving as if you have

never been in an accident and You are assuming all drivers are as good as you.

Simply put, drivers attempt to impress
by driving fast. Its important that drivers understand the definition of a defensive driver
as one who makes allowances for their own
inexperience as well as the lack of knowledge,
skills and abilities of the other driver. As an
officer, if you dont immediately act then you
condone unsafe driving. Refusing to correct
unsafe driving is on YOU, the supervisor, not
the driver.

Take it from someone who has failed
to be proactive in the past; communicate your
driving expectations to all drivers, not just your
rated members. Always remain mindful that the
community is watching - so slow down. Drivers can always make-up time by knowing their
district and getting to the apparatus quicker.
CII Jim Flores: Its extremely important to
address driving issues when they first occur.
All drivers must understand the importance of
safe driving and the impact it can have if they
dont. When reviewing driving philosophy and
expectations, I remind drivers they have an obligation to the citizens, those on the road and
the members on the rig.

If we wreck, hurt someone and never
arrive on-scene then weve failed in our mission. Driving accidents can affect the lives of
many: the victim(s), future generations of the
victims family, LAFD members, and those we
respond to. Its also very important to discuss
the consequences of litigation and its effects
on their livelihood. I remind them neither they
nor the LAFD are exempt from litigation while
driving emergency.

The importance of immediately addressing unsafe driving cannot be overstated.
Todays drivers are sued more frequently than
in the past, with many across the country losing
their jobs following legal action. Remember, if
you fail to immediately address a driving issue then the member in question and members
witnessing it will assume you condone it. As a
leader have the courage to engage keep your
folks out of trouble and make sure everyone
goes home safely.
In next months KTW Captains Brian Hampton, Steve Berkery and Eric Nakamaru will
discuss (1) Organizational core values vs operational core values, and (2) interior vertical
extension on Victorian homes.

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January 2016 43

Send your letters & comments to the editor at:


Ed Sandell
Somis, Ca

I remember that my wife and I couldnt begin to keep up with them. Some years later
they moved to Gold Canyon, AZ and I was
able to visit them twice while returning from
New Mexico. Later they moved to a senior
complex in Santa Clarita to be near family. I
again visited them several times, including a
last visit several weeks prior to his passing.
Claude was still sharp mentally, although his
body was failing. Like so many others of his
generation, Claude served in the Army in
WWII, and like so many others, I dont remember ever talking about his service, but it
was evident at his funeral, he was very proud
of his service and his country.

Dear LA Firemens Relief Association,

Richard Watters, LAFD retired

Agoura Hills, CA

When I was a young engineer, E-25
moved into FS 17 while our new station was
being built. It was there at 17s that I met
John Verdone. I can tell you honestly that he
was one of the most respected men at that
assignment. His simple wit and utmost honesty was really what drew me to him. We had
many good days playing handball there, and
John was a fierce competitor. We have truly
lost one of the good ones!

Please accept this donation to the
Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firemens
Fund in memory of Claude L. Kormann who
passed away about a month ago, and to Benjamin J. Fulghum who passed away almost
two months ago.

I worked with Ben at Old 17s for
a short time around 1974, when the Department was in the early stages of its paramedic
program and opened an RA at 17s. Old 17s
had its share of characters, and Ben fit right
in with the rest of us. I do remember a dirt
bike ride that a group of us went on, probably to what is now Hungry valley, but then
it was just called Gorman. Everyone had a
two wheel bike but Ben was on a three wheel

Claude was my captain at Old 87s. I
was a young fireman with about three years
on and had been transferred there due to the
closing of the truck at FS 22. Truck 22 was
the busiest truck in the city while 87s was
one of the slowest. In spite of that I enjoyed
my stay there in no small part because of
Claude. After several years at 87s I promoted to Auto Fireman, and several years
after that Claude retired. After several years
Claude and his wife Alvina had a 50th wedding anniversary party. Claude and Alvina
were both involved with Polka dancing and

44 January 2016

Hello Juan,

Well its been a while since I sent any
donations. Ive missed the last two breakfast
meetings and Brian Hitchings has those two
collections. He wasnt able to come to the
November meeting so Ill get that collection
to ya December plus the December collection.

The breakfast gang got together again
and a good time was had by all. Collected
$45 from the guys to give to you. Thanks so
much for putting the notice in the Grapevine.
Thanks for all you do and all the folks who
make LAFRA so great.
Happy motoring,
Jim (Gillum)
Newbury Park, CA

I worked with John Verdone at FS
17-A in 1987. He had been an engineer for
nearly his entire career. No accidents. Careful and professional. With 26 years on the
job, he out worked the other engineer and

most of the crew. When I gave him his annual evaluation of Outstanding, he worked
even harder!

One day when I was cooking, I told
John I was going to make spaghetti with
home made sauce! He was delighted.
While shopping I smuggled in several large
jars of spaghetti sauce. As I sauted the onions and mushrooms and meat, I secretly
added the bottled sauce. John loved it! He
thought it was like his mother made it until
one of my buddies pulled the evidence from
the trash!

Georgia and I visited him and his
wife in Grass Valley some years ago and
they treated us as honored guests. What a
fine man.
Jim Kinninger
Wellington, NV

I cant find the right words (because
there are too many) to express my gratitude
for all you did for my husband Jerry and myself. You made it possible for Jerry to live
at home where he received the best of care.
Without your thoughtfulness we couldnt
have done it. You were always a phone call
Thanks for your caring heart,
Jill Johns
Westlake Village, CA
Los Angeles Firemens Relief Association

The enclose gift is made in celebration of the 90th birthday and life of our good
friend and neighbor, Howard Dunford, a
retired Los Angeles firefighter. We wish to
designate this gift for the Widows, Orphans
& Disabled Firemens Fund as we have in
previous years.
Very truly yours,
Robert and Moira Fitch
Thousand Oaks, CA


In my opinion, Robert Morrison was
one of the finest gentlemen ever to serve on
our Department. Just as approachable onduty as off-duty and a fine example of real
leadership. My prayers are with his family.
Terry Tuzzolino
Mission Viejo, CA
Dear Bob,

Please accept this donation to
WODFF in memory of Michael Roy and
Steven Robinson. Both Mike and Steve were
outstanding pilots who made lasting contributions to Air Operations.
Best regards,
Tom Jeffers
Sun City, AZ
Los Angeles Firemens Relief Assn:

Please accept this donation in the
memory of my husband Don Watt. It has
been ten years since his passing. He loved
and lived for the LAFD. I am proud to have
been his wife of 56 years. We (my family)
are proud to have been a part of the LAFD
family. Thank you for making mu life easier
in my old age!
Frances Watt
Mission Viejo, CA
Widows and Orphans Fund,

This donation is in memory of our
very dear friend Harold Maxie Maxwell.
Hell hold a special place in our hearts forever.
Richard and Cynthia Allen
Huntington Beach, CA

Firefighter Justin Mendence

set up a special needs trust to
ensure his son, diagnosed with
Autism, is taken care of in the
best manner possible.

Unless you have a plan in placeyoure planning to fail.

Leaving it to chance is not in me and my wifes vocabulary.
Q. Why is it important to get a special needs trust?
A. Kids that have special needs will grow up to be
adults with special needs. If something
happened to us, he would not be able to
manage by himself and wouldnt be protected.
Q. Describe the types of things this trust sets up for
your loved one with special needs in the event
you are not able to care for them.
A. An Advisory Council. You can name experts in the
field that know your child and can help [the Trust
Executor] make decisions for his or her future.
Financial security and asset management
Living arrangements
Care arrangements
Q. Do you have a message for people who have not
created an estate plan?
A. It is important because we work in a high risk job.
If you love your children like I love mine, you want
the best for them. Yes, it is work on your end, but
you cannot put it in place later, you have to do it
now. Yes, its a little bit of an investment, but we
have a great benefit of a one-time, reimbursement
the Relief Association gives us.
Q. Are you glad you did it?
A. It is definitely a peace of mind thing. I sleep a little
bit easier at night knowing that my son is set up
for his entire life.
Everyone should consider setting up an estate plan.

Ask for a Getting Started Kit today by emailing

Relief Association Development & Marketing Director, Marlene
Casillas at or calling


Winner of Best Essay, Chief Terrazas, Karen

Wagener, Grant Kitahata, Dick Barrett

he LAFD Merit Scholar Awards are cash

grants, made possible through the Jean
Perkins Foundation, of up to $20,000
($5,000 per year). To be eligible, a student must
be the child or stepchild of an active or fallen
LAFD sworn employee and be a high school
senior or college freshman who will be enrolled
in the fall as a full-time student in an accredited college or university. The scholarships are
awarded on the basis of merit. The single most
important factor is academic achievement, but
the all-civilian Selection Committee considers
other relevant criteria, including personal character and extracurricular accomplishments.

The LAFD Scholarship Fund awarded
four $5000 scholarship grants in 2015. The
awardees were students who demonstrated excellence in academic studies, good character,
leadership, personal accomplishments and a
potential for future success. The selection committee reviewed each application, two essays,
school transcripts and two letters of recommendation.

Of the 36 eligible applicants, nine finalists were subjected to two thirty-minute
interviews. The combination of excellent applicants and a determined board resulted in the
selection of four 2015 Merit Scholar winners. A

46 January 2016

ceremony, emceed by Capt. I Daniel Curry, to

recognize this years winners was conducted at
FHMTC on June 10, 2015.

The five Runner-Up Award winners are
to be congratulated for their outstanding merits. Each received a one time grant of $2,500.
They are Maya Harmon, Samantha Martinez,
Leah Palacios, Timothy Ruiz and Klynn Shelton.

The Best Essay award of $2,500 was
generously sponsored by the Los Angeles Fire
Department Foundation. Karen Wagener, president of the Foundation, presented the award to
Grant Kitahata.

The Ron Fujikawa Leadership award
was added to the 2015 competition. Fire Chief
Ralph Terrazas presented Leah Palacios with
the $2,500 award.

on task and learning study skills. She has been

a volunteer for the National Charity League
where she assists with various philanthropies
in the community including Red Cross and
Westminster Free Clinic. In 2014, Makenna received a commendation from Ventura County
for outstanding and generous service to the
community for her work at Westminster, a
health care clinic for low income and homeless
patients. During her junior and senior years,
she served as president of the NPHS Make a
Wish Club, raising money for Ronald McDonald House. She was named AP Scholar with
Honor in 2014-15 and earned the Presidential
Scholar Athlete Award four straight years for
track and cross country. Makenna graduated as
Newbury Parks 2015 Valedictorian with a 4.7

The four 2015 award recipients and
their bios are as follows:

Jill Gaines is a freshman attending
UCLA. She is the daughter of Firefighter/Paramedic Mark Gaines, assigned to Fire Station 28
(30 years LAFD). Her major is Biopsychology.
Jill has volunteered at the Blind Children Center and Miller Childrens Hospital, tutored foster children and has served as a lifeguard and
swim instructor. She was a dedicated athlete in
Water Polo, Swim and Volleyball and captain
of the varsity Water Polo team. Jill received

Makenna Brown is a graduating senior
from Newbury Park High School (NPHS) and
the daughter of Captain II Jeffrey Brown, assigned to Fire Station 60 (26 years LAFD). She
will be attending UCLA, majoring in Biology.
Makenna has been a self-employed math tutor
for 13-to-17 year old students, keeping them

Winners of Merit Scholarship: Emily Vidovich, Dick Barrett,

Makenna Brown, Jill Gaines, BrianZabilski, Chief Terrazas
awards for Principals Honor Roll, National
Honors Society, Scholar Athlete Award, Varsity
Water Polo MVP and CIF Swimming Southern Section Championships. She was awarded
the highest honor to any graduating senior, the
Mother Ronan award for scholarship, leadership and service at Louisville High School. As
a UCLA freshman, Jill is a member of Alpha
Lambda Delta Honor Society. Jill is a Christian
fellowship group leader at UCLA Cru/UCLA
Greek Crossing.

Emily Vidovich is a graduating senior at San Pedro High Marine/Math/Science
Magnet and the daughter of Deputy Chief/Fire
Marshall John Vidovich (34 years LAFD). This
fall she will be attending George Washington
University, majoring in International Affairs.
Emily has served as the Parliamentarian and
Secretariat with the California YMCA Youth
and Government program. She gained experience in public speaking while giving empowering speeches in front of three thousand people.
Emily also interned for her local City Councilman. Her efforts earned Emily an invitation to
attend the National League of Cities Conference in Washington D.C. Emily also served as
V.P. of Service at the Volunteer Center Youth
Coalition. Emily has worked a Camp Counsel-

or for children ages 7-16. Emily was a member

of California Scholarship Federation, received
awards for Principals Honor Roll and Honor
Roll, and not only won the San Pedro Peninsula
YMCA Youth and Government Outstanding
award, but won their Statewide Impact Award.

Brian Zabilski is a graduating senior at
Saugus High School (SHS) and son of Captain/
Paramedic Douglas Zabilski, assigned to EMS
Division Office (26 years LAFD). Brian will
be attending Columbia University, majoring
in Biomedical Engineering. Brian is a board
member for the Reddo Club, a service dedicated to providing care packages to the homeless
community. He also volunteered at St. Kateri
Catholic Church. He volunteers each summer
helping new campers at YMCA summer camp
adjust to their wilderness environment. Brian
has received awards from the L.A. County
Board of Supervisors, California State Legislature and William S. Hart Union High School
District for his academic, athletic and leadership ability. Brian participated on the SHS
cross-country and track teams, and was captain
of both squads his senior year. Brian served as
president of SHSs National Honor Society. He
received the Scholar Athlete Award 2 and was
named to the Honor Roll.

Winner - Ron Fujikawa Leadership Award,

Dick Barrett, Leah Palacios, Chief Terrazas

Four of our past scholarship recipients
attend the awards ceremony: Molly Casanova
07, Kenna Arana 13, Madison Miller 14 and
Marek Olivas 14. They shared their college
experiences and provided words of encouragement to our 2015 winners

We would like to thank Mr. James Carroll III and Mr. Joe Connolly, Executive Board
Members of the Jean Perkins Foundation and
the LAFD Merit Scholarship Funds Board of
Directors: John Anglin, Dick Barrett, G. Louis
Graziadio III, Vicky Leck, Tom Mizo, Robert
Nicholas and Molly Taylor, for their dedication
and support of our members and their children.
We are also grateful to the LAFD Foundation
for its sponsorship of the Best Essay award,
and to LAFD Sertoma Club, United Firefighters of Los Angeles City, LAFD Historical Society, Los Angeles Firefighters Association,
Stentorians of Los Angeles City and Firefighters First Credit Union, who sponsored the
awards reception. Thank You for your continued support.

The announcement for the 2016 competition should be posted early January 2016,
at Thank you again,
and we look forward to the tenth annual LAFD
Merit Scholarship competition.

January 2016 47

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48 January 2016

Ernest C. Wonnacott, Captain II. Appointed July 12, 1949.
Retired on a service pension June 30, 1979 from FPB-PA WEST. Passed away November 17, 2015.
John Verdone, Engineer. Appointed June 27, 1959.
Retired on a service pension June 28, 1993 from FS 17. Passed away November 17, 2015.
Robert B. Morrison, Assistant Chief. Appointed November 2, 1948.
Retired on a service pension April 3, 1982 from Division I, FS 3. Passed away November 24, 2015.
John F. Hood, Engineer. Appointed April 1, 1961.
Retired on a service pension July 16, 1989 from FS 85. Passed away November 26, 2015.
William D. Rowlett, Captain I. Appointed November 1, 1956.
Retired on a disability pension May 21, 1987 from FS 24. Passed away November 26, 2015.
Robert L. Noel, Fireman. Appointed June 27, 1959.
Retired on a disability pension February 28, 1969 from FS 46. Passed away November 27, 2015.
William B. Cook Jr., Engineer. Appointed May 26, 1941.
Retired on a service pension January 1, 1963 from FS 11. Passed away December 4, 2015.
John D. Moore, Battalion Chief. Appointed February 27, 1950.
Retired on a service pension June 1, 1978 from FS 49-BN 6. Passed away December 6, 2015.


Patricia L. Bowman, surviving spouse of William P. Bowman Jr., passed away November 11, 2015.
Marie A. Douglass, surviving spouse of Jack S. Douglass, passed away November 12, 2015.
Bobbie J. Mc Connell, surviving spouse of Billy J. Mc Connell, passed away November 14, 2015.
Doralice O. Burnham, surviving spouse of John W. Burnham, passed away November 16, 2015.
Emily Frankel, spouse of Lawrence S. Frankel, passed away November 18, 2015.
Maxine Corr, surviving spouse of William J. Corr, passed away November 19, 2015.
Margaret C. Tersolo, surviving spouse of Remo J. Tersolo, passed away November 20, 2015.
Margaret E. Pinger, surviving spouse of Thomas E. Pinger, passed away November 24, 2015.

January 2016 49

Donations to Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firemens Fund

November 2015

SHIRLEY C. ROOK in memory of my

husband Ralph Rook
RUBY A. JUSTIS in memory of my
husband Charles Charlie H. Justis
KEITH L. SCOTT in memory of
John Mitchell
DONALD D. DUFFIELD in gratitude
for the DME
MARCIA H. BREWER in memory of
Captain Russ McMenamin
FIRE STATION NO. 107 from the
Fire Extinguisher Fund
JOHN J. ADAMS in memory of
Monte Majesky
in memory of my husband
Mike Brumbaugh

Don Shumway
MARILYN OSTBY in memory of my
husband Capt. Gordon Ostby
RICHARD E. ALLEN in memory of
Harold Maxie Maxwell
FRANCES M. WATT in memory of
husband Don Watt
of Howard Dunfords 90th Birthday
15 VALLEY BUREAU from the Fire
Extinguisher Fund
JAMES E. GILLUM from the
Simi Valley Breakfast Club
FIRE STATION NO. 6 from the
Fire Extinguisher Fund
FIRE STATION NO. 103 from the
Fire Extinguisher Fund
memory of John Mitchell

ARCHER R. MORGAN in memory of

Richard Wixon
PHYLLIS R. STAPEL in memory of
Shawki Sambar, grandfather of
Jeffrey Sambar
memory of Jack Fitzgerald
JILLENE BAKER in memory of
Jack Fitzgerald
memory of Jack Fitzgerald
Jack Fitzgerald
memory of Jack Fitzgerald
memory of Claude Kormann
ARDITH HALBERT in memory of
Chief Willis & Barbara Nelson
MARTHA KLING in memory of
Jack Fitzgerald

LEO E. HINKEL in memory of those I

worked with at E8, 15,18, 34, 45, 59,
69, 78, 106 and T37


GILMORE in memory of
John Mitchell


ZIMMERMAN in memory of
John Mitchell

APRIL G. MANGELS for the Hook and

Ladder Enduro

DOROTHY ONG in memory of

Jack Fitzgerald

MARY A. GRODZICKI in memory of

Claude Kormann


memory of Jack Fitzgerald


memory of Jack Fitzgerald

SHANDRA ZIEMAN in memory of

Rick Price

PHYLLIS R. STAPEL in honor of Clay

Stapels Birthday of Nov. 13



Hook & Ladder Enduro
memory of Capt Jack Fitzgerald

50 January 2016

ADELE J. MERRIMAN in memory of

Claude Kormann

by Mike Mastro, President/CEO

Firefighters First Credit Union

New Year 2016: Time to take stock of your finances!

Professional financial advice to help you set specific, achievable goals
Rewarding members with a year-end Extraordinary Dividend Bonus and Interest Refund payout is only possible through
strong member participation. Managing finances at Firefighters
First for everyday savings and loan accounts, however, is just
one component to financial stability. Setting specific, achievable
long-term financial goals is another component.

As a Firefighters First member, you can get a complete
picture of your finances when you meet with a Financial Advisor
at Firehouse Financial available through CUSO Financial Services, L.P.* (CFS).

And with the start of the New Year, its a good time to
take stock of your finances and revisit last years resolutions. Do
you remember your New Years Resolutions from last year? Were
they too ambitious? Not ambitious enough? You may even consider keeping a resolution that you didnt follow through with.
Firehouse Financial can help.

Firehouse Financial through CFS can provide you with
assistance with a no-cost, no-obligation, professionally prepared
financial plan, advice and with organizing your investment portfolio by setting some specific achievable goals, gathering the necessary financial information, analyzing your unique situation, and
recommending a personalized strategy. CFS Financial Advisors
at Firehouse Financial are your resource to help you allocate your
assets to better serve your financial and investment objectives.

Firefighters First members are encouraged to meet with a
CFS Financial Advisor at Firehouse Financial to have a professionally prepared financial plan prepared at no cost. Representatives can be reached at (800) 231-1626.

I hope this article reminds you to make your finances a priority. Dont put your finances and financial security on the back
burner. Set a goal. Make a plan. And, follow through. Ensuring
your financial future is the priority of YOUR Credit Union. Stop
in, call, or go to We are here to help.
The more business we do together as a Fire Family,
the greater the financial reward will be for all members!
Best wishes for the New Year!

Mike Mastro
*Non-deposit investment products and services are offered through CUSO Financial Services, L.P. (CFS), a
registered broker-dealer (Member FINRA/SIPC) and SEC Registered Investment Advisor. Products offered
through CFS: are not insured by American Share Insurance (ASI) or otherwise federally insured, are not
guarantees or obligations of the Credit Union, and may involve investment risk including possible loss of
principal. Investment Representatives are registered through CFS. Firefighters First Credit Union has contracted with CFS to make non-deposit investment products and services available to its members.
Material provided is for your information and convenience only.

January 2016 51

Submitted by Frank Borden Director of Operations, LAFDHS


ow extinct, one of the most unique and

useful tools in the LAFDs vast arsenal
was a 50 foot wooden extension ladder
called the Bangor Ladder. Made exclusively
for use by the LAFD, the Bangor was the largest of the fleets ground ladders and used from
the early 1900s into the 1990s. There are only
a few in existence today. I have gathered a variety of stories about this ladder as a part of our
history and the readers enjoyment.

a move-up that day - hopefully a big fire.

I never did that before. I just went to the
business phone, without permission, and
did it. Kevin said If something breaks I
will recommend you guys.

2) That month it was my turn to be the engineer on pump. On the way to our moveup to 27s, OCD moved us into the fire on
Normandie. Battalion 5 (Jim ONeil) assigned us to assist TF 29 on the roof with
ventilation. On the way to the roof TFC
Gary Peck spotted a women in the 5th floor
bathroom window, reported to B-5 and he
reassigned us to rescue her.

3) From the moment I spotted her, it was

like something had taken over my thoughts
and actions. I became extremely focused
and knew I was going to be the one who
would save her. A/O Jeff Marcus and I
originally attempted a rescue by raising
a 35 extension ladder. The Bangor was
spotted at the rear of the building and TF
102 walked the fully extended ladder nearly the entire length of the building, through
a narrow corridor between buildings, as
well as over and around a tangled spaghetti
field of hose lines. Again - team work, coordination, strength. I truly believe without all the elements coming together at that
precise moment the outcome would have
been tragic.

LAFD event at Ascot Park 1913 with a wooden

aerial ladder and the old 50 foot Bangor.

A follow up to Tom Brennans Rescue
Story - Coincidence, luck, providence or divine intervention? In Toms words:

Frank, thank you for writing the December, 2015 Grapevine article about the 50
ft. Bangor ladder. That ladder epitomizes the
essence of the LAFD - it takes team work, coordination, and strength to deploy and raise the
fly in order climb this unique piece of equipment. About the rescue:
1) The morning of the 2/17/82, I decided
to call Kevin Kearns at OCD and solicit

52 January 2016

Engineer Tom Brennan at the pump

panel on Engine 4 at the Central
Library Fire, April 29, 1986.`


of Skill and Cunning. By Roger Gillis,
retired B/C

During its existence, the Bangor
proved to be an especially valuable ladder in
areas such as Downtown, Westlake and the
various commercial and industrial sections of
the city. In particular, in those areas where the
access for an aerial ladder was limited and the
need of a ground ladder with extra reach was
required. This was especially true where numerous four to six story center-hall apartment
buildings, as well as large manufacturing and
warehouses were located. The companies that
worked in those areas took great pride in their
ability to quickly position and raise the Bangor
on a moments notice.

One such station was Fire Station 9 in
Battalion 1. All three shifts drilled regularly
on this ladder, but none more so than that of
the C shift. In the early 70s, their TFC was
none other than Larry Loom-Up Schneider.
Without question, the 50 Bangor was Capt.
Schneiders favorite ladder and if there was an
incident of any kind that required its use you
could count on it being raised.

Now, during this same period, the members assigned to FS 9 were noted for throwing
out challenges on any number of feats that
were job related such as exhibitions of strength,
handball, knot tying, and yes, ladder competition. In particular, if you happened to be a SOD
member from outside the battalion, you had
better bring a pocketful of change with you and
hope that you still had enough money left over
for dinner that night!

On one such occasion, a young, strong,
edumacated fireman from FS 61 (aka the KID)
showed up for a SOD day on the C shift.
Around the kitchen table that morning the scenario went something like this:

JOHN - Hey Ken, its been quite a
while since weve thrown the Bangor. What do
you say we take it out back and put it up today?

KEN- That sounds like a good idea
John. What do you think kid, you up for it? You
guys at 61s have a Bangor, right?

KID- Sure we do. Throw it all the

JOHN- Well then, what do you think
about having a little competition and the loser
has to buy banana splits for the other station?

KID- Sounds good to me. Whats the

KEN- Do you think we can throw the
ladder starting from the truck, fully extend it
and tie the knot using only four men?

KID- Im pretty sure that you probably can. Whats the catch?

JOHN-Theres no catch. Well do it
for time and you can agree to the time before
we do it. Better yet, well even make it more
interesting and do it with only three men! What
do you think?

KID- Never seen it done three-man,
but what kind of time are we talking? JOHNI dont know. What do you think Ken, two or
three minutes?

KEN- Yea, I think we MIGHT be able
to pull that off, but Im not so sure?

The hook is in the mouth, but still not
set! Throughout the rest of the day, along with
many other challenges being undertaken, the
issue of time is still up for debate. Shortly after
dinner, the KID has the C shift scoundrels
agreeing to a time of just one minute! He even
got some encouragement from an old high
school friend who worked at FS 9 who told him
YOU GOT EM! The bet for banana splits
was on.

Truck 9 was moved to the back yard of
the station where the ladder was to be thrown
against the north wall of Mosketels. All members, special guest and the KID were present
TIME was set for viewing. The three members selected to throw the ladder were in position on the truck and stop watches were at the
ready. On the starters signal, the men jumped
into action, flipped the tiller bucket and steering
shaft, removed the ladder, threw it up against
the building, fully extended the fly and tied the
Bangor Knot before calling high. Total
time from start to finish 41 SECONDS!! The
KID knew immediately that hed been had
and that he now owed banana splits. He later
learned that this was a regular event at FS 9
and that the average time for the THREE MAN
BANGOR was around 45 seconds. Needless to
say, not really a fair contest!

The story doesnt quite end with the
KIDs defeat. In that he had been fleeced of
all his pocket change throughout the shift, he
was unable to buy the banana splits that night.
Being a man of integrity, the plug buggy from
61s showed up at 9s front door the next shift.
The pay-load included the following items: two
dozen of the greenest bananas picked that very
morning; chocolate, vanilla & strawberry ice
MILK; a box of Hersheys chocolate bars; Brazil nuts in the shell; cherries with pits included;
and whipping cream still in the carton. Need-

less to say, THE KID GOT EVEN! Those were

the days!
Franks Note: The Kid is Tom Brennan,
Medal of Valor recipient and LAFDHS Board
Up and Over A story from Bob MacMillan,
retired B/C

In the early 70s, I was assigned to Drill
Tower 89 as an instructor and Drill Master.
During one class we were using the 50 foot
Bangor for the recruits to do the up and over.
The ladder was fully extended straight up with
recruits at the base and four recruits holding
four ropes attached to the fly.

I was standing there watching the recruits go up and over the top and down the other side when one of the tormentor poles broke
loose from its connection at the top of the base
and started to fall. The recruit holding it was
able to guide it away from the members holding the ladder and it hit the ground with a large

There was a hush in the group and I
called out in my Drill Master voice, Dont
Anyone Move! We than placed additional recruits at the base and on the lines and the recruit at the top climbed down without incident.
The fly was retracted and the ladder carefully
lowered to the ground minus the one tormentor
pole without incident.

We all then took a much needed break
in the afternoon training.
Recruit Class 14-2 Restores Three 50 Foot
Bangors for the LAFDHS

Captain Steve Skelly, Drill Master at
DT 40 made an offer to the LAFD Historical
Society to restore three of our 50 foot Bangor
ladders. Under the supervision and assistance
of the DT instructors, the members of class
14-2 went to work and finished the ladders for
display at their graduation, including welding
metal stands on wheels to display them. I was
honored to be there for the unveiling. One of
the ladders is on display at the Hollywood Fire
Museum. One will come to the Harbor Fire
Museum and one will remain on loan to DT 40.
A big thanks to the training staff and recruits
from Class 14-2.

A farewell to the 50 by the members of Truck 12.

Part of the courage and teamwork at the

Tower was for each recruit to go up and over
the 50 foot Bangor in the auditorium raise.

Members of LAFD Recruit Class 14-2 and I with the

beautiful restored 50 Foot Bangor ladder at DT 40.
January 2016 53

Mark Howell with

the vintage coffee pot used in
LAFD fire stations
for many years.

50 Foot Bangor ladder on display

in the Hollywood Fire Museum.

Have you been to Fire Station 94 lately? When you go there, as I did, you will see
a beautifully restored 50 foot Banger ladder
mounted on the hallway wall. A great display
of LAFD history. Thank you FS 94 for keeping
our history alive!
Whats New at the Museum?
Car Crash Damages Museum & Memorial

We had a car miss the curve on Cahuenga and crash into our fence surrounding

the LAFD Fallen Firefighters Memorial. Engine 27 and the LAPD responded and a report
was taken. As of the writing we are checking on
insurances and repairs. We have had a few near
misses at this location in the past, but this is the
first vehicle to actually go into the fence.
Port of LA Grant for the Harbor
Fire Museum

The Port of LA has approved a grant
request from the LAFDHS for a new exhibit
in the Harbor Fire Museum in Old Fire Station 36. Our concept is to have an interactive
exhibit featuring photos, videos, and stories of
the LAFD fireboats from the early 1900s to the
present day. We will also develop educational
and promotional materials. We are looking for
photos and video old and new for this exhibit.
If you have any that you think would contribute
to its content please contact me at

The car damaged the

fence and the bricks and
knocked down the sign
signifying drivers to stay
left on the Cahuenga

Calendar for January 2016

Vintage LAFD Coffee Pot Found

Retired Engineer and LAFDHS volunteer Mark Howell finally found the vintage coffee pot we have been looking for over a year.
Many of you retired members remember your
first duty in a fire station as a rookie was to
make coffee in the morning. The old percolator type pot was one most of us have not seen
before so a little training was needed. Thanks to
Mark we have the vintage coffee pot on display
at the Harbor Fire Museum with all its parts.
---LAFD Annual Memorial Golf Tournament
MONDAY, MAY 23, 2016

Over 100 golfers came

out to our tournament in
2013 to play and support
the LAFD Memorial. This
truck was the hole in one
LAFDHS Calendar for 2016 Events
(As We Know it Today)
JANUARY 2, 2016
LAFD 130th Anniversary
LAFDHS Volunteer of the Year Annual
Brunch (TBD)
Harbor Museum Tour Fri. 2/12 1000 hrs.
Harbor Museum Tour Wed. 3/2 1400 Hrs.

* Fridays from 0800 to 1200 are work days on the Ralph J. Scott Fireboat
54 January 2016

LAFDHS Annual Pancake Breakfast & Fire
Service Day, Hollywood Museum
Sat. 5/14 at 0830 hrs.
2016 Fallen Firefighters Memorial Golf
Tournament. Mon. 5/23- Porter Ranch


November 4, 2015


President Juan Albarran called the meeting

of the Board of Trustees of the Los Angeles
Firemens Relief Association to order at 9:46

1) Juan Albarran provided a building update

and indicated that we are getting ready for Open
House. He indicated that we are placing signage
out on the front exterior and will also be doing
some landscaping and tree trimming.

Juan Albarran, President
Robert Steinbacher, Vice President
Andrew Kuljis, Secretary
Trustee James Coburn
Trustee Joe Vigil
Trustee Chris Stine
Trustee Tyler Tomich
Trustee David Peters
Trustee Craig White
Trustee Jeff Cawdrey
Trustee Doak Smith
Trustee Chris Hart
Trustee Frank Aguirre
Trustee Steve Berkery
Trustee David Ortiz
Trustee Rick Godinez
Trustee Steven Domanski
Trustee Barry Hedberg Pension
Trustee Tim Larson Pension
Todd Layfer - Executive Director
Liberty Unciano Controller/Treasurer
Trustee Gene Bednarchik (Excused)
Trustee David Lowe Pension (Excused)
Trustee Mark Akahoshi (Excused)
Trustee Steve Ruda (Excused)
Trustee Francisco Hernandez (Excused)

2) Juan Albarran referred to the Social Security

Number harvesting and reported that a second
mailing of approximately 700 letters went out
last week. He mentioned that some members
felt more comfortable providing their numbers
over the phone rather than mailing back the
3) Juan Albarran provided updates on members
and the status of assistance provided by the
1) Bob Steinbacher indicated that the Board &
Committee meeting schedule will be finalized
by next committee day. He also indicated
that they will be passing around the contact
information sheet for any updates.
2) Steinbacher provided the 2016 conference
schedule for review. He asked that Trustees let
him know what conferences they are interested
in attending.
3) David Wagner reported on the LAFRA
Health Fair and indicated the event is planned
for April 20 and 21, 2016. He indicated that
we will have vendors available to speak with

Jim Dolan, Asst. Secretary
Dave Wagner, Grapevine Editor
Dennis Mendenhall, Retired
Bob Olsen, L.A. Retired Fire & Police
Lee Kebler, L.A. Retired Fire & Police

4) Bob Steinbacher mentioned that he and Jeff

Cawdrey visited a few money managers in New
York. He indicated that he will try to get one
of the money managers to attend our annual
Investment Committee meeting in Newport
Beach with Beacon Pointe.

INVOCATION & Flag Salute


Rick Godinez led the invocation. Tim Larson

led the flag salute.

1) Todd Layfer referred to the Hope Committee

wrap up meeting and indicated that they
reviewed everything that took place. He
announced that Ralphs has agreed to be a
sponsor for the 2016 event. He also indicated
that they will discuss having the drone camera
at the Hope event for next year.

Juan Albarran entertained a motion to ratify
and dispense with the reading of the minutes
of the Board of Trustees meeting held October
7, 2015. Tim Larson so moved. Jeff Cawdrey
seconded. There was no further discussion or
Motion carried to ratify and dispense with the
reading of the minutes and Board actions of
the Board of Trustees held October 7, 2015

2) Todd Layfer reported on Open Enrollment

and indicated that 101 people were added to
the plan and a total of 23 have terminated. He
indicated that he will report back once they
receive the final numbers.
3) Todd Layfer referred to the Employer

Mandate Reporting and indicated that the City

has agreed to do the filing for this year. He
indicated that LAFRA is to provide the City
with the necessary information in order to
complete the filing.
4) Todd Layfer referred to the Healthcare
Reforms Transitional Reinsurance fee and
indicated that last year LAFRA paid $63 per
participant. He indicated that this year, they will
have to pay $44 per participant.
Marlene Casillas and Rick Godinez
presented the tasks and accomplishments of the
Marketing & Development department.
Jeff Cawdrey presented the following motions.
The committee recommends and I so move to
pay the usual and customary bills in the amount
of $922,903.76. There was no discussion or
Motion carried to pay the usual and customary
bills in the amount of $922,903.76.
The committee recommends and I so move to
approve an additional $448.73 for the purchase
of the Presidents car. There was no discussion
or objections.
Motion carried to approve an additional
$448.73 for the purchase of the Presidents
The committee recommends and I so move to
approve $1,000 for the Grossman Burn Center
Holiday Reunion. There was no discussion or
Motion carried to approve $1,000 for the
Grossman Burn Center Holiday Reunion.
The committee recommends and I so move to
approve $500 for the LAFD Recruit Graduation
ceremony. There was no discussion or
Motion carried to approve $500 for the LAFD
Recruit Graduation Ceremony.
The committee recommends and I so move to
approve $250 for the L.A. Retired Fire & P
olice Association Holiday party. There was no
discussion or objections.
Motion carried to approve $250 for the L.A.
Retired Fire & Police Association Holiday

January 2016 55

The committee recommends and I so move to

approve $500 for a breakfast fundraiser for Jim
Krebs. There was no discussion or objections.
Motion carried to approve $500 for a breakfast
fundraiser for Jim Krebs.
The committee recommends and I so move to
approve up to $11K for hardscape work for the
building. There was no discussion or objections.
Motion carried to approve up to $11K for
hardscape work for the building.
The committee recommends and I so move to
purchase a table of ten for $750 for the Medal
of Valor luncheon. David Peters so moved.
Steinbacher seconded. There was no discussion
or objections.
Motion carried to approve purchasing a
table of ten for $750 for the Medal of Valor
David Peters presented the following motion.
The committee recommends and I so move to
accept the applications to the Medical Plan.
There was no discussion and no objections.
Motion carried to accept all applications to the
Medical Plan.
David Peters reported that they attended a
meeting with Burchfield and Express Scripts
to discuss the coordination of workers comp.
pharmacy benefits and commercial pharmacy
benefits to ensure separation. He also indicated
that there was discussion about projected
amounts of savings from Burchfield.
James Coburn presented the following motion.
The committee recommends and I so move to
The Sick & Injury benefits in the amount of
The Estate Planning benefit in the amount of
The Life & Accident Withdrawals in the amount
of $5,403
The Life & Accident Death Benefits in the
amount of $12,000
The Relief Death Benefits in the amount of



Ricardo D. Price
Kenneth J. Hines
Jack Fitzgerald
Howard F. Romps
Bob Humphrey
William C. Wakeland
Jack N. Sisk
Howard L. Chapman
Gene E. Thompson
Erwin E. Robertson
Harold B. Maxwell

Chris Hart indicated that the committee has been

discussing upgrading the website. He indicated
that they will determine the cost and will report
back for approval. He reported that there are
5,200 subscribers for the LAFRA website and
indicated that the most popular section visited
on the website is the Death Notices (10 Bells)
section. He also mentioned that there are several
forms available online for members use.


Garth Flint and Mike Breller of Beacon Pointe

Advisors presented the 3rd quarter investment
review. They reported on the money manager
performances as compared to the benchmark
and peer analysis. They also discussed the
overall market performance and current
economic environment.

James Coburn presented the following motions.

The committee recommends and I so move
to accept the donations in the amount of
$39,472.94 to the Widows, Orphans & Disabled
Firemens Fund. There was no discussion or
Motion carried to accept the donations in the
amount of $39,472.94 to the Widows,
Orphans & Disabled Firemens Fund.
The committee recommends and I so move to
approve the financial assistance applications for
surviving spouses, active and retired members.
There was no discussion or objections.
Motion carried to approve the financial
assistance applications for surviving spouses,
active and retired members.
The committee recommends and I so move
to approve the Widows & Orphans Holiday
bonuses. There was no discussion or objections.
Motion carried to approve the Widows &
Orphans Holiday bonuses.
The committee recommends and I so move
to advance funds for both active and retired
members. There was no discussion or
Motion carried to advance funds for both
active and retired members.
Coburn informed the Board that a member has
repaid their advancement balance in full.

There was no discussion or objections. Motion

carried to pay the above Relief benefits.

The committee recommends and I so move to

approve an individuals request to be reinstated
as a LAFRA member with payment of back
dues as calculated. There was no discussion or

James Coburn read the names of members who

recently passed and asked for a moment of
silence from the Board.

Motion carried to approve individuals request

to be reinstated as a LAFRA member with
payment of back dues as calculated.

56 January 2016


Andy Kuljis reported on the Rick Ortiz
luncheon and indicated that there were about 80
in attendance. He referred to this years election
and indicated that it would be a white ballot
since there was no other submissions to run for
Rick Godinez informed that they will be starting
up the Scholarship Program in January.
1) IFEBP Annual Conference (Hawaii)
November 8th 11th
2) Medal of Valor November 12th C
3) LAFRA Open House December 5th A
4) L.A. Retired Fire & Police Holiday
Celebration December 13th C
1) DLisa Davies Saturday, November 14th
C @ Friendly Hills Country Club
2) Edward Martin Monday, November 16th
C @Le Taix Restaurant
3) Rick Denning Thursday, November 19th
A @ The Odyssey Restaurant
4) Michael Gameroz Thursday, December
3rd A @ Ports OCall Restaurant
Juan Albarran entertained a motion to adjourn.
Frank Aguirre so moved. David Peters
seconded. There was no discussion and no
Motion carried to adjourn. The Board of
Trustees meeting adjourned at 12:04p.m.
Juan Albarran, President

For advertising information, please contact:
Eric Santiago - (323) 259-5231 -
Dave Wagner -

1998- 18.6 WELLCRAFT
performance 350 engine approx.
18 hrs. Fresh water cooled Volvo
SX out drive, Leno trim tabs,
marine radio, etc. Trailrite tandem
trailer, disc brakes. Swing tongue.
Boat cover, Bimini top, 10 inflatable, 12v pump. Always garaged,
excellent condition. $15000.
Jimmy Ross retired mate, boat-5.
39S. 24k miles, new tires, new
batteries, update interior, 2 solar
panels, outstanding condition,
always covered, comes with brand
new cover. $77,000
(STREET GLIDE). Immaculate
condition with many xtras. Call
(949)583-1019 or email for photos.
GO. IS YOUR HOME? We provide
storable food, complete preparedness kits, medical supplies and
more. Lowest prices around, free
shipping plus enter coupon code
firefamily for additional savings
for fire fighters. 1-877-976-3919

SALE. $149,900. 11 Pineway,
Conroe, TX 77304. Built in 2005.
4 bedroom, 2.5 bathrooms, 1,908
sq ft., 8500 sq ft lot. New paint,
new carpet, new blinds, move-in
ready. 7 miles to Lake Conroe, 42
miles to downtown Houston, 34
miles to George Bush International
Airport. Perfect for someone looking for a cheap out of state house
that is close to the airport and
doesnt have the brutal winters.
Why retire in Idaho, Wyoming
or Montana where you have to
shovel snow for 5 months a year?

You can see the house and the

neighborhood on Zillow. Email me
for pics. Google Lake Conroe and
City of Conroe for local information. Contact: George Suchand,
Engineer, LAFD 73-C, 310-4082032,

Termite & Pest Control - ECOLA
Ecological Solutions. Smart
choices, simple solutions. Problem
solved. Call for FREE termite
estimate or pest quotes over the
phone - escrow and inspections
excluded. Fireman wife Sue Fries Termite Lady. (818) 652-7171.
me, Diana Fuentes, Realtor
and wife to Fire Captain 56A at
661.373.6569,, I
also specialize in Probate Sales.
A generous donation, at close
of escrow to Adopt-A-Station or
Fire Fighters for Christ. Cal-BRE
License 01794244.
LANDSCAPE. Tree trimming
and removal, stumpgrinding, and
firewood sales. Mixed firewood,
eucalyptus and oak. Delivery
available or pick up. Licensed and
insured. Dwayne Kastor, FS 63-B (818) 535-6368.
COMPLETE DRYWALL SERVICE. New construction and
remodel. Acoustic ceiling removal.
Spray texture and hand textures.
Greg Avery (805) 320-8311 or
Mark Avery (805) 551-6041.
Licensed Clinical Psychologist Dr.
Susan Purrington specializes in
anxiety, depression, relational difficulties, eating disorders, spiritual
or personal growth, marital conflict, family of origin issues. Find a
supportive and confidential place
for healing and growth. Located in

Old Towne Orange. Questions or

consultation: (949)648-7875
COUNSELING KIDS & FAMILIES. Separation, divorce, kids
behavior problems (anger, acting
out behavior, defiance, attention
difficulties, hyperactivity, school issues, family adjustment), blended
families, parenting, support, family
issues, licensed marriage & family
therapist. Nancy Goodwin with
private office in Temecula. Confidential, 20 years experience, wife
of retired LAFD. (951) 231-1600.
AIR - Free estimates, residential, commercial. Great rates for
LAFD and LAPD. Toll free (877)
891-1414, (661) 298-3070, FAX
(661) 298-3069. State License No.
YOUR SPOUSE and co-workers
and cant find a way out? Has
God left stranded? Dont turn to
Twinkies! Call clinical psychologist:
Dr. Lindsay Deibler (714) 7495215 for adult psychotherapy and
learning disability assessments.
Specialties: Relationship difficulties, work stress, spiritual issues
and eating concerns. Olde Town
Call us when a loved one passes,
moves to a nursing facility or
downsizes. Our professional staff
can handle every aspect of estate
liquidation. We have worked with
many fire families and are here to
help. Rebecca Martin, LAFD wife
(818) 216-3637
INC. A complete landscape service A-Z. Sod irrigation / stamped
concrete / driveways / patio cover
/ low voltage lighting / artificial
turf / rockscapes / walls. FREE
landscape design. Free estimates.
Serving all Southern CA. Eric
Mendoza 96-B (760) 221-1912.
Call or text. CA Lic # 807078.
Bonded & insured
landscape materials @ wholesale
prices. Trees / plants / decorative
rock / boulders / firewood / sod /
artificial turf. Delivery available.

Located in Victorville CA. (760)

com Your 1 stop shop!
& SERVICE. Garage doors and
openers. Need to replace your
broken springs? or does your
door need repair, even replaced?
We do it all from new product to
repairing old. Call (661) 860-4563
Grassroots Garage Doors, Inc.
Lic# 950020. Son of 35 year veteran fireman.
HIRE A VETERAN. Owner operated. Reasonable rates. Dump truck,
Bob Cat, Back hoe for landscape
renewal, Grading demo & more.
Larry D. Brown (818) 489-5126
ITS TAX TIME AGAIN! Specializing in Firefighter and Paramedic
Returns, Electronic Filing available, year round bookkeeping
and accounting, business and
partnership returns, payroll. All
computerized processing with over
30 years experience. Call early
for an appointment around your
schedule. Robert Sanchez LAFDOCD retired (818) 367-7017, cell
(818) 216-1040.
DEALER - Firearm background
checks, FFL transfers, handgun
safety certificate, consignment
sales, gun registration and personal transfers. Personal firearms
instructor and gunsmithing. All
handguns and long guns must be
listed on the California DOJ for
sale roster. Call Bill Evans - 112-C
LAFD (714) 330-9825 email:
REC COVERS DIRECT - Specializing in RV, boat & golf cart covers!
We have quality and durable
covers to meet all your needs. We
offer discounts to all active and
retired firefighters, law enforcement, and military. Email: info@ or call (949)
429-3029 for your discount code at
checkout. Visit our website:
LAFD retired - Les Hunt
TAX ALERT FOR FIREFIGHTERS. Dont lose thousands of
dollars during your professional
career to taxes! Let HEWITT
FINANCIAL GROUP prepare your
tax return. We specialize in tax
preparation and financial planning
for firefighters. We offer a FREE
REVIEW of your last three years
of tax returns. Call us today at

January 2016 57


Preferred provider for most PPO,
HMO, MPN, Union, Auto accident
and Workers Compensation
Plans. (818) 527-7246.


COVE. Ocean front, 1 bed, 1 1/2
bath, sleeps 4. Steps to beach,
pool, gym, putting course, tennis
and more. Newly refurbished,
fully equipped. Includes golf cart,
WiFi. Contact Bart @ (310) 5100190. Ask
for LAFD 8-89 discount. Owner
active LAFD.


- vinyl replacement windows &
Patio doors. I also carry aluminum,
wood and entry door systems.
Rick Brandelli, Capt. LACoFD, FS
8-C (800) 667-6676.

DESERT CONDOS, RANCHO MIRAGE (near Palm Springs). 2 bed,

2 bath. Fully furnished condo, TV,
internet, pools and spas. Gated
community from $115/night. 3
bed from $125/night. No smoking.
Barbara (626) 798-2484.



cabin with Carson Peak view.
Close to fishing & skiing. Furnished, wood deck, equipped
kitchen, wood burning stove, tree
swing, cable /DVD/phone. Garage/
ample parking. $95/night plus
cleaning fee. Email for pictures.
Jeff Easton 93-A (805) 217-5602.

(800) 573-4829 or visit us at

BIG BEAR CABIN - All season,

restful views from decks. Two
story, sleeps 6, half mile to lake,
two plus miles to slopes. Fireplace/Wood, cable TV/DVD/VCR.
Full kitchen, completely furnished
except linens. Pets ok. $100/$110
(two day minimum). $550/$650
a week, Beep or Donna Schaffer
1+(760) 723-1475.
BIG BEAR CABIN. 2 bedroom,
2 bath, 2 story. Sleeps 6-8. About
6 miles from ski slopes & lake.
Fireplace/wood, cable, full kitchen
- furnished. $100 per night M - Th.
$110 per night F-Sun. Weekly
available. Sheri (909) 851-1094 or
(760) 948-2844.
BIG BEAR LAKES FINESTDeluxe lakeside townhouse, 2
bedrooms, 3 baths, 2 cable TVs,
HBO, DVD, WiFi, 2 wood burning
fireplaces, laundry room, tennis
court, indoor pool, sauna, spa,
boat dock. Fully equipped, including all linens. Sleeps 6. 310-5418311 or
BIG BEAR CABIN - Sugarloaf Cozy upgraded 2 bedroom cabin.
Sleeps 8. Fireplace, deck, Wifi internet and cable TV. On a large
lot with sled hill. Fully furnished
except linens. $125 Winter $100
summer. Details and availability,
Call/text Jessica (949) 874-5294
COTTAGE - 3 bedrooms, 1
bath, one block to beach, view,
fully equipped housekeeping unit.
Marci (818) 347-6783 or Clarence
(310) 510-2721.

58 January 2016

LAKE HAVASU LANDING-Waterfront, steps to the water. Boat

mooring out front, off-road desert
behind house. 3 bed/3 bath, fully
furnished w/linens. Direct TV/DVR,
BBQ, Casino, Grocery/Meat Market, Launch Ramp, Marina with
Boat House, Gated Community.
No pets/smoking. $350 Dan Cook
310 418 1577.
RENT - 3 bdrm, 2 bath, 1600 sq.ft.
Fully furnished with all amenities- Laundry & BBQ. 13,000 sq.ft.
lot. 3 car boat-deep garage. 3
miles from launch ramp. Close to
downtown shops & restaurants.
View of the lake. Quiet street in
good neighborhood. No pets. No
smoking. Snowbird rates. Call
Mike (661) 510-6246
gated community. 3 bedroom, 2
1/2 bath, large loft. 3minute drive
to main marina in Oak Shores.
Large flat driveway. Fully equipped
kitchen, BBQ, washer/dryer, TV/
DVD. No cable. No pets/smoking.
$185/night. 3 night minimum. Call
Ben (805) 444-2264.
MAMMOTH - 1 bedroom Summit condo, sleeps 6. Convenient
underground garage parking.
Jacuzzis, gym (pool/tennis in
summertime), shuttle right outside!
Across from Eagle Lodge, Winter
$110 per night, Summer $80 per
night plus $65 cleaning fee and

13% tax. All linens included. Drew

or Nancy Oliphant (661) 513-2000
MAMMOTH CONDO. 2 bedroom,
2 bath, sleeps 6. Near Canyon
Lodge. Newly remodeled recreation room with pool and spa.
Laundy facilities, condo has been
beautifully remodeled. Photos
available on website. Winter $300 per night, Summer - $150
per night. $150 cleaning fee. Call
for holiday terms and pricing.
Joseph Angiuli (626) 497-5083.
MAMMOTH CONDO - CHAMONIX. 2 bedroom & large loft, 3 full
baths, sleeps 8. 5 minute walk to
Canyon Lodge. Fully furnished,
TVs, VCR/DVD, pool, spa, rec
room, sauna, linens included. Winter $175 weekdays, $195-weekends/holidays; summer $125, plus
cleaning. No smoking; no pets.
Craig Yoder (909) 948-3659.
MAMMOTH CONDO - 2 bdrm, 2
bath, 2 TVs, phone, garage, pool,
jacuzzi, fully furnished - exept
linens. Near shuttle/chair 15.
Winter $125/night. Weekends and
Holidays $110 midweek. Summer
$95/night. $495/week. No smoking. No pets. Jim Johnson (818)
992-7564, FS 80C.
furnished, three bedroom, two
bath with towels and linens, newly
remodeled kitchen, internet and
cable TV, pool and Jacuzzi. Walk
to the gondola, shops, restaurants
and ski in on the new comeback
trail. Parking at the front door.
Winter: $250/night. Summer $150/
night. Holidays $300/night. Cleaning is included. Call Mike Whitehouse, Retired, 805-987-6122,
or Bruce Galien, Retired, 661-6457448, email:
bedrooms, 2 bath. Fully furnished,
WIFI, 3 TVs, pool, spa, walk
to shuttle, Old Mammoth area.
Winter $115, Summer $90, plus
cleaning fee $139 and 14% city
tax. Includes linens. No pets, no
smoking. Call (310) 540-4648.
sleeps 10, fully furnished, 2
TVs, DVDs, WiFi, towels/linens,
fireplace. Full kitchen. Walk to
Gondola Village and shuttle. Complex has pool, spa, sauna, laundry.

Winter $335/night, Summer $215/

night, plus cleaning. Includes city
bed tax. No pets, no smoking.
Dory Jones (310) 918-0631 or
Kelly Corcoran (310) 619-5355
MAMMOTH CONDO rental. Large
2bed/2bath winterset condo. Fully
furnished, across from Vons, on
shuttle route, easily sleeps 8. Hot
tub, heated pool, sauna, full size
in unit W/D HDTV/WiFi throughout, woodburning fireplace, pets
rates from $150/night
Ryan @ (310) 717-8483
Manors Sleeps 7. 3 bedroom 2 1/2
bath. Fully furnished except linens.
2 TVs/VCR/DVD, stereo/CD.
Dishwasher, microwave, sauna,
jacuzzi, pool. No smoking/No
Pets. Shuttle at door. Winter $155/
night, Summer $100/night, Plus
$80 cleaning fee and City Bed
Tax. Brian & Karen Salvage LAFD
Retired (805) 499-7752.
bedroom, extremely charming
wildflower condo. Full amenities,
close to shuttle. Antiques, art,
satellite TV, fireplace. Sleeps 4.
Winter $110, Summer $85 plus
cleaning fees. Call Bill Clark (818)
Studio/loft, 2 bath, king bed,
sleeps 4. Full kitchen, TV, VCR,
DVD. Garage parking. Walk to
Canyon Lodge. Ski back trail. 2
night minimum. Winter $100/nite,
$125 Fri, Sat & Holidays. Summer
$60/nite. Plus $120 cleaning &
linens. Jeff & Lisa Moir (661) 2545788.
Walk to Canyon Lodge. Studio loft
sleeps 4. Queen beds, full kitchen,
2 baths, garage parking, TV, VCR,
DVD. Winter Sun-Thurs $100.nite;
Fri & Sat $115/nite plus cleaning
fee $100. Non smoking complex.
Joel Parker, LAFD retired.
email: or
(213) 399-6534.
FOUR RESORT. Charming and
cozy furnished 1 Bedroom sleeps
5. Updated unit with amenities
including wifi, sauna, jacuzzi,
phone, rec room, 2 flat screens ,
DVD players. W/D on site. Shuttle
stop. Walking distance to village.

$120/night + $80 Cleaning fee

ON NAPILI BAY - 50 from water.
Studios and 1 bedroom. Luxury
furnishings + full kitchen. All the
amenities! Mauis best snorkeling/beach. All island activities &
Kapalua within 4 minutes. 5-day
minimum, from $150 per night
(regularly $310/night). Call Sherrie
or Bill for info/reservations (805)
530-0007 or email: pmimaui@ or visit:
MAUI CONDO 1 AND 2 BEDROOMS. Centrally located on
beautiful Maalaea Bay. Excellent
swimming and snorkeling; white
sandy beach. Minutes from golf,
tennis, fishing, shopping, airport
and resort areas. Marsha Smith or
Jeanne McJannet. Toll free (800)


BEACH - Napili Bay. Beautiful furnished condo that sleeps 4. Lanai/
balcony, full kitchen, king bed, flat
screen TVs/DVD, ACs free WiFi
(internet), complimentary maid service, complimentary coffee every
morning and breakfast on Fridays.
Special firefighters discount - Best
value in West Maui! Nice pool &
BBQ area - Close to beach! (800)
Don Sprenger - retired LAFD (949)
GETAWAY - 80 miles south of
Glacier Natl Park, in the foothills
of the Rockies, mountain and
canyon views. 1,000s of miles of
trailheads, fishing, etc. 2 bedroom,
1.5 bath, dining, living, kitchen
& washer/dryer. SatTV, wireless
internet. $125.00 night + cleaning.
Call Dan (805) 279-8143 or www. (#494959)

PALM DESERT-3 bed/2bath, one

level. New re-model, fully furnished w/linens. Cable TV/DVR,
Private Patio, BBQ, Laundry,
Garage, Gated Community, two
(Pools, Jacuzzis, Tennis Courts).
Near College of the Desert. $175
Dan Cook 310 418 1577.
GRAS. Beautiful 2 BD - 2BA with
a sauna. Hillcrest Villas. Next to
golf course in Adita Springs, LA.
Only $450/week. Feb 13th thru
Feb 20th. (562) 799-1134
Chalet Family getaway. 3 bed/2
bath plus loft. Sleeps 810. Cable
TV, washer/dryer, microwave,
woodburning stove. 7 minutes to
casinos and Heavenly. Located in
Tahoe Paradise. $105 per night
plus cleaning. Call Shawn or Rose
Agnew at (661) 250-9907 OR
(661) 476-6288.

Several 2006 Class A 32 Foot
Motor Homes, with Double Slide
Outs, Fully Loaded, Free Housekeeping Kit, Camping Kit, Discount Prices Starting at $150.00
to $180.00 per night. Serving
family & friends of LAPD , LASD,
City, Ski Clubs ask for our 25%
off weekly rental rates. Visit us at or call 661714-7689 or 661-297-2398. ALSO
3 bedroom 2 bath with pool tables

Deal direct with authorized Factory Dealers

Offering members of the Los Angeles Fire Department
Courteous, Ethical, and Special Consideration in the purchase of your new car.


#1 Volume Ford Dealer in the world for 20

consecutive years!

Lincoln / Mercury / Honda / Mazda /

Volvo / Ford / Jaguar / Lotus / Aston
Martin / Spyker / Galpin Auto Sports
For special pricing contact
Terry MillerFleet Sales & Leasing
15505 Roscoe Blvd
North Hills CA 91343
818-797-3800 l


Camry / Celica / Corolla / Tundra
Tacoma / Sienna / Supra / Solara
11041 Sepulveda Blvd
Mission Hills CA
Ask for Steve DensonFleet Mgr
Specializing in hassle-free car buying

Honda - Sales and Leasing
Large Selection of Used Vehicles
6511 Santa Monica Blvd
Hollywood CA
Ask for Dave Erickson
323-466-3251 l Fax: 323-462-0187

January 2016 59

Fire Station 3 was located at 217 South Hill Street from 1924
until 1980. The upper floors of the structure were Fire Department
Headquarters until moved to City Hall East in 1973. FS 3 housed a
Heavy Duty Task Force and included a Salvage company until 1978,
when E203 was closed and the Salvage was moved and became
Squad 4.

Members on the left side table, front to back Wallace (Smiley), Berokoff (Paul), McNamara, Jonathan, Grant, Johnston, Cass,
Booth (Dale), Lannom, Bailey, Robertson.

Members on the right, front to back: Farmer, Head (Art),
Keller (Harry), Greissinger (Donald), Furr (Bob), Smith (Bill), Stires
(Harry), Unknown, Rainey (Reames), Watson (William).

Dinner at Fire Station 3 circa 1954. Submitted by Bill Stires

60 January 2016

Senior Vice President
Financial Advisor
Morgan Stanley
CA Insurance License #0E11022

LAFD Invitational
Historic Society Member
Lane Kemper Team Sponsor
LAFD Golf Club


All Members and Family of the LAFD

Active/Retired call for a oneonone
investment review and consultation


Retirement Planning
Insurance/Long Term Care
Income Planning
Estate Planning Strategies
Last 2 years in DROP
Complimentary Review of Your Deferred Comp Assets
Morgan Stanley Smith Barney LLC offers insurance products in
conjunction with its licensed insurance agency affiliates.
Morgan Stanley and its Financial Advisors do not provide tax or legal advice.
Individuals should seek advice based on their particular circumstances from an independent tax advisor.
(C) 2015 Morgan Stanley Smith Barney LLC. Member SIPC.

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January 2016 61

Los Angeles Firemens Relief Association

7470 N Figueroa Street
Los Angeles CA 90041-1725

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