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Format for Listening Activity

Level and Age:

Novice and Intermediate. Adult learners.


Activity #1: Students listen to a conversation between two

students. Learners listen to the passage two times, and then
fill the blanks.
Activity #2: Students listen to a passage about Mariana
talking about herself. Learners listen the passage two times
and then they answer to the questions
Activity #3: Students Listen to the audio again, and underline
the information they hear Mariana saying.


Pictures, titles.
This activity may be a review activity of the chapter that
teaches students how to give information about themselves
in the target language, we are assuming that students are
already familiarized with some phrases, nouns and verbs.
The whole activity is titled Quines somos? (Who are we)
The script was created by me, I created the dialogue, the
passage about Rebeca and made both recordings by myself.
The reason why I chose to use these kinds of activities is
because I think that is very important for students to listen
authentic material about real life situations and how people
usually talk about themselves, and after listening one or two
times they can have the main idea of the
conversation/passage and then do some activities more
related to identification of information. I also decided to
combine listening with reading and writing.
The last activity is a song, I chose it because I think its fun
for students and it helps them to improve their listening and
they get to catch some words out of the songs. Also, this
song is from one of the most famous singers in Spanish, Marc
Anthony and the song is pretty well known worldwide. I think
learning from music is very useful and it works.
Conversation activity #1
Mariana: Hola! Me llamo Mariana y t?
Karla: Hola, me llamo Karla. De dnde eres?
Mariana: Soy de Colombia y t? De dnde eres?
Karla: Soy de Mxico qu estudias?
Mariana:Estudio Enseanza del ingls y t?
Karla: Estudio Negocios. Este es mi ltimo ao en la


Mariana: wow! felicidades!
Karla: Gracias! Quieres ir por una taza de caf?
Mariana: Por supuesto! Vamos.
Passage activity #2, #3
Hola, soy Mariana y soy de El Salvador. Tengo 27 aos y
estudio La enseanza de ingls como segunda lengua en la
Universidad del Sur de Iliinois. Me gusta salir a correr todas
las maanas, y tambin toco la guitarra muy bien. Ahora
estamos en otoo es mi estacin del ao favorita! Porque los
colores me recuerdan mucho a mi pelcula favorita Ameli.

Conversation: Learners listen to the passage two times and

then fill in the blanks.
Passage: Students listen to a passage about a girl named
Mariana talking about herself. Learners listen to answer the
questions about her. Students Listen to the audio one last
time to underline the sentences they hear Rebeca saying.